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Betty Gore Daughters: Alisa And Bethany Gore! Today, Age

Meet Betty Gore Daughters: Alisa And Bethany Gore.

Below, we will discuss where they are today. We will cover everything from their job, age, and marriage.

Who Are Betty Gore Daughters?

Betty Gore, before she died on 13 June 1980, was mother to two daughters; Alisa Gore and Bethany Gore.

Meet Alisa Gore, Betty Gore Daughter!

Alisa Gore is the oldest daughter of Betty Gore. On the day of Betty’s death, Alisa had swimming lessons. Alisa and Candy’s daughter Jenny had also planned a sleepover, the second day in a row. She was six years old at the time.

When Allan returned home from his business trip, he went to Candy’s home and neither Pat nor Candy were able to look into his eyes. Allan entered Candy’s living room and sat in a chair and had Alisa come and sit on his lap.

Alisa said nothing. Her eyes were full of curiosity and the childish fear of the unknown. Allan placed his arm around Alisa’s shoulders and looked into her face.

Allan’s voice was soft and evenly measured. “Last night,” he said, “somebody very bad came in the house and cut up Mommy very bad. And Mommy is never coming back.” Alisa continued to look curiously into her father’s face. “Do you understand?” he asked. Alisa started to whimper, her eyes watering.

“Who’s going to cook dinner for us?” she asked. A tear rolled down Allan’s cheek. “We’ll just have to cook for ourselves now.” Alisa was silent for a moment. Then she said, “Who’s going to take care of us?” Allan didn’t have an answer for that one. He pressed Alisa’s head to his chest as she started to cry.

However, as days passed, Alisa was taking everything so well after her mother’s death, Allan was scared that she would break down later. Allan had also received a death threat from an unknown called who said, “Alisa’s next” and hung up.

As reported, Alisa was the spitting image of her mother at the time. Betty was a strict teacher and she behaved the same with her daughter. Betty also remarked with her friends that she often treated Alisa not as a child but as a “small adult”.

  • Alisa Gore Age

As of May 2022, Alisa Gore is 47 years old.

  • Alisa Gore Job

Alisa Gore started her career as Sr. Accountant at Koch Chemical Technology Group in 2001. She worked in the company till January 2014. From 2014 to February 2021, she worked for Koch Industries as an Accounting Manager. Whereas, starting from February 2021, he has been working as Business Controller at Koch Engineered Solutions.

Alisa completed her high school education at Norwich High in 1992. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Kansas State University in 1996.

  • Is Alisa Gore On Instagram?

Alisa Gore doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. However, she has a Facebook account (@lisa.goreharder).

  • Is Alisa Gore Married?

Alisa Gore married her husband Jonn Harder on 17 August 1996. So, they have been married for 25 years. She and her husband, Jonn share a son together.

Jonn is a graduate of Newton Senior High. He studied Animal Science at Kansas State University and graduated in 1995. He worked at Jonn Harder Building & Remodeling.

Meet Bethany Gore, Betty Gore Daughter

Bethany Gore was in her cradle when men walked inside and found her mother dead. She was half sitting, half lying, her legs folded under her, her face blotchy and red, her hair tangled and dirty. Her skin was stained with her own excrement. Her poignantly hoarse crying curdled the blood. She had obviously been there a long time.

The birth of Bethany had brought her parents together.

  • Bethany Gore Age

Born in July 1979, Bethany Gore reached 42 years old in the Summer of 2021.

  • Bethany Gore Job

Bethany Gore started her career as a teacher at Wichita Public Schools in August 2001. She worked there until 2010. After quitting her job, she joined Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas as a teacher. She worked in that role till August 2015.

Starting from August 2015, Bethany has been serving as assistant principal at Coral Academy.

Bethany completed her high school at Norwich High in 1997. She attended Wichita State University and graduated with a BA degree in Elementary Education and Teaching. Furthermore, she earned her Master’s in Educational Psychology From Wichita State University.

  • Is Bethany Gore On Instagram?

No, Bethany Gore is not on Instagram, but she has a Facebook account (@bethany.mickey).

  • Is Bethany Gore Married?

Yes, Bethany Gore is married. Her husband is Chad Mickey. She married her husband in July 2011. They got engaged a year before that. Now, they share three daughters and one son from their marriage. Their daughter Josie Suzanne Mickey was born on 9 January 2013, which is also Bethany’s mother Betty’s birthday.

Talking about her husband, Chad hailed from Dodge City, Kansas. He graduated from Dodge City High School and Dodge City Community College.

Chad also studied at Wichita State University and studied Music Education at Wichita State University. He worked at Wichita State University.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Allan And Betty Gore Daughters Today?

Allan and Betty Gore’s daughters have built a beautiful life for themselves today.

  • Where Do Betty Gore Daughters Reside Now?

Alisa Gore is currently living in Newton, Kansas. Whereas, Bethaney Gore is living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Who Play Betty Gore Daughters On Hulu’s Candy?

The cast who will be playing Betty Gore’s daughters on Hulu’s Candy wasn’t revealed on IMDB.

Note: Learn about Betty Gore’s Parents here.

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