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Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke Bio, Age, Partner, Queer Eye

The Queer Eye franchise has now made it to Germany. Yes, and just like the original, Queer Eye Germany follows the same format and sees five experts transforming the lives of the chosen heroes. Among them, Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke handled everything about fashion on the show.

Delve into this star’s life as this Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke Bio proceeds.

Meet Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke, One Of Queer Eye Germany Fab Five

Ever since a child, Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke dreamed of being a fashion icon, and now his dream has come true, all thanks to Queer Eye German. Over the show, Jan-Henrik’s job was everything fashion. He was often seen surfing through the deserving recipients’ wardrobe — replacing or remaking them.

But Jan-Henrik’s sense of fashion is different than others. He believes that one should wear what they feel most comfortable in. For instance, if you feel most comfortable in a t-shirt or a short-sleeved shirt, you should wear it, even in the office.

With that being said, Jan-Henrik does believe that anyone who works as a banker, lawyer, or management consultant should pay more attention to a serious outfit. “Wearing a shirt is a must, with or without a tie,” he added.

Furthermore, Jan-Henrik remarks that good style comes with good manners. “I can wear the best outfit, but if I misbehave, it ruins it,” he explained. He implores people not to infer personality directly from outfits. Giving an example of himself, Jan-Henrik shared that a lot of people think of him “as a jaded prick” because of his looks —  “I’m a nice guy,” he grinned.

Joining Jan-Henrik to change the lives of deserving candidates were his co-stars — David Jakobs (hair expert),  Ayan Yuruk (designer), Aljosha Muttardi ( a nutrition consultant, doctor, and YouTuber), Leni Bolt (a life coach).

And together, they were called the Fab Five.

All excited for the show’s premiere (i.e. on March 9, 2022), Jan-Henrik made quite a few posts over his IG. One of them wrote, “Now the time has finally come! The exciting journey with my four “better halves” began a good 2 years ago. Now the day has finally come when we can share these great moments, people & stories with you!”

Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke Age

Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke was born on 1982. That made him 40 years of age when Queer Eye German aired in March 2022.

However, he was 38 years of age when he first filmed the show.

Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke Partner

Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke’s alleged partner is Max Elsner. The duo often graced the star’s IG together and wished the world joyous celebrations.

The last we checked, they appeared over Jan-Henrik IG on Christmas 2021 post, captioned, “We are very grateful for the great support over the past year from so many sides. We can look forward to the coming year with you. But for now, have a good time, with peace and contemplation. Your Max and Jan-Henrik.”

Also, they made it back to Jan-Henrik IG on New Year 2022, flaunting their firework celebrations.

Here’s Jan-Henrik’s partner’s IG @maxelsner and FB @max.elsner.7.

Is Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke On Instagram?

Yes, find him on Instagram @janhenrikmaria.

Also, here’s his Facebook @janhenrik.scheperstuke.

How Much Is Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke Net Worth?

Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke garned a net worth of above $2 million by 2022.

This fashion expert first started his career as a savings bank clerk at Kreissparkasse Grafschaft Diepholz, after graduating from the Schloss Louisenlund boarding school in Schleswig-Holstein. Then, in 2006, he joined Berlin’s Humboldt University to study law and after graduating in 2010, he went on to become the managing partner of EDSOR KRONEN Holding GmbH for the next 4 years.

Finally, in early 2015, Jan-Henrik then joined AUERBACH as its managing director and was employed there as of 2022.

Besides this, he also worked as a moderator for a luxury magazine and wrote a regular column called “A Question of Style” then.

Also, Jan-Henrik was the managing director of a bow-tie brand called Edsor Kronen. It was his godfather, Günther H. Stelly, who passed over his job to Jan-Henrik.

But out of all, his most successful job would certainly be his time at Queer Eye Germany. However, this wasn’t his first time on TV. Prior to Queer Eye Germany, he appeared on DAS! (2012), Menschen der Woche (2012), Hier ab vier (2012), NDR Talk Show (2012), Die Modemacher (2011), and EinsWeiter (2010).

Did you know: Being a godchild himself, Jan-Henrik has a godchild of his own.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke Born?

Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke was born in Lohne, Germany.

But in 2005, he moved to Berlin.

Also, he likes to travel to different places with his mother.

  • How Tall Is Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke?

The Queer Eye Germany star stands tall at a height above 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

His distinct features include — blue eyes, pompadour hairstyle, and his signature bowtie.

  • When Is Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke Birthday?

Jan-Henrik celebrates his birthday on January 31, making him of the Capricorn zodiac.

This star often has a grand birthday celebration. But during the COVID pandemic, he was able to “celebrate big.” Thus, in the summer of 2022, Jan-Henrik planned to make up for it by throwing a grand party.

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