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Alexis Nicole Bio, The Big D, Age, Job, Boyfriend, Instagram

Along with his ex-husband Devon Wright, Alexis Nicole was featured on The Big D. More time has passed since their divorce than since their last union. However, they both believed that this TV program, which is an experiment, would encourage them to give their marriage another shot.

Are they still together now? How about Alexis’ employment? Does she have a new man in her life? As this bio progresses, discover all the answers.

The Big D: Are Alexis Nicole And Devon Wright Still Together?

Alexis Nicole and Devon Wright were married for a year and got divorced. Unfortunately, Alexis and Devon’s separation wasn’t due to a lack of romance. After a year of marriage, their connection with their in-laws became strained, and Devon’s propensity for escalating arguments caused them to split up.

The couple made the decision to divorce due to pressure from others on their union. They experienced a lot of pressure from their in-laws to behave in a specific way throughout the brief time that they were married to each other. While family members undoubtedly contributed to their disunity, Alexis also believed Devon was a constant source of arguments and made it impossible for them to do almost everything.

“My mom definitely meddled in our relationship. She was texting him rude, long messages,” Alexis shared. It would eventually develop to the point where Devon and her mother would communicate back and forth via messaging, voicemail, and blocking. Even in person, the conflict would escalate and create an uncomfortable situation. She claimed that her mother frequently told her that Devon was not the right match for her.

Regarding the reason they had to get a divorce, he explained, “It just got to a point in time where things got really toxic. After two years of divorce, have they given up on one another?

After only a little over a year of marriage, the couple ultimately made the decision to separate. They can explore new possibilities, but also put the past behind them and find common ground by participating in “The Big D.”

In the video, Alexis is heard telling Devon that she will think a lot about him by the time the event is over. Since they weren’t able to live their lives together without interruption, they both seem to be interested in a second opportunity. We’ll watch to see if they get back together or feel it’s not worthwhile to deal with external forces in their relationship. Dr. Jackson might have some wise counsel for them as they decide whether to stay together or move forward.

Did they able to mend their marriage after the show? Sadly no. Alexis states that she is single now.

Alexis Nicole Boyfriend

Going by her Facebook, we can say that Alexis Nicole is single. She could be on the lookout for a new partner someone her family accepts.

Alexis Nicole Age

Born in 1995, Alexis Nicole is of age 27 as of June 2023.

Is Alexis Nicole On Instagram?

Yes, Alexis Nicole is on different social media. Her IG handle is (@alexius.nicole) and her Facebook handle is (@alexis.fletcher.58).

Alexis Nicole Job

Alexis Nicole has a long career though she is in her mid-20s. Starting from March 2023, she has been working as Recruiting Coordinator supporting Google at Randstad. Before that, she was working at Google as recruiting coordinator.

Per her LinkedIn, Alexis’s first job was working as a coordinator at Trinity United Methodist Church. She worked from 2014 to 2015. She also landed an internship at CHARLESTON COUNTY for four months. From June 2015 to March 2016, she worked at GUESS?, Inc. as Sales Associate.

After that, South Carolina State Houses hired her as Administrative Aide where she worked for almost one and a half year. In 2019, she worked at Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman, LLC as a Project Manager. Following that, she worked at Dear Deanndra as Public Affairs Manager.

In October 2020, Alexis joined Airgas as a project manager. Her job lasted for 7 months there. Later in 2021, she worked for EMT Groupe, LLC as Recruiting Assistant. At Paramount, she worked at Insight Global as Compliance Specialist.

2018 saw Alexis get a Bachelor of Science in Criminalistics and Criminal Science from the University of South Carolina after earning a certificate in theater from the Charleston County School of the Arts. In order to learn more about criminal justice, she subsequently enrolled at Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Alexis Nicole?

The beautiful South Carolina native Alexis stands tall above height of 5 feet 4 inches.

  • When Is Alexis Nicole Birthday?

Alexis Nicole’s birthday is on 9 October.

  • Where Is Alexis Nicole From?

Alexis Nicole calls Charleston, South Carolina her hometown. She is now living in Atlanta, Georgia.

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