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Aljosha Muttardi Bio, Age, Partner, Ethnicity, Queer Eye

Meet Aljosha Muttardi, one of the “Fab Five” who is starring in Netflix’s Queer Eye Germany to bring an impactful change in their lives. Here, we will learn about his job, vegan transition, partner, ethnicity, and age.

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Aljosha Muttardi On Queer Eye Germany

Netflix’s Queer Eye the U.S. version became a huge hit. Hence, they decided to make the show international and the viewers now have Queer Eye Germany. The format for the German spinoff will remain the same where the “Fav Five” will give a makeover to an individual (they call “hero”) who was nominated for the show either by their friends or family members.

Aljosha Muttardi is among the “Fab Five” who is a doctor-turned-influencer who will be contributing as a health and nutrition consultant. He runs a YouTube channel and does public speaking too.

He is joined by another fab five experts — Leni Bolt is the work/life coach, Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke handles fashion, Ayan Yuruk an interior designer, and David Jakobs takes charge of all things beauty.

On his Instagram, Aljosha posted before the premiere of the show that he still can’t believe that he is officially part of the Queer Eye family. Since he is a vegan doctor it means more visibility on the topic. He also has his name credited on IMDB for appearing on the Netflix show.

How Much Is Aljosha Muttardi Net Worth?

Aljosha Muttardi has a net worth under $600K.

Aljosha is an influencer/doctor/vegan expert who has been involved in his career since March 2014. He studied medicine at WEEK from 2006 to 2013. He worked as an anesthetist in a clinic for years before quitting his “normal” job to pursue full-time activism.

Moreover, he is passionate about LGBTQIA+ rights and animal welfare.

In April 2021, Aljosha quit his job as a doctor which he announced on his Instagram after 7 years of pursuing it. He thanked his colleagues and they were also able to collect 300 € donations which he gave to animal welfare.

Aljosha gained widespread recognition via his YouTube channel Vegan is Unhealthy. They also have an Instagram page (@veganistungesund) and a Facebook page (@VeganIstUngesund) where they promote veganism. However, the name of his channel is misleading but he is not even sure if the name work for both camps.

However, they intended to reach a wide audience. When they typed “Vegan is” YouTube’s algorithm presented the first result as “vegan is unhealthy” which became the name for their channel. But that didn’t draw any negative feedback from the viewers. Many people have been attracted to the channel and the lives of some of the people changed for the better.

Furthermore, him being a real doctor had more impact on his viewers because he isn’t making a point from the emotional side. According to Aljosha, Veganism “is an ethically motivated movement about reducing animal suffering and exploitation as much as possible and as feasible as possible.”

The influencer was non-vegan till he reached age 26.

Aljosha Muttardi Partner

Aljosha Muttardi could be in a relationship with his alleged partner Mathyas (@mathyaslr). They can be spotted together as early as July 2015. Both of them have been featured in each other’s posts. They were also spotted together when they visited Singapore.

Aljosha and Mathyas recently appeared together in July 2021. However, the relationship hasn’t been confirmed yet.

In early 2021, Aljosha Muttardi interviewed with SCHWULISSIMO. Him being a vegan, he was asked if his partner has to be vegan or not. Aljosha shared that he has no problem with a partner who is not vegan to start with. He also assumed that a new partner would probably not be vegan “because that’s just not the norm”.

However, Aljosha can’t do “not vegan partner” all the time because eventually, he would like them to opt for his lifestyle no matter how much time it takes for his partner.

Aljosha also touched on the subject of his homosexuality and his activism. He explained that his homosexuality doesn’t necessarily prepare him for activism which he has made one of his life’s purposes. As a gay and vegan individual, he was asked which outing do people react worse to: vegan or gay?

Aljosha answered being ‘gay’. He had suffered from exclusion and being different for a long time as a child and adolescent and is still dealing with the consequences today.

Aljosha Muttardi Height

Aljosha Muttardi with his chiseled looks stands tall above the height of 5-feet-10.

What Is Aljosha Muttardi Ethnicity?

Based on the origin of the last name Muttarid, Aljosha is probably of Libyan-German ethnicity. He has a brother named Serge who is at least 29 years old as of 2022. In May 2014, he posted a younger himself with a man who was probably his father. Besides that, he has kept quiet about his family members.

Aljosha Muttardi Age

As of March 2022, Aljosha Muttardi is 33 years old.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Aljosha Muttardi From?

Currently, Aljosha Muttardi lives in his hometown of Hamburg, Germany.

  • Is Aljosha Muttardi On Instagram?

Yes, Aljosha Muttardi is on Instagram (@joshmttrd & @aljosham), Facebook (@amuttardi), and Twitter (@almttrd).

  • When Does Aljosha Muttardi Celebrate His Birthday?

Aljosha Muttardi hasn’t shared details on his birthday.

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