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Alisyn Camerota Parents: Michael Margolis And Elaine Camerota

Former CNN boss Jeff Zucker and anchor Alisyn Camerota were recently gossiped about on the internet with people even assuming that maybe they are romancing. They were spotted leaving a brunch hosted by Don Lemon in the Hamptons. They were seen walking hand in hand and therefore looked quite comfortable in each other’s company. Jeff, who last year stepped down from his role at CNN in 2022 after failing to disclose his romance with then-colleague Allison Gollust, is even today married with three kids. Alisyn also has continued being married to her husband, Tim Lewis. Just in March 2023, Alisyn had taken her social media to gush “I love that my husband surprised me this morning by taking me out to a beautiful brunch…I do wish he’d let me change out of my pajamas and brush my hair first.”

So, anyway, while the gossipmongers still continue building their own stories around Alisyn and Jeff’s possible romance, we thought in this writing we would still try to tell you all about CNN Anchor Alisyn’s parents.

Who Are CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota’s Parents?

Alisyn Camerota in over three decades in journalism, has covered stories nationally and internationally, earning two Emmy Awards for her breaking news coverage of the death of George Floyd and the detention of Roger Stone, as well as the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for her breaking news coverage of Hurricane Maria’s influence on Puerto Rico. And for all of these successes, it would not have been possible without her parents’ immense love and support. Who they are, we shall explain in the rest of the writing.

Meet Michael Margolis, Alisyn Camerota’s Father

Michael “Mike” S Margolis is actually Alisyn Camerota’s stepfather. It is not quite understood what kind of a relationship the two exchanged in all those years Michael lived. They most likely had an amiable bond as Michael always was so great, loving, and caring to Alisyn’s mother. Alisyn also is one of the family members mentioned to be survived by Michael in his obituary. In this eulogy, Alisyn is called Alison Camerota.

Michael S. was 73 and a retired Political Scientist at the University of Cincinnati when he passed away on 30 October 2013 at St. Elizabeth Hospice surrounded by his family. Just a month before his demise, Michael was still on the department floor working on his research and engaging colleagues with his wit and intellectual curiosity. About him, the department head there also gushed how Michael along with being a scholar of American politics was a true academic, who cared deeply about the intellectual enterprise. He said Michael very much wanted the university to succeed and its students to advance.

Michael also is the author of the book Politics as Usual: The Cyberspace `Revolution’, which he penned alongside David Resnick and published in 2000.

Meet Elaine Camerota, Alisyn Camerota Mother

Alisyn’s mother is Elaine Camerota, AKA Elaine Margolis. She was born in January 1940. So, she reached the age of 83 in 2023. She originally hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Yet as of 2023, she seemed to be residing in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Once in her college’s news article, Elaine’s grandaughter Ale discussed how her grandmother’s bravery and drive pushed her into the college arena, opening up more opportunities and freedoms for countless women today. According to Ale Elaine attended the University of Pennsylvania from 1957 to 1961. Elaine then graduated in 1961 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and the following year, she received her Master of Arts in English and American literature.

So, including her granddaughter, Elaine inspired many others with her dedication and pursuit of higher education despite gender barriers, back in those days when Penn barred women from many areas.

Many people in Elaine’s family, including her daughter, and friends also have always loved her recipes. The Feast of the Seven Fishes that she makes every Christmas Eve has always been quite popular in the Italian family.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Alisyn Camerota’s Parents Married?

Alisyn Camerota’s mother and her stepfather were married until the latter chose to breathe his last air in 2013.

So far, it is not known who Alisyn’s biological father is and for how long he and Elaine were together.

  • How Many Kids Did Alisyn Camerota’s Parents Have?

Alisyn Camerota is the only child of her mother and her biological father. However, she does have a couple of half-siblings/or maybe they are just her step-siblings. In Michael’s obituary, it’s been worded that he is survived by his daughters, Karen Margolis (Patrick Farinholt) of Portland Oregon, Jen Margolis of Seattle, Washington, Abby Margolis (John Hovey) of Barcelona, Spain, Nicky Margolis (Ryan Pagelow) of Chicago, Illinois, and his only son, Max (Jennifer) Margolis of Portland, Oregon. Then, there are also grandchildren, Molly Margolis; Bodie Pagelow, Alessandra, Francesca and Nathaniel Lewis, mentioned.

Also, if you need to know, here are the ages of all of Alisyn’s siblings.

Karen E Margolis turned 56 in July 2023. A month earlier, Jennifer L Margolis reached the age of 53. In November a year before, Abby Margolis became 51 and Nicola R Margolis turned 47 in June 2023. We don’t yet know how old Max Margolis is though.

Speaking of Alisyn, she turned 57 on 21 June 2023.


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