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Alix Earle Parents: Thomas Earle (Dad) And Alisa Earle (Mom)

Meet Thomas Earle and Alisa Earle, parents of Alix Earle. The TikTok star has amassed millions of fans on her platform and was dating Tyler Wade. However, she hasn’t been very vocal about her family members.

But here is a chance for you to meet her parents and siblings. Learn about Thomas and Alisa’s ages, jobs, and more.

Who Are TikTok Star Alix Earle Parents?

TikTok star Alix Earle is the daughter of Thomas and Alisa Earle. Alisa and Thomas met at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Alisa was dating a soccer player when TJ met her, and he did everything in his power to steal her away, the friend said in an e-mail to The Post after TJ’s infamous affair went public.

Alisa tamed the former “wild man,” said the pal, noting, “The second he laid eyes on Alisa, those [wild] days were over.” “He was infatuated with Alisa the second they met, and I don’t think that has changed.”

In 2022, Alix made headlines after breaking up with her baseball player boyfriend Tyler Wade after reportedly dating for three months. Alix went Live on TikTok to explain that they broke up because they were fighting and she wasn’t happy, and after followers discovered that Tyler’s pictures and videos had vanished from her Instagram.

“We haven’t been together for a hot minute,” she said, E! News reported. “I’ve just been hiding it from you guys because I didn’t feel like dealing with it right now.” “Even stuff I posted of me and my boyfriend, we were not even dating like a week or two ago,” the internet star continued.

Then, Alix explained the reason for the split, saying they’ve been “fighting for a bit” and revealing: “I just was not happy with the way I was feeling.”

The TikTok star was born on 16 December 2000. She is a New Jersey’s Red Bank Catholic High School 2019 graduate. She’s a member of the 2023 class at the University of Miami, majoring in business administration and marketing.

Now learn about her parents from here on.

Meet Thomas Earle, Alix Earle Dad

Thomas Earle, the father of Alix Earle, was born to his father Walter Earle Sr and Marianne Dreyer Earle. His parents were married for 42 years. Walter died in 2004 at the age of 67. He served in the 1950s, served on the USS Albany as personal boat captain to Adm. John McCain, father of Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

Walter later rose from working as a laborer to founding award-winning asphalt and construction companies that list New Jersey state departments as clients.

Besides Thomas, Walter had other two sons Walter Jr. and Michael Earle. Thomas was one of seven children born to his parents. His other siblings are Jennifer Millar of Summit and Bay Head, Allison Cleary Earle of Ocean Township, Jessica M. Earle of Jersey City, and Susan M. Earle of Freehold, New Jersey.

  • Thomas Earle Age

Reportedly born in January 1973, Thomas “TJ” Earle is 49 years old as of Dec 2022.

  • Thomas Earle Job

Thomas Earle is currently serving as the president of Earle. Earle according to Thomas’s LinkedIn profile is a 50+-year-old family business primarily in Highway Civil Contracting and Construction Materials. In his role, he is responsible for the executive management of the asphalt and aggregates, environmental, and trucking business units.

Thomas leads a team of division managers responsible for the day-to-day operations of the various divisions and departments within my primary business units. In his role, he is also a member of the Office of the Presidents at Earle which is comprised of the Presidents of all other Earle business units where he participates in organizational strategic planning and execution.

Moreover, Thomas is currently the Treasurer and former three-term President of the New Jersey Asphalt Pavement Association. He was a member of the National Asphalt Pavement Association Board of Directors and Executive Committee from 2002-2010.

Thomas has helped his family’s company win the National Ecological Award for Best Facility. His achievements as Vice President of Pure Soil Technologies (a Class B Recycling Facility that treats petroleum-contaminated soil) are just as impressive as they are at The Earle Companies.

Although Pure Soil Technologies is a much younger company, Thomas Earle helped increase company sales through his hard work in developing sales and marketing strategies, overseeing product quality, performing market analysis, and cost reporting and trending. In his limited spare time, Thomas enjoys working out, and he has a special affinity for motorcycles, which he both rides and collects.

  • Is Thomas Earle On Instagram?

No, Thomas Earle is not on Instagram.

Meet Alisa Earle, Alix Earle Mom

Alex Earle was born to her mom Alisa Earle. Alisa’s maiden name is Maniaci.

Alix Earle’s mother Alisa and her Sister Ashtin Earle (Pic: Ashtin’s IG)
  • Alisa Earle Age

Alisa Earle turned 50 years old in March 2022. This means 1972 marked the year she was born.

  • Alisa Earle Job

Alisa Earle graduated from Whitefish Bay High School in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin in 1990. She completed her college education at Lynn University with BS degree in Fashion Marketing in 1995. Based on her LinkedIn, she appears to be a stay-at-home mom but worked as an Independent Fund-Raising Professional.

She writes in her bio further, “On top of her significant responsibilities as a stay-at-home mom, Alisa Earle is committed to being a good role model for her daughters through her support of numerous deserving philanthropic and charitable causes in the New Jersey area. An intelligent and capable woman, Alisa Earle attended college at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida from 1992 to 1995. Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, Alisa Earle demonstrated a particularly impressive talent in the field of fashion marketing. Showing consistently strong scholarships, Alisa Earle maintained solid grades while continuing to be actively involved with a number of Lynn University campus activities. ”

Alisa is also affiliated with the C.H.A.S.E for Life Foundation. Founded in 2005, the C.H.A.S.E for Life Foundation teaches critical lifesaving skills such as infant/child CPR and choking maneuvers to as many people as possible with the ultimate goal of reducing accidental deaths from drowning and choking to zero.

In addition to her work with the C.H.A.S.E for Life Foundation, Alisa also frequently makes time to support the Meridian Health Hospitals of New Jersey, one of the state’s most important health organizations.

  • Is Alisa Earle On Instagram?

No, Alisa Earle is not on Instagram but she has a Facebook page (@alisa.earle.maniaci).

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Alix Earle Parents Reside?

Alix Earle’s father is currently residing in Wall Township, New Jersey. But, according to his LinkedIn, he is based in Farmingdale, New Jersey.

  • Are Alix Earle Parents Still Married?

No, Alix Earle’s parents divorced a decade ago after her father cheated on her mother with Ashley Dupre, who was a call girl of New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer. The affair came as a shock to at least one of TJ’s college buddies, who knew him and Alisa when they all attended the university.

Ashley reportedly knew Alix’s parents since she was a teen because they all live in the same close-knit community.

  • How Much Is Alix Earle Parents Net Worth?

Alix Earle’s father’s estimated net worth surpassed a whopping $15 million. Her mother should have a net worth above $1 million.

  • How Many Kids Do Alix Earle Parents Have?

Alex Earle’s parents had two daughters from their marriage. So, Alix has a sister named Ashtin Earle (@ashtinearle). Ashtin is a student at Tulane University where she is a Psychology major in her Sophomore year.

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