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Allison Jordan Bio, Age, Job, Husband, Drew Sidora Sister

RHOA star Drew Sidora has one sister named Allison Jordan. They were born to Jeanette and Robert Jordan. Their parents are from Chicago, where her father was a pediatrician mother Jeanette worked as a minister.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Drew’s mother, who frequently made appearances on RHOA, infamously moved in with Drew and Ralph. In Season 15, her father appeared in a couple of cameos as well as in an emotional sequence.

Allison was recently introduced on Season 15 of the show which premiered in May 2023.

Meet Allison Jordan, Drew Sidora Sister

Fans were eager to learn the reasons behind Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman’s divorce in May 2023. Drew and Ralph startled Bravo fans by filing for divorce 61 minutes apart two months before the show’s broadcast. Eight years have passed since the couple was married, two of which were documented on RHOA when Drew started working as a full-time peach holder. The couple’s reasons for splitting up became even less clear as Season 15 went on because they hardly ever talked about them.

Instead, Drew exposed Allison Jordan, her once-separate sister, to the public.

RHOA welcomed Drew in Season 13. Drew is not new to the entertainment world, despite the fact that she recently joined the Bravolebrity ranks in 2020. The native of Chicago, Illinois, has experience in singing, acting, and dancing and has been in a number of films, including Step Up, The Game, and That’s So Raven, to mention a few.

Even though Drew was already well-known prior to joining The Housewives, her time on reality TV allowed viewers to witness her personal struggles. She revealed to the audience during Season 15 that one of her biggest private arguments had place off-camera.

In “Rollerskates and Blind Dates,” episode eight of season 15, Drew discussed her connection with Allison, her older sister. On the program, she discussed how tight of a bond she and Allison shared as children, comparing her big sister to a “second mom.”

Prior to their breakup in 2020, Allison, who has 35 years of expertise in the entertainment industry, also oversaw Drew’s career. Drew claims that due to Allison’s issues with her mental health, she resigned as her manager. According to the “Already Know” singer, Allison and Ralph had a troubled relationship that grew so strong that Ralph “banned” Allison from visiting their home “for a very long time” after Allison referred to him as “controlling.”

“Allison and Ralph were really butting heads, and she made some pretty serious accusations about Ralph being controlling and manipulative,” Drew recalled in a confessional. “So, for that reason, she was banned from our home for a few years.”

Drew subsequently admitted that she was conflicted about Ralph and Allison and wished for them to support Allison’s “healing journey” “on a united front.” Ralph said Allison had done “a lot of things” that “truly interrupted our relationship,” but at Drew’s video shoot, the in-laws hugged it out.

Sadly, we already know that after he and Allison reconciled, Drew and Ralph were going to experience bigger issues. The sisters appear to get along quite well, though, according to their individual Instagram pages for Drew and Allison. To commemorate her RHOA debut in June 2023, Allison—who runs the mental health podcast The Brain Truth—posted a photo with Drew.

One year prior to the love fest, Allison stood up for her sister when Drew revealed that she had dated LeBron James in the past.

Many fans side-eyed the Sister Code star for maybe dating a married man after Drew’s admission. But Allison clarified on her Instagram that they had a relationship before LeBron wed Savannah James, his high school sweetheart, in 2013.

“So if you guys know how to fact-check. Drew met LeBