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Alissa Humber Bio, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Below Deck

Meet Alissa Humber, the new second stew in Bravo’s Below Deck. The stunner has caught the attention of fans and this is a perfect place to learn more about her. This article covers details on her age, job, family, boyfriend, and more.

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Alissa Humber On Below Deck

Season 10 of Below Deck premiered on 21 November 2022 on Bravo. One of the crew members boarding St. David is stew Alissa Humber. She will be working alongside fellow stew Hayley De Sola Pinto and deck/stew Camille Lamb. The premise of the show is very simple, a group of yacht crew working and living together making sure that their guests get the best experience.

Alissa has been in the yachting business for two years. When she has free time, Alissa enjoys working as a stew on temporary yacht jobs. She is currently joining the crew of St. David as a stew. She even takes satisfaction in making sure that all of the charter passengers have a pleasant time onboard.

Alissa is greeted aboard the yacht by Chief Stew Fraser Olender in a video Alissa posted on Instagram. She says that she has been employed in the field for more than a year there. She even claims that her prior employment required “a lot of housekeeping” as a “second stew.”

Other than making “much f*cking money”, her purpose for joining the show is to “Meet as many high-end people as possible. Mooch of them and live their life.”

The synopsis for the 10th installment of the show read, “Beginning Monday, Nov. 21, Captain Lee Rosbach, Chef Rachel Hargrove, and Chief Stew Fraser Olender return to the Caribbean and lead the way on motor yacht St. David. They’re joined by new staff Bosun Ross McHarg, Stews Hayley De Sola Pinto and Alissa Humber, Deck/Stew Camille Lamb and Deckhands Tony Duarte, Katie Glaser and Ben Willoughby.”

How Much Is Alissa Humber Net Worth?

Alissa Humber’s current net worth is under $200 thousand. She shared on her Facebook that she has been working as a freelance yacht crew stewardess starting from February 2021. She was applying her customer service background to establish a career working on a yacht.

Alissa started her career in 2019 as a waitress at Twin Peaks. She worked in their till December 2019. She also worked at Clearly Loved Pets in quality assurance from January 2020 to July 2020. Her duties included examining fragile acrylic for any blemishes or deformities in preparation to be cut.

A month later, Alissa started working at Mystique|56′ Rivera 505 SUV where she worked till September 2020. Then, she joined M/Y Heaven Can Wait | 115′ Benneti as the second stewardess. She kept her job there till January 2021.

Alissa Humber Age

As of 2022, Alissa Humber is 23 years old.

Alissa Humber Family

The only family members of Alissa Humber we currently know of are Paula Humber and Lamont Humber her parents. Paula is currently 42 years old and Lamont turned 50 years old in November 2021.

Paula is currently working at Florida Atlantic University as an adjunct professor. She is also working at Palm Beach State College in that same position. Moreover, Alissa served as a Senior HR Consultant at P&L Corporate Solutions, LLC.

Paula graduated from Wheaton College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, and took classes at the University of Central Florida.

Meanwhile, Lamont specializes in new business development, project management, and business process improvement. With nearly two decades of entrepreneurial experience, Lamont developed a keen eye for profitability and potential. He proudly served as a special project Program Manager for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He is an avid golfer and flies the friendly skies as a licensed commercial pilot with over 20 years of experience.

Alissa also has a brother.

Does Alissa Humber Have A Boyfriend?

No, Alissa Humber doesn’t have a boyfriend. On her resume, Alissa clearly stated that she is single. Moreover, there isn’t much regarding her past dating life.

The native Floridian never stops having fun and is more than content with her single status. Viewers can see Alissa and another St. David’s crew member having private moments together on the show. It goes without saying that her love life has continued to be a source of curiosity for the audience, with many of them supporting any possible matches that may come her way.

However, on the show, Alissa has found herself in a love triangle. According to Katie Glaser, her boatmance with the boat’s bosun, Ross McHarg, has turned into a love triangle with the second stew, Humber. According to Glaser, the ‘Below Deck’ Season 10 promo featured McHarg kissing a number of women on the boat, which got him into a lot of trouble.

She talked about the boatmance as being thrilling. “It was uneven! I thought he was in trouble half the time,” she spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet about McHagen. “Because his behavior got him in trouble half the time. There is definitely an interesting love triangle.”

Being in a boatmance is challenging enough, but Glaser was annoyed by Humber’s attention to Ross. “I think with me having a boat romance with Ross … my hardest thing was dealing with Alissa … Ross, and Alissa,” she said, adding, “So, not that she’s a terrible person, but when it comes to boat romances, I’m worried about myself, and she tries to take him from me.”

Alissa Humber Height

Alissa Humber stands tall at the height of 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Alissa Humber Birthday?

Alissa Humber celebrates her birthday on 19 October.

  • Where Is Alissa Humber From?

Alissa Humber was born and raised in Florida. She is currently residing in Miami. Meanwhile, Florida Residents Directory states that she is residing in Lake Worth, Florida.

  • Is Alissa Humber On Instagram?

Yes, Alissa Humber is on Instagram (@alissaveronicaa) and Facebook (@alissa.humber.3).

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