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Tiago Chapola Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Love Is Blind Brazil

Netflix’s dating show Love Is Blind Brazil is back for season 2 and you should meet Tiago Chapola, one of the contestants from this season. Who is he? What does he do for a living? Is he on Instagram? How old is he?

This bio answers all that you want to know about Tiago so, learn more as this article proceeds.

Tiago Chapola On Love Is Blind Brazil Season 2

Tiago Augusto is one of the members of the castaway for the new season of Love Is Blind: Brazil. The program debuted on December 28 with ten hot singles who are ready to be engaged and get on with their new life.

Like in previous seasons, it was forbidden for the contestants to meet in person; instead, they spoke via audio-connected pods. They connected emotionally for the first time and decided to get engaged without knowing how they looked. The Love Is Blind Brazilian season is hosted by Camila Queiro and Klebber Toledo. It will now be presented how ten Brazilians fell in love while watching the show honeymooned in the Amazon Rainforest.

The other contestants joining the show are Alisson Hentges, Flávia Queiroz, Guilherme Martins, Maíra Bullos, Robert Richard, Thamara Térez, Paulo Lopes, Vanessa Carvalho, Verônica Brito, and William Domiêncio.

Is Tiago Chapola Still With Vanessa Carvalho?

When Tiago Chapola made an appearance in season 2 of the Netflix series, he was able to charm a number of women. The female participants, however, realized that perhaps the salesperson had been conveying the same message after they all sat down. Vanessa Carvalho made the decision to confront Tiago about the same since she wasn’t frightened to face her problems head-on.

He reassured her, though, that he didn’t intend to continue dating anyone, just utilize the opportunity to get to know his future partners. In reality, he was only interested in three women, and Vanessa just so happened to be at the top of the list.

Although Tiago continued to date other women in addition to the 32-year-old psychologist, the two of them gradually grew closer. He was undecided between Vanessa and Antonia Andrade for the majority of the blind dating time. This inspired Vanessa to look into other possibilities. Tiago was concerned after learning that other participants were interested in Vanessa, and the two discussed it on their subsequent date. They got into a fight after that and haven’t spoken to each other since.

In the meantime, Tiago’s relationship with Antonia grew stronger, and he even claimed that they were dating. Tiago agreed and stated he would also speak to Vanessa about Antonia’s decision to remain honest by telling Vanessa the news. Vanessa, on the other hand, had grown weary of ending their dates with uncertainty. She insisted that he needed to make a decision because he was the only reason she was still on the show.

Tiago was unsure of what to do and ultimately chose to cease seeing Antonia in favor of Vanessa, much to Vanessa’s delight. Following their happy encounter, the showrunners quickly transported the pair to the heart of the Amazon rainforest. They spent time getting to know one another and exploring their relationship’s physical aspects while there. The two, however, found that life was everything from straightforward.

Vanessa and Tiago haven’t formally confirmed the status of their relationship as of the time of writing. Their supporters continue to hope for the couple to live a happy married life despite the lack of news. On social media, the two do not follow one another. Given their contentious past on the program, many people in public can’t help but wonder if the two are truly no longer together.

After all, Vanessa and Tiago frequently found themselves at odds with one another, whether it was because of Tiago’s tendency to be unsure of himself or because of their dissimilar financial situations. We do, however, wish them luck in the future and hope that they find the happiness they deserve.

Talking about Vanessa, she works as a digital creator/ psychologist/ businesswoman. She is 32 years old and hailed from Minas Gerais. According to her show’s bio, “Vanessa has already fallen madly in love with men she has never dated. She’s already been betrayed and paid back. If she has to fight for the same boy as a colleague, she goes for it. She works with her family in agribusiness.”

Tiago Chapola Family

Tiago Chapola was born to his parents Marco Antonio Augusto Gomes and Roseli Gaeta Gomes. The couple has been married for 43 years as of January 2022. On his parents’ 42nd anniversary Tiago posted, “Today my parents have been married for 42 years. Very rare these days where only 3 out of 10 couples stay together. We are constantly evolving, we change but that can’t be justified. Surely my parents 42 years ago were completely different people than they are now.”

He added, “The secret is in the daily achievement, in the attitudes, in that trip for two, in the romantic dinner, in the breakfast basket, in the simple, and the mistake is to think that it is no longer necessary after marriage. There’s no point in promising eternal love and after a while being a burden, a problem in the partner’s life. I’m not saying it’s easy, and life will always try to take us down the easy path, not always the best one. Its all about daily dedication.”

The Post concluded, “You two represent the true meaning of FOREVER to me…… so utopian these days, so true for those who have you in their lives. I love you and my wish is that you are eternal, my great examples.”

Besides his parents, Tiago also has a brother named Rodrigo Augusto Gomes and a sister named Juliana A Gomes.

Is Tiago Chapola On Instagram?

Of course, Tiago Chapola is. His IG handle is (@tiagochapola) and his Facebook handle is (@tiago.chapolaa.gomes).

Tiago Chapola Job

Tiago Chapola is currently working as a sales representative. He is a trained physical therapist but works as a dental representative. Though he has a LinkedIn page, there isn’t much that you can withdraw from his profile.

According to SalaryExplorer, the average salary for a sales representative in Brazil is 5,630 BRL (approx. $1064) per month.

Tiago Chapola Age

Tiago Chapola was 36 years old when he appeared on the Netflix show. He was reportedly born in 1986.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Tiago Chapola?

In addition to being dashingly handsome, Tiago Chapola stands tall at the height of 5’11”. His tattoos are his distinct features.

  • When Is Tiago Chapola Birthday?

Tiago Chapola celebrates his birthday on 13 March.

  • Where Is Tiago Chapola From?

For Tiago Chapola, Sao Paulo, Brazil is both his hometown and his current residence.

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