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Alexander Molony Parents: Joe And Claire-Louise Molony

Meet Joe and Claire-Louise Molony, the parents of actor Alexander Molony. The actor is starring as Peter Pan in 2023 in Disney’s live-action movie, but his thriving career was only possible because of his doting parents.

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Who Are Alexander Molony Parents?

Actor Alexander Molony was born to his parents Joe Molony and Claire Louise Molony. In 2023, he is starring in The Peter Pan, a live-action remake from Disney.

Alexander told the News Shopper: “The first audition was just one-to-one with the casting director, and I prepared with my Drama teacher at school, but I didn’t anything would really come of it. Over a month and a half later, when I’d totally forgotten about it, I was invited to a three-day chemistry and stunts audition process in London. The first day had me and the other Peter hopefuls working with the potential Wendy’s – the Peters and Wendy’s came from all over and some had flown in from the USA and Canada.”

He added, “Two weeks later, I was asked to go back to London and audition again, meaning I had to come back from my half-term holiday to Scotland. However, it was worth it as a week later, my mum got a call saying I got the job. When my mum told me I got the part, I didn’t really know how to react so I asked if could have a chocolate mousse.”

Before the live-action, Alexander worked on several other projects. He co-narrated a series of animated shorts called The Untold Tales of the Eternals for Marvel HQ’s Youtube Channel, to help promote the launch of the new Marvel film, Eternals. Alexander became interested in voice work when he had to provide the voice-over for a commercial that he also was acting in, aged eight. He got into voicing animations, such as Claude and Ooo Ooo in Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, from there.

In September 2022, Alexander Molony turned 16 years old.

Meet Joe Molony, Alexander Molony Father

Joe Molony is the father of Alexander Molony. He is a complete mystery. However, it seems he has once worked with Enzo from Susie and Toto, a babywear brand.

Meet Claire-Louise Molony, Alexander Molony Mother

Claire-Louise Molony has worked for Flight Centre Travel Group. However, what gives her joy is advancing her kid’s career.

Claire told News Shopper that there were quite a few boys auditioning for the role of Peter, so she assumed it would be a long shot if Alexander would get through auditions. But after a Christmas stacked with treats, Claire saw that an open call had been put out for the roles of Peter and the Darling children and that the casting directors were looking worldwide.

Claire told the News Shopper: “At this point, we hadn’t heard, and I had totally written it off. Then, totally out of the blue, at the end of January, I heard that Alexander had been recalled and was invited to the screen test/chemistry stage where he would meet the director, producers, and US casting director, who were flying to the UK.”

Further, she added, “The three-day process was nerve-wracking. We were told that we would hear either way within two weeks, so I was sure I would be getting a call saying he hadn’t got the part. However, over the February half term when Alexander had gone away with his dad and brother, I got a call saying that they wanted to see him again.”

Claire concluded, “So, Alexander had to come back from his trip, and I took him to London again. The next few days were agony and I’m so glass half empty, I was bracing myself for the ‘sorry’ phone call. However, I later had a call from Alexander’s agent ringing from her own phone to say he had got the part.”

Related FAQs

  • Are Alexander Molony Parents Still Together?

Yes, Alexander Molony’s parents are still together. The two tied the knot back in August 2004, nine years after first meeting each other.

  • How Many Children Do Alexander Molony Parents Have?

Joe and Claire-Louise Molony are parents to two children. They have another 11-year-old son named Edward.

  • Where Do Alexander Molony Parents Live?

Alexander Molony’s parents live in Bromley, London, England.

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