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Richard Landry Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Moonshiners

Discovery channel’s Moonshiners, over the course of its 12 seasons has introduced to viewers many distillers. One such distiller is Richard Landry and we shall now talk about him in the rest of the writing. This ‘Richard Landry Bio’ is a tell-all about his age, net worth, married life, journey in the illegal industry of moonshine, and more.

Richard Landry On Moonshiners

Richard Landry is an award-winning/self-taught distiller featured on a Moonshiners spinoff between 2020 and 2022. He is apparently someone who got into the moonshine business after being inspired by the show Moonshiners itself. When the first season premiered in December 2011, Richard became captivated by the process of producing this drink and decided to try it for himself. So, the truck driver by trade and an avid sportsman has not looked back ever since. He has been making moonshine at his New Iberia home for over a decade. Of course, he did not jump into it on a whim. He did adequate research on the whole process to understand the science behind it.

Then, when 2021 just started, Richard went from home moonshiner to master distiller overnight after winning the second season of a national competition called Moonshiners: Master Distiller that aired on Discovery at the time. He was featured in the second season of a competitive spinoff called Moonshiners: Master Distiller. Winning over the judges with his unique Louisiana cherry rum concoction, he was called “the Spice King.”

Of course, his Moonshiners journey was not stopping there. Starting from Season 11, he was included as a series regular on the original Moonshiners. While on the show, viewers have seen Richard produce liquors made from sweet potatoes and cotton candy. He even invented “bloody mary moonshine” and a “sea-aged manglier tea whiskey.”

How Much Is Richard Landry’s Net Worth?

Richard Landry reportedly had around $400 thousand net worth as of 2022.

He made most of these selling liquor, like his award-winning spirit, or his cherry bounce. The latter was a while ago made and sold at Sugarlands Distilling Company, which is based in Gatlinburg.

Earlier in 2021, Richard was hoping to one day open a distillery with his younger brother. Yet, he gave no particular timeline for when that might happen.

Richard Landry Age

Richard, with the full name Richard Joel Landry, was born in 1971. So, he turned 51 years old in 2022.

Richard Landry Family

Richard’s mother was Rita Faye Sparrow Landry. A native and resident of New Iberia, Los Angeles, she passed on 18 June 2021. She was a 1964 graduate of Holy Rosary Institute and all her life she pursued a career in Education. As a devout and faithful Catholic, she taught Religion and prepared students for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.

The matriarch is survived by Richard “Snake” Landry, Richard’s dad/her husband of 53 years, and her seven children including Richard.

So, speaking of Richard’s siblings, he has four sisters and two brothers. Sisters are Cherie Landry Triplett (Robert) of Lafayette, Robin Landry Polk (Terrance) of Harvey, Christi Landry of Houston, and Cara Landry Smith (Roland) of Houston. The two brothers are Craig Landry (Vanessa) and Ryan Landry (Christine) both from New Iberia.

Richard’s dad, if you need to know, was a Greyhound bus driver. Richard still recalls how his dad took him and his younger brother Craig to Canada on a trip. Despite having been to a lot of places, Richard says, he will never forget that particular trip.

Viewers of Master Distiller must have spotted this very Craig in its episodes because he and Richard also happen to distill buddies.

Richard’s father also is a retired police officer. In fact, he has more family members in his family who uphold the law as judges. His uncle was the first Black colonel of the Louisiana State Police.

Is Richard Landry Married?

Until January 2021, Richard Landry had a girlfriend. He talked back then about how she helped him research about possible scam about being on Moonshiners’ Master Distiller. The opportunity to be featured on Master Distiller had come to Richard through a Facebook message in the 2020’s fall. Richard initially thought it was a scam. He explained, how at the time, his girlfriend did a little online research and assured him it was a real pitch from a TV producer.

Besides Richard also happens to have a daughter and grandchildren. Showing the three of them on social media last year in October Richard gushed about finally getting to relax and spend some time with his “baby girl” and his grandchildren. “God is so good to me!!!”, before wishing his daughter a ‘happy birthday’.

Having said that, there were no further details about Richard’s girlfriend and also his married life, in case he was once married.

Richard Landry Height

Richard Landry stands above 6 feet in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Richard Landry From?

Since Richard Landry can remember, he has always based himself in New Iberia, Louisiana.

  • When Is Richard Landry’s Birthday?

Richard Landry’s birthday is on February 21st. Every year as he celebrates the occasion, he thanks God for blessing him beyond his “wildest” dreams or expectations.

  • Is Richard Landry On Instagram?

Yes. Richard Landry could be found on Instagram @distillerrjlandry with 131 posts and 1,725 followers as of 23 December 2022.

Richard also seemed active on his Facebook account and on Twitter @DistillerLandry. Yet, Richard entertained the maximum number of followers, almost 5K, on his ‘Master Distiller Richard J. Landry’ Facebook account.

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