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Randall Griffin Bio, Height, Parents, Job, Age, The Ultimatum

Randall Griffin wasn’t ready to take the next step in love. So, his girlfriend Shanique Imari dragged him into The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. However, this experiment backfired on Shanique as Randall was starting to see a potential future with his “trial wife.”

Get to know this charming man better as this Randall Griffin Bio proceeds.

The Ultimatum: Are Shanique Imari And Randall Griffin Still Together?

If we were to believe Randall’s FB relationship status (single as of 2022), the two are not together. However, given the confidentiality agreement, it’s hard to say if the two broke up or continued their relationship after the show.

Looking back, Randall and Shanique joined The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On after cherishing a one-and-a-half year of a relationship. As the theme of the series was for the couples to switch partners with the other participants for a trial marriage. It was Shanique who issued “the ultimatum” to Randall. Meaning — Shanique was ready to get married.

Unfortunately, Randall wasn’t ready just yet as he explained he had to some debts before settling down for good — a cliché used by almost everyone to use as an excuse to gain more time.

Thus, Randall then went on to pick Madlyn Ballatori for the “trial marriage,” while Shanique chose Zay Wilson.

Initially, Shanique was adamant that she wouldn’t even share bedsheets with Zay. But, once she heard how Randall on the other side was giving Madlyn the attention and affection she had always craved, she switched gears.

Having had enough, Shanique then confronted Randall and went as far as to even tell him that she just wanted him to “just sit in a f**king corner and miss” her. While their argument ended with Shanique walking away, it only made Randall see things more clearly about his potential future with Madlyn.

However, Shanique (devoted to only Randall) returned to him, which made things certainly a little awkward when they reunited.

When everything was said and done, the couple did move in together for the experiment’s last stage. And besides still butting heads about Madlyn, the duo were during all right — communicating and expressing a lot more than before.

Randall Griffin Parents

Randall Griffin was born to parents Randall C and Devlin Griffin.

His father, Randall is a Tuskegee Institute graduate who went on to found After Life Recording in 1972.

As for his mother, Devlin is a former Registered Nurse who worked at the Santa Monica Hospital. But the last we saw her, she was employed by Fulton County Government.

Both of Randall’s parents were 60 years of age in 2022 —  Randall and Delvin celebrate their birthdays on February 1 and April 30, respectively.

Talking about his siblings, Randall has a younger brother named Eman Griffin who attended the same school as him. He was into karate and basketball and graduated from school in May 2016.

Other family members associated with Randall are — Ashley Batten, Ahriana Kennedy, Tara BreAnne, Tiana Britton, Lindsey Hemmings, and Kalana Cale.

Randall Griffin Height

Randall Griffin stands tall at a height under 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Randall has an oblong face and tattoos all over his chest and shoulder.

Is Randall Griffin On Instagram?

Yes, as of April 2022, find him on Instagram @rl_griffin with 9.8K followers. Most of his posts then promoted The Ultimatum.

“TheUltimatum is almost here. Tune in, April 6, on @netflix to watch it all unfold!” Randall posted on March 29.

Also, here’s his Twitter @RL_Griffin and Facebook @randalllg.

Randall Griffin Age

Randall Griffin was 26 years of age when he appeared on The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On in 2022.

He is two years older than his girlfriend Shanique Imari.

Randall Griffin Job

Randall Griffin is a cloud computing expert. He claims that he is a results-driven professional who helps organizations implement cloud solutions to modernize their business from a financial perspective.

As of 2022, he was working as a cloud analyst at Oracle for almost 4 years.

Prior to that, he worked as an online banking consultant intern at Heritage Bank – A Divison of Heritage Southeast Bank for almost 3 years before finally being promoted to a construction credit analyst, 3 months before he left the company in May 2018.

Also, find May 2014 to May 2017, Randall worked as a campus recruiter/university marketing assistant at Florida A&M University.

Beyond his table jobs, Randall now is also a reality star.

As for his education, Randall has a bachelor’s in science degree from  Florida A&M University.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Randall Griffin Birthday?

Randall receives his birthday wishes on November 14, making him of the Scorpio zodiac.

  • Where Is Randall Griffin From?

He hails from Atlanta, Georgia.

But as of 2022, he resided in Austin, Texas.

  • How Much Is Randall Griffin Net Worth?

Randall garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand by 2022.

Reportedly, a cloud analyst in Texas made around $104 thousand per annum. So, this was probably was Randall made per year as well.

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