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Allan Gore Bio, Today, Age, New Wife, Betty Husband

Meet Allan Gore, wife of Betty Gore who died on 13 June 1980. Learn about Allan’s age today, his new wife, his current residence, and their whole story. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Meet Allan Gore, Betty Gore Husband

Below you’ll read Allan and Betty Gore’s story.

  • Betty Gore and Allan Gore

Betty Pomeroy Gore, wife of Allan, had an innocence and a wide smile, that made her popular in her tiny town of Norwich, Kansas. She was three when she became the Most Popular Baby. Allan Gore was Betty’s math teacher who she fell in love with.

Allan, a senior at Southwestern and a teaching assistant in freshman math, picked her out almost from the first day Betty entered his class. It was the eyes and the smile that got him, the innocent sparkle about her, and later it was the way she always spoke up in class, almost as though she were trying to please him personally.

When she presented the idea of getting married to Allan, her family and friends were surprised. The wedding was on January 25, 1970, in Norwich Methodist Church and they settled in the suburbs of Dallas. The only reason they didn’t plan a wedding right away is that Allan, like most young men his age, was busy trying to avoid the military draft. Fortunately, he had banged up his knee when he was a freshman, so that summer he flunked his draft physical in Kansas City.

Allan worked for Rockwell International, an electronics conglomerate and major defense contractor when they had their first child. In 1976, Betty started working as a teacher at an elementary school in the small town of Wylie. When she planned for the second, she wanted the pregnancy planned down to the exact week so that the baby would be born in midsummer and she wouldn’t have to take any time off from teaching.

At the time, Allan and Betty’s s*x life dwindled to nothing so the s*x was completely mechanical. Allan had to have a clinical s*x with Betty every night during her estimated fertility period in the name of family planning.

Allan had a resentful feeling that he was being used. Their marital future had looked bleak for a while. They weren’t active in bed because Betty often prepared her school material for the next day.

What’s more, Allan had feared they would fall victim to complete boredom. Allan proposed Betty give Marriage Encounter, a program for couples a try. But, Betty didn’t see the point of attending something like that.

But, she realized the marriage was falling apart she and Allan resorted to Marriage Encounter, which dramatically changed Allan who only thought about his wife afterward.

  • The Affair

Candy Montgomery and her victim Betty Gore were together because of The Methodist Church of Lucas. They performed church service together. The church also brought them together to the mutual closeness and eventually led to Betty’s death at the hand of Candy.

The place where they hailed from had no name and it was eight to ten amorphous little towns in eastern Collin County where people came to escape cities, density, routine, fear of crime, overpriced housing, and the urban problems their parents had never known.

Candy Montgomery was attracted to Betty Gore’s husband Allan Gore when they bumped on the church’s volleyball court. She was sexually frustrated and was honest with her about that front. For other people, it was an accident but for Candy: Allan Gore Smelled Se**. It was during the incident Candy had a revelation that she wanted to sleep with him.

For several weeks she talked to her friends about having an affair. Candy wanted something to shake up her “very boring” life with Pat. She was explicit about the kind of affair she was interested in transcendent sex. As she put it, “I want fireworks.”

Allan, who had a receding hairline and dressed blandly, to say the least, Candy wondered if she could actually have affair with him. But, he was the kind of man she might be able to have a good time with. They had only known each other for nine months.

The frequency of their interactions increased and a voice in the back of her head told her that Allan wanted to go to bed with her as she did. Allan would flirt with her more than any other woman in the church. Allan was friendly and had a sense of humor so sometimes she wondered if it was real flirtation.

One night after church, Candy got the chance to get to talk to him and slid inside his car and confessed her feeling, and left in a heartbeat. He thought about it for several days and was secretly pleased. Allan thought about his wife Betty who was as dour as ever while he found Candy was always up, always busy, self-confident, easygoing, and warm.

