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Allan Mueses Bio, Net Worth, Age, Amara La Negra

The third season of VH1 hit show Love and Hip Hop: Miami began with Amara’s efforts in making her relationship with Emjay, Shay Johnson’s younger brother, work and ended with Amara La Negra breaking up with him once she realizes Emjay is indeed a ‘golddigger.’

With the kick-off of LAHHM Season 4 on August 23, 2021, we witnessed that the TV star Amara give another try at love, but this time with a different man. Amara’s new beau, Allan Mueser, has no connection to the hip-hop scene and is a realtor and project developer by profession.

More about Allan and Amara’s relationship in the wiki article below. Also, learn about Allan Mueses’s job, family, age, and much more in this article itself.

Allan Mueses And Amara La Negra’s Relationship

Allan Mueses first met Amara La Negra when the popular singer and reality TV star started taking some baby steps in the real estate lane. For all we know, if it was not for Amara’s recent venture into the real estate world, the pair would have never crossed paths.

That being said, we still don’t know when the exact date they fell in love with each other. Though Allan first featured Amara on his Instagram on April 2021, we cannot say they began their romantic journey together at that moment as the post was strictly professional.

However, what we can tell is that it has already been at least a couple of months since the two started dating each other as the filming of Love and Hip Hop: Miami Season 4 was done before August 2021.

As a part of their new collaboration, Allan’s company announced that they would be building and selling luxury apartments under the name Amara Residences in 2023.

Allan Mueses is smitten with his love, Amara La Negra.

Allan has two daughters from his previous relationship, namely Layla and Alanna. His daughters often get featured on his Instagram feed but mind it that Allan’s regular contact with his daughters is no problem to Allan and Amara’s relationship. So, who is the issue in their relationship if there is anyone? Is it Amara’s mom, Mama Ana, or is it Allan? Find that out in the next paragraph!

When the super-trailer for LAHHM Season 4 came out, viewers were clear that Amara’s mother was not too happy with her daughter’s new boyfriend too. The trailer showed a verbal spat between Mama Ana and Allan after Amara revealed that she wanted to take a break from the music and dancing to mold herself into the new lifestyle.

In the show, Mama Ana questioned Amara’s life choices by counting the sacrifices she had made so that Amara could have a successful career in music. Influenced by her mother’s words, Amara began reconsidering her decision of settling in the Dominic Republic with her boyfriend and finally decided to leave for Miami to take care of her business and her mom’s welfare. This caught Allan in surprise and he reacted to Amara’s decision in a very rude and harsh way. While he did reluctantly agree with Amara’s decision, the way he mocked Amara for being so dependent on her mom had all the viewers in a state of rage. Some of them even advised to dump him.

As of this writing, Amara and Allan did not have any major blow in their relationship aside from slight hiccups. Also, the super-trailer showed Amara suspecting herself to be pregnant. But, based on her recent pictures, it does not look like so.

Allan Mueses Family, Nationality

Born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Allan Mueses’s nationality is Dominican and his full name is Al Allan De Los Santos Mueses.

While Allan has featured both of his parents on his Instagram handle, we only have information on his mom, Marta Margarita Mueses. Allan’s mom went to Liceo Ramon Emilio Jimenez for her high school and at UASD for her college studies.

As for his other family members, Allan has at least three siblings, a sister, and two brothers. Their names are Laura, Gary, and Ruddy.

Allan Mueses Job

As for his job, Allan Mueses is a realtor and a CEO at an investment service company, SolucionesAllan. He also serves as a CEO at Dream Big Construction Company, a business enterprise that helps prospective owners build and find luxury homes.

Allan has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Western Michigan University–Hamworth College of Business.

How Much Is Allan Mueses Net Worth?

As of 2021, Allan Mueses’ net worth was measured to be at least $500 thousand.

Other FAQs

  • How Old Is Allan Mueses?

As of October 2021, we were still unsure about how old Allan Mueses was. However, we do know that he celebrates his birthday on December 22nd of every year. That way, his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

  • How Tall Is Allan Mueses Height?

Regarding how tall Allan Mueses is, well the realtor stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

  • Is Allan Mueses On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Allan Mueses does use social networking sites. He is on Instagram as @allan600 and Twitter as @ALLAN600. Unfortunately, Allan is not available on Facebook.

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