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Alisson Hentges Bio, Love Is Blind Brazil, Age, Job, Instagram

Love Is Blind gained popularity so much so that it has several spin-offs including Love Is Blind: Brasil, and the contestant that viewer meet is Alisson Hentges.

Learn about Alisson’s journey in the show. Along with that, learn about Alisson’s age, job, Instagram, and more.

Alisson Hentges On Love Is Blind Brazil Season 2

Alisson Hentges is one of the contestants of Love Is Blind: Brazil season 2. The show premiered on 28 December 2022.

The contestants, just like in previous seasons, were prohibited from meeting in person and instead spoke via audio-connected pods. Without knowing what they look like, they make the decision to get engaged after connecting emotionally for the first time. Camila Queiro and Klebber Toledo are hosting the Brazilian season of Love Is Blind.

Ten Brazilians who fell in love while watching the show will now be shown honeymooning in the Amazon Rainforest. Other than Alisson, the other contestants joining the show are Paulo Lopes, Flávia Queiroz, Guilherme Martins, Maíra Bullos, and Robert Richard. The list also includes Thamara Térez, Tiago Augusto, Vanessa Carvalho, Verônica Brito, and William Domiêncio.

Before the premiere, Alisson posted on his IG, “Blind love, does it give marriage? It is with this question that I share about the most extraordinary experience I have had in my life. Analyze my inner self, anguish, fears, traumas, apprehensions, secrets, and find out if all this, added to some qualities (does it even have it?) are capable of starting a new love story, a marriage. Have life’s experiences, failures and successes, sorrows, and joys, friends and family, taught me to be someone better?”

He added, “But, can I add something positive and remarkable in someone else’s life to the point of forming a duo? Could it be that within my own confusion I am someone’s solution? What if in the face of all this I discover myself a new person, What if insecurity hits hard and shows that it’s not the time? What if maybe I’m better off alone?”

Alisson concluded the post with, “The answer to all this and to know more about my thoughts has a date and is already getting there. Marriage Blind Brazil II | 12.28.2022@netflixbrasil.”

Are Alisson Hentges And Thamara Terez Still Together?

Alisson Hentges was attracted to Thamara Terez ever since they had first spoken. Thamara also reciprocated a similar feeling towards him. Then, on their subsequent date, Alisson expressed how offensive he found the nasty remarks made about her.

When Thamara entered the show, she was able to attract a lot of admirers because of her endearing attitude, which really annoyed other people. On the first day itself, whether she was playing the field or just really became a topic of discussion in the male living areas.

The Rio de Janeiro advocate was greatly wounded when Thiago Andreotti later chose to confront her and even went so far as to refer to her as a “player.” He then boldly disclosed what he had just done upon returning to the quarters, which only served to enrage Alisson Hentges as she was not present to defend herself.

Alisson became so enraged after hearing Thiago’s remarks that he even accused his fellow actors of being impolite and making conclusions without good cause. Thamara was clearly relieved by this because she had been truly concerned that he might be thinking along the same lines as Thiago.

Over the course of their subsequent dates, Thamara and Alisson came to know one another even better, and Alisson also revealed that he had been adopted as a young boy. Thus, it was not surprising that the second episode of season two of “Love is Blind: Brazil” depicted Alisson’s touching proposal to Thamara and their ultimate meeting.

They traveled to an opulent resort in the Amazon rainforest after the show’s blind dating round was through in an effort to explore their physical chemistry and get to know one another better.

Thamara and Alisson haven’t formally confirmed their relationship as of the time of writing. We think they might not only have gotten married around the conclusion of the Netflix original but also still be together, given their effortless chemistry and physical appeal. The fact that the two respect one another is actually one of the main factors maintaining our faith in them.

Because of the fervor with which Alisson protected his soon-to-be fiancée’s honor from the other male contestants, keen spectators must have observed this. Additionally, the two are social media followers of one another and seem to be enjoying their experience with “Love is Blind” in general. This suggests that the two are really pleased with the way the show turned out.

Alisson Hentges Age

Alisson Hentges is 28 years old as of 2022. He celebrated his birthday in April 1994.

Is Alisson Hentges On Instagram?

Yes, Allison Hentges is on Instagram (@alissonhentges), Facebook (@alisson.hentges), and Twitter (@alissonhentges).

Alisson Hentges Job

Alisson Hentges is a production manager by profession. On his Facebook, he stated that he has studied at UNISC. Moreover, he is also a business administration graduate.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Alisson Hentges Height?

Based on his pictures, Alisson Hentges’s height measures under 5’10”.

  • Where Is Alisson Hentges From?

Alisson Hentges calls Venâncio Aires, Brazil his hometown. It is also his current residence. Alisson is also an uncle to his nephew from his sister.

  • When Is Alisson Hentges Birthday?

As seen on his Instagram, Alisson Hentges celebrates his birthday on 15 April.

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