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Alexander Molony Mother: Who Is Claire-Louise Molony?

When Alexander Molony first heard that he was selected to star as Peter Pan in Disney’s live-action Peter Pan & Wendy, he didn’t know how to react. On the other hand, his mother Claire-Louise Molony, who gave him the news, was elated and nervous that their lives were changing!

But who is Alexander’s mother Claire-Louise Molony? Keep reading to find out.

Meet Claire-Louise Molony, Alexander Molony Mother

Claire-Louise Molony is Alexander Molony’s loving mother who drove him around for auditions of Peter Pan & Wendy. She recalled that quite a few boys were auditioning for the role of Peter. So, she assumed it would be a long time before Alexander would get through auditions.

However, right after Christmas of 2020, she saw that an open call had been put out for the roles of Peter and the Darling children and that the casting directors were looking worldwide. Then, out of the blue, at the end of January 2021, Claire received a call that Alexander was invited to the screen test/chemistry stage where he would meet the director, producers, and US casting director.

“The three-day process was nerve-wracking. We were told that we would hear either way within two weeks, so I was sure I would be getting a call saying he hadn’t got the part,” she added.

However, the next month, when Alexander was away with his dad and brother, Claire again got a call saying that they wanted to see him again. Thus, she asked Alexander to come back from his trip and took him to London again. “The next few days were agony and I’m so glass half empty, I was bracing myself for the ‘sorry’ phone call. However, I later had a call from Alexander’s agent ringing from her own phone to say he had got the part.” she rejoiced.

So, now that her son’s a superstar, Claire’s beyond proud of what Alexander has achieved. In fact, every time, she took him for recording, he would astound her with his professionalism. “I think the holiday course at Blackheath Conservatoire was the turning point in Alexander and us thinking that acting was something that he might take more seriously,” he speculated.

Is Claire-Louise Molony Married To Alexander Molony Father?

Yes, as of 2023, Claire-Louise Molony is married to Alexander’s father Joe Molony. The two tied the knot back in August 2004, nine years after first meeting each other.

He husband, Joe remained a mystery to us. But it seems he has once worked with Enzo from Susie and Toto, a babywear brand.

Also, Fashionuer mentioned Alexander’s mother and primary guardian to be Claire.

Fun Fact: For the first time in her life, Claire’s husband bought her Cath Kidston’s Woodland Bears water bottle in Jan 2021. Unfortunately, when she filled it up and it was leaking at the bottom.

Claire-Louise Molony Age

Claire-Louise Molony was above 40 years of age in 2023.

This means she was at least 24 years of age when she had Alexander.

Claire-Louise Molony Job

Claire-Louise Molony reportedly worked as a specialist for Flight Centre Travel Group. Also, she oversaw her son’s public Instagram account @alexandermolonyofficial and helped him achieve his dream of becoming a star.

Her son, Alexander started his career doing voice work and voiced commercials such as the UK dub of a Lego Christmas TV advert. Soon, he was then cast in the role of Tom, the son of a demon, in the E4/Netflix horror comedy Crazyhead. Thereafter, he went on to appear in numerous commercials including Christmas adverts for Quality Street, DFS, TK Maxx, and Tesco. And now, he’s Peter Pan in Peter Pan & Wendy.

“My favorite thing about playing Peter Pan is definitely the stunts. While I couldn’t dangle off cliffs, I could do the general flying and sword fighting, which were all tiring but really fun,” he shared his experience filming the movie.

Also, he confirmed that pranks were very common on set too. For instance, when Ever (Wendy) and he were doing a flying sequence, it was sort of a mock race between Peter and Wendy. But Ever would always soar off and leave him behind. Thus, he had a “little word with the stunt riggers”, and on the next shot, Ever went flying backward.

But Alexander isn’t the only one Claire helped, her younger son Edward Molony is also an actor. She supported him with his career ever since he was in first grade. 

You might have seen Edward on Ricky Zoom. He was cast as the character of Buster Bunker (the policebike’s grandson) for the first series when he was seven and was asked back to reprise the role in series two.

Edward turned 11 in 2023.

In their free time, Claire, her husband, and her kids love to travel around the world. The last we saw them, the Molony family flew to LA for a Disney fan convention, where their saw trailers, posters, and even a doll of Alexander.

Did you know: It was Edward who inspired Alexander to take up acting.

Is Claire-Louise Molony On Instagram And Facebook?

As of April 2023, find Claire on Instagram @woodlyandwigs and @claireylouandpooh with 964 and 43 followers respectively.

Also, here’s her Twitter @woodlyandwigs.

Sadly, we couldn’t find her on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Claire-Louise Molony Birthday?

Claire didn’t reveal her birthday.

On the other hand, Alexander celebrates his birthday on September 12

  • Where Is Claire-Louise Molony From?

Claire hails from Bromley, London, England.

But she and the family moved to Canada in mid-2022.

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