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Ross McHarg Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Below Deck

Below Deck Season 10 premiered on 21 November 2022 and brought back not only the OG stars from the previous series but also the fresh cast members including a new bosun with name Ross McHarg. Ross has been yachting for twelve years already and we shall tell you more about him in this writing called ‘Ross McHarg Bio’, his age, height, girlfriend, and his Below Deck journey.

Ross McHarg On Below Deck

Ever-favorite Captain Lee returned to sailing on the Below Deck’s largest motorboat St. David, with Fraser Olender now promoted to chief stew. As for the role of the bosun, it’s been assigned to Ross McHarg. He is to lead the deck team this season as he comes from spending more than 15 years living all over the world.

Bravo also did promise that he is a seasoned Bosun and that he brings experience and wisdom to his team.

As St. David travels across St. Lucia, Ross will be in charge of the entire deckhand team throughout the season. Introducing himself to Below Deck viewers he said that he comes from the old school of yachting and quoted “When you work hard, you work hard.” He also opened up that when he plays, he also plays hard and mostly oversteps that line. Yet, he assured people that he also tries his best to be professional.

How Much Is Ross McHarg’s Net Worth?

Ross McHarg reportedly had below $250K net worth as of 2022.

According to Refinery29, the cast of Below Deck makes “quite a hefty salary” for just doing their superyacht job. The outlet further stated, in 2021, that on a yacht the size of the My Seanna, a bosun would make a little bit more at approximately $5,000 a month. According to this report, at the end of every charter, the whole crew also received additional tips from the guests. It is believed that in Below Deck, the crew usually brings in around $15,000 per person in tips for about six weeks of work. Also, because the Bravo show does not cover work from the whole yacht season, so Ross perhaps makes more throughout the season as he moves from boat to boat.

About twelve years ago, Ross found yachting through teaching ski seasons in Europe. He has never looked back ever since. He opened up to Bravo that his love of travel and meeting new people made him realize that yachting was the best career move.

Ross McHarg Age

Ros  McHarg was born in 1984. So, he reached the age of 38 in 2022. Of course, he does not look that older.

Ross McHarg Family

Ross McHarg was yet to tell the world about his family, his parents, and his sibling(s). But, he did certainly introduce his IG people to his Elena. Apparently, at the time, on 9 November 2017, he too was meeting his niece, Elena, for the first time, in Coogee Beach in Sydney, Australia.

Other times, on social media, the TV personality only showed glimpses of him standing on a rock on a tropical beach or of a load of crocodiles swimming in the water.

Is Ross McHarg On Instagram?

Yes. Ross McHarg could be found on Instagram. But, he very rarely showed himself on this account @razzatime with 35 posts and 813 followers by 22 November 2022. Most of these posts are from his traveling.

One can tell that he is really passionate about traveling and he marked “somewhere around the globe” in the bio rather than a set location.

Also, from the look of it, one can tell the likes of Costa Rica, Bali, and Oaxaca, are just a few places he has seen.

Ross McHarg Girlfriend

By 2022, Ross McHarg had not explicitly admitted to being in a relationship. However, he seemed to be dating the same Niki we mentioned earlier, the yoga instructor. Niki of Bali, Indonesia, also was a Psychology student at the time of this writing.

Ross had not yet come out in the open about Niki and him romancing. But, all signs still point to them being a couple.

Ross McHarg could be seen getting “annoyingly cute” with Niki until July 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Outside of this, Ross’s flirty personality also landed him so much attention from some of the cast members in the Below Deck show.

However, every time in history, this position of authority on the yacht has often proved a sour point. He, of course, was not going to be an exception as Season 10 teased a “messy” love triangle between Ross, Katie Glaser, and Alissa Humber. Ross being actually Katie’s boss especially added intensity to the drama.

Ross McHarg Height

Good-looking Ross McHarg stands below 5’10” in height. Yet, he appears much taller and really attractive. Also, one can assume from the look at his IG that this appearance he has groomed over the years is also to some extent contributed by his yoga instructor Miki.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ross McHarg’s Birthday?

Ross McHarg’s birthday is on March 12th and that makes him a Pisces.

  • Where Is Ross McHarg From?

Ross McHarg is originally from the United Kingdom. Yet, he has also spent the last 15 years living all over the planet. By 2022, he was said to have set up his base in some parts of Asia.

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