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Tim Lewis Bio, Age, Job, Net Worth, Alisyn Camerota Husband

Former CNN boss Jeff Zucker and anchor Alisyn Camerota were recently gossiped about on the internet with people even assuming that may be they are romancing. They were spotted leaving a brunch hosted by Don Lemon in the Hamptons. They were seen walking hand in hand and therefore looked quite comfortable in each other’s company.

Jeff, who last year stepped down from his role at CNN in 2022 after failing to disclose his romance with then-colleague Allison Gollust, is even today married with three kids. Alisyn, at present, also continued being married to her husband, Tim Lewis. So, in the rest of the writing let us tell you who Alisyn’s husband is and how the two are regulating their marriage.

Meet Tim Lewis, CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota’s Husband

Even before these above-talked-about photos obtained by the Daily Mail, a source continue to tell Page Six that CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota and Jeff Zucker are just old friends. Yet, there also have been insiders insisting that the two are in a relationship.

Just earlier in July 2023, Page Six had caught Zucker with not Alisyn or his wife but with Allison Gollust, when vacationing together in Italy. An eyewitness is also said to have spotted the two dining at Kissaki restaurant in the Hamptons with a group of friends.

Now, moving on from Alisyn and Jeff’s rumors, let’s instead look at who the CNN reporter’s husband is.

Alisyn has been married to Tim Lewis since 2002. Often, Alisyn has been seen addressing their marriage and just how great her husband is, be it in her interviews or social media posts. She has talked about him being “supportive and wonderful” throughout life’s ordeal.

Jeff especially seems to be really great with their kids. Back in 2010, in a piece for SELF Magazine, Alisyn when writing about her struggle to get pregnant, described her husband always being comforting to her and even open to adoption.

Before meeting Tim, Alisyn spent a lot of time with her friend and former coworker Maria Villalobos and her husband, even tagging along on business trips. And so learned from them what a “solid relationship” looked like. She talked about it at great length in a 2016 article for CNN.

Are Tim Lewis And Alisyn Camerota Still Married?

It seems so. Just on 28 March 2023, Alisyn took to her social media to gush “I love that my husband surprised me this morning by taking me out to a beautiful brunch…I do wish he’d let me change out of my pajamas and brush my hair first.”

Back in 2009, the couple lived in a brownstone on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for several years. In 2012, they moved out of Manhattan to Westport, Connecticut with their kids. They purchased the house for $3 million and it is now worth more than $3.3 million. They moved there abandoning their UWS apartment, selling it at a loss.

In 2017, Alisyn also shared in an article in Working Mother that when the children were younger, her husband was tasked with getting them into bed, due to her own very early mornings as a TV anchor.

Tim and Alisyn have three children together. Their daughters are fraternal twins, Francesca and Alessandra, and were born in 2005. Their younger son, Nathaniel, came two years later.

All of these kids have been at St. Luke’s School, a private school in New Canaan, Connecticut for grades 5 through 12, since 2016. Alessandra and Francesca are graduating in 2023, and Nathaniel in 2025.

Tim Lewis Age

Timothy Jackson Lewis was born in 1966. So, he reached the age of 57 in 2023.

Tim Lewis Job

Tim Lewis is an investor and has worked in leadership positions for the past two decades. Since April 2014, he has been a partner at Southfield Capital in Greenwich, Connecticut. On his Linkedin page, Tim goes on to explain that the firm invests in growth-oriented lower middle market companies and business services companies.

Prior to joining Southfield, Lewis was a partner at Atlantic Street Capital in Stamford for nearly five years. The firm focused on investing in distressed and deep-value companies. Between 2003 and 2009, he was a partner at CRG Group in New York City.

How Much Is Tim Lewis’s Net Worth?

Tim Lewis reportedly had over $3 million net worth as of July 2023.

Tim is a partner with social venture partners of Connecticut and focuses on their initiatives with the Governor’s Workforce Council. He is also on the Board of the Westport Soccer Association and is Co-Director of the town’s rec soccer program. As a Class Agent, Tim also enjoys interviewing prospective students while he assists Yale University in its fund-raising efforts.

Tim Lewis Family

Tim’s mother is Karen Lewis. It is believed that Karen’s bravery and drive pushed her into the college arena, opening up more opportunities and freedoms for countless women today. Back in her days, Karen began her journey on the college track at Smith College, a liberal arts school in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Other family members known are Tim’s stepfather-in-law Michael S., who passed away at the age of 73 in October 2013. He was a retired Political Scientist at the University of Cincinnati, and his mother-in-law, Elaine Camerota.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tim Lewis’s Birthday?

Tim Lewis’s birthday is in July. On what day exactly was not known though.

  • Where Is Tim Lewis From?

Tim Lewis most likely hails from Westport, a town on the edge of an Atlantic inlet, on Ireland’s west coast. It is a town in the Republic of Island.

  • Is Tim Lewis On Instagram And Facebook?

Tim Lewis can not be found on Instagram and Facebook. And he also is rarely seen on his wife Alisyn’s IG @alisyncamerota, which at the time of this writing enjoyed 85.5K followers.

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