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Ariel Lyndsey Bio, The Big D, Dating, Net Worth, Parents

Ariel Lyndsey is a TikTok star. But to achieve her dream, she lost track of the thing that mattered the most — love. Now that she’s parted ways with her husband, the TikToker still believes they could work things out, and thus, has signed them up for The Big D.

Keep reading this Ariel Lyndsey Bio to learn more about her.

The Big D: Are Blair Delgado And Ariel Lyndsey Together?

No, Ariel Lyndsey and Blair Delgado don’t seem to be together. 

Looking back, the former couple started dating back in 2016 and got married within months! Then, Ariel started working as a social media influencer and eventually decided to move to Los Angeles to exponentiate her career and expand her horizons. This created a distance between them and with Ariel keeping her work as her number one priority, Blair sought comfort elsewhere.

Obviously, though Ariel admits that her career’s responsible for their distance, infidelity was just unforgivable. Thus, she divorced him without a second thought after four years of marriage in October 2020.

However, later, as things cool down, Ariel wanted to patch things up, and in hopes of rekindling their love, she signed them for The Big D.

Joining Ariel and Blair for the inaugural season of The Big D were their co-stars — Gillian Messina and David Novello, Ally Lee and David Mims, Thakur Wint, and Dede Lewis, Alexis Nicole and Devon Wright, and Brooks Peters and Casey Costa.

Is Ariel Lyndsey Dating Anyone?

Ariel Lyndsey kept her dating life out of light after filming The Big D. Likewise, her ex-husband didn’t showcase his romantic interests on social media

But from what we can tell, now that Ariel’s found closure, she’s even more focused on her career. Maybe love will find her someday.

Ariel Lyndsey Age

Ariel Lyndsey was 31 years of age The Big D premiered in 2023.

However, she was a year younger when she filmed the show.

Who Are Ariel Lyndsey Parents?

Ariel Lyndsey was born to her parents, Siouxie and Grant A Boshoff.

Her mother, Siouxie is the CEO of Visual Edge Design and The Scrummy Sweets Co. At her former company, she provides full-service web design, web hosting, and internet marketing firm for hundreds of clients around the world. While at Scrummy Sweets — a company specializing in sugar-free confections that are keto-safe, diabetic-friendly, and made with better-for-you ingredients — she makes gummy bears.

As for her father, Grant (born: August 1970) is an author. The last we checked, he had published two novellas and was a work on his debut novel (a technology-related thriller, big surprise). Besides writing, he made a living on a part-time basis at Visual Edge Design, one of the top web development firms in Tampa Bay, which he founded in 1999 and built into a smooth-running machine that no longer needed him.

Also, Grant is the co-founder of  Scrummy Sweets alongside his wife.

According to Ariel, her mother was her “best friend, an amazing leader, inspiration on every dynamic, GREAT gene pool, and honestly momma.” While her father, who always expected great things from her, taught her to be herself, and never give up when life knocked her down.

Now, talking about her paternal grandparents, they are named Louella and John Boshoff. They turned 74 and 75 years of age respectively in 2022. Her grandmother is a  Unisa – The University of South Africa graduate, while her grandfather studied COBOL Programming at Durban National Business School and Architectural Drawing at Natal Technical College.

Sadly, Ariel’s maternal grandfather has long passed away. But Ariel’s maternal grandmother Carol Steinrock led a healthy life in Clearwater, Florida.

Ariel Lyndsey Siblings

Ariel Lyndsey has three siblings named Alex, Adam, and Amber.

Alex: Born: Aug 1988. He lived in Clearwater, Florida with his wife Savannah Schneider Boshoff, and their two kids. Find him on FB @alex.boshoff.7 and IG @alexboshoff

Adam: He was born in Nov 1995.

Amber: Born: May 1990. She lived in  Clearwater, Florida with her husband Damian Pires, and their little boy. Find her on IG @amberjune0521.

Ariel Lyndsey Job

Ariel Lyndsey is a content creator/ influencer. She began posting TikToks in 2019, and one of her earliest videos features footage from a dance class set to music by Missy Elliott.

In June 2023, Ariel had over 1.5M followers on TikTok @ariellyndsey, 43.4K followers on Instagram @ariellyndsey, 6.6K subscribers on Youtube @ArielLyndsey and 1.3K followers on Twitter @ArielLyndsey.

Also, she often streamed games on Twitch @ariellyndsey.

Besides this, Ariel is also a makeup artist. She has worked backstage in the production of House Broken (2016), and DareDevil Squadron: Last Resort (2016).

Furthermore, she made money custom designing Sneakers on @ariellyndsey.customs, and via her Amazon Shop @ariellyndsey.

Did you know: Ariel was sexually assaulted/groped by a man named Baez-Mesinas in the middle of a Las Vegas casino. Thankful, he was later caught and arrested after Ariel posted the video of their confrontation a week later.

How Much Is Ariel Lyndsey Net Worth?

Ariel Lyndsey garnered a net worth of above $850 thousand by 2023.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Ariel Lyndsey?

Ariel stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

  • What Is Ariel Lyndsey Real Name?

Ariel’s real name is “Ariel Boshoff.”

  • Where Is Ariel Lyndsey From?

The TikTok star hails from Clearwater, Florida.

But in 2023, she resided in Los Angeles, California.

  • When Is Ariel Lyndsey Birthday?

Ariel celebrates her birthday on December 29 and is of the Capricorn zodiac.

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