A week after the encounter, they met again in Candy’s car and Candy proposed the prospect of an affair with him. Allan wasn’t prepared. He opened up about his wife Betty’s previous affair in New Mexico which hurt him a lot and he didn’t want to hurt his wife.

Candy was surprised about the thoughts Allan had put into that. She admitted she didn’t want to hurt their marriage. Allan kissed Candy’s lips and left the car.

On her 29th birthday, she received a text from Allan. “Hi, this is Allan. I have to go to McKinney tomorrow to get some tires checked on the new truck I bought up there. I wondered if you’d like to have lunch, you know, to talk a little more about what we talked about before.”

It had been nearly three weeks since the last time they talked.

Allan and Candy met at an auto repair shop in McKinney, the venerable county seat a few miles north of Candy’s house. They went to a tea house and talked about everything except each other. Then, they talked about the risk of affairs and not wanting to hurt their partners. They hesitated for months.

They did Why? and Why Nots? And Candy even had a list of topics they would discuss.

They had their first s*x at Continental Inn near Alan’s office. After the first meeting, it was apparent both of them wanted more. The affair made both of them feel alive.

Candy slowly started falling in love with him but Allan wanted to patch up the relationship with his wife.

Candy and Allan met a few times after the Marriage Encounter of Allan and Betty. And Candy ended the affair in the end.

Allan Gore Today

Today, Allan Gore is retired and living in Florida.

Allan Gore New Wife

According to The Dallas Morning News, Allan Gore quickly remarried and moved away. However, the marriage with his new wife ended in divorce. His two daughters were raised by his wife Betty’s parents.

According to his Facebook, he has been in a domestic partnership since 21 May 2016.

Is Allan Gore On Instagram?

No, Allan Gore doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. However, he is on Facebook (@allan.gore.9).

Allan Gore Age

Born in March 1947, Allan Gore is 75 years old.

Allan Gore Job

Allan Gore started working at the age of ten. He was a paid hand himself and earned ten cents an hour. He stayed on the farm and only went to Larned to attend classes at school and then returned to help with the chores or work on his 4-H Club projects. However, he never wished to become a farmer.

Allan had saved the money for college himself, mostly by doing farm work, and once he got there to Southwestern College, he managed to get two more jobs, washing dishes in the school cafeteria and helping in the mailroom.

Furthermore, Allan also dabbled briefly in student politics, taking the conservative side, and eventually became a resident manager in a dormitory. He didn’t do it so much for the free room as for the sense of responsibility it gave him. He eventually chose a math major after a professor of statistics took an interest in him and helped him get a teaching assistant’s job.

Allan exhausted his interest in statistics, after deciding the field was too dry and impersonal and became increasingly preoccupied with computer analysis. By his second year as a graduate student, he had decided to make a career of it, and soon he was ready to start putting out feelers for jobs.

In February 1971, Allan was invited for an interview at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, where job openings would soon be available for analysts who could design programs to test the safety of the nation’s ballistic missile system. After the interview, Allan got the job.

Furthermore, Allan also got the chairmanship of the Council on Ministries, which he quit in October 1976. When Betty died, he was on a business trip to St. Louis for a meeting with 3M.

He is currently retired.

Fun Fact: Congressman Bob Dole gave him a silver tray in front of hundreds of people, and he got a trip to Houston to tour the grain export facilities.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Allan Gore Reside Now?

Allan Gore’s current residence is in Sarasota, Florida.

  • Who Are Allan Gore’s Parents And Siblings?

Allan had grown up on a farm near Larned, just three counties west of Norwich. But, unlike Betty, he had found no great sense of community there. His father was a reserved, taciturn man who worked wheat and sorghum fields from sunup to sundown and sometimes beyond.

Allan was the second of five children. He was closest to his older sister, Beth, and when the time came, he followed her to Southwestern College.

  • Who Plays Allan Gore On Hulu’s Candy?

Actor Pablo Schreiber plays Allan Gore on Hulu’s Candy.

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