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Alexis Maloney Bio, Parents, Height, Job, The Ultimatum

Promising to be a reinvent in the reality dating scene, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On dropped on Netflix on 6 April 2022. It presents a premise slightly similar to Temptation Island and brings together six romantic pairs where one partner is eager to wed and the other is unsure. Six new couples were set to test their relationships as contestants on the show. Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr were one such couple.

So did they make it through this journey in one piece? Find out in this writing about Alexis.

The Ultimatum: Are Alexis Maloney And Hunter Parr Still Together?

Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr were on the verge of marriage before they decided to go on The Ultimatum. Having already been in two years of relationship, Alexis was the one ready to get married, and Hunter was not quite as sure. Thus Alexis’ purpose for coming into this experiment was to allow Hunter and herself to meet new people and eventually reach where they need to be for one another.

Once on the show, they were expected to commit to marriage or move on in just over eight weeks.

Speaking of, if or not the couple is still together, they did continue to follow each other and pass cheeky public comments on social media, much like old times.

A couple of years back, when Alexis turned 25 in November 2019, Alexis had taken to his Instagram @papa_parr to write, “Of all the things I like to lift, you’re my favorite. Happy 25th birthday @its_maloney ❤️🍾🎉”.

Then on 24 January 2021, they had shouted to the world that they have been together for two complete years.

Anyway, on the other hand, because Alexis had relocated to California since the show and her PSA specialist boyfriend continued to be based in Texas, some people may be thought that they have separated.

While on the show, the couple had walked away engaged after the first stage of “The Ultimatum” process. Hunter had turned out to be April Marie’s choice. But by that time, he knew in his heart it was Alexis that he had. Therefore, when asked to disclose his pick, Hunter merely had said he wanted to marry the person he entered the production with and ran to Alexis to get down on one knee. As for his speech, he had said, “I was just scared and I was using moving in together as a way to delay what I knew inside, and I’m not scared anymore… I love you for who you are, all the good and the bad, and I don’t want to be with any other girl… Alexis, will you marry me?” Of course, she teary-eyed Alexis had agreed.

So, despite any other whispers, the two certainly seemed intact as a couple and still blissfully together. Unlike the fellow Ultimatum couple, Colby Kissinger and Madlyn Ballatori, they are all over each other respective IG accounts.

Alexis Maloney Age

Blonde beautiful Alexis Maloney took to her Instagram to write “don’t know how it gets better than this #27 💚” as she turned 27 years old, late in 2021.

Alexis Maloney Job

The reality star Alexis Maloney has been working at Oracle, a cloud technology company, since July 2017. Over the years, she made her way up to working as its global account director. She had the company as a business development consultant before moving consecutively to working as a national account manager, strategic account executive, and national account manager.

Speaking of her educational background, Alexis got her bachelor’s degree in Economics at Southern Methodist University.

Is Alexis Maloney On Instagram?

Alexis Maloney could be found on Instagram @alexiselainemaloney where she had 45 posts and 3,839 followers as of April 2022.

She also was on TikTok @alexiselainemaloney, Twitter @alexiselainem, and on ‘Alexis Maloney’ Facebook.

Alexis Maloney Parents

Talking about her parents, Alexis Maloney is the daughter of Jim Maloney.

Alexis Maloney’s father is Jim Maloney. Also known as James M Maloney, he turned 57 years old in November 2021. Also, it looked like he is a native of Springfield, Virginia.

Jim is currently working as Supervisor of Directorate Applications at IDA since 1986. From November 2001 to November 2006, he also served as Principal, Programmer/Analyst. He earned his BS in IT Decision/Computer Sciences in 1986. Furthermore, he earned his MBA in Finance/Information Technology from Marymount University. You can find him on Facebook (@jim.maloney.581) and Instagram (@golferdude45).

While Alexis was yet to tell us about her mother, we knew she also has a grandmother named Carole A. Maloney who went to Ladycliff Academy where she studied History and Geography Ladycliff College is still married to 83 years old William Maloney of Port Saint Lucie, Florida. These folks also have two more sons named Dave and Dan Maloney. Dan studied Management Science at Virginia Tech and Alexis likely studied Civil Engineering.

Alexis Maloney Height

Alexis Maloney, who appears naturally blonde, stands around 5′ 4” tall.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Alexis Maloney’s Birthday?

The 11th of November is when Alexis Maloney celebrates her birthday. This makes her a Scorpio.

  • Where Is Alexis Maloney From?

Alexis Maloney used to be based in Austin, Texas before she lately relocated to California. It was, however, not quite understood where she was born or brought up.

  • How Much Is Alexis Maloney’s Net Worth?

Alexis Maloney had less than $500K as net worth as of 2022. She seemed to have made a median salary of $126,000 working as a global account director in the United States, according to a estimate.

(Of course) Alexis also makes money as a shop creator at LTK. She sold “mix and match staple, investment pieces with affordable everyday styles.”

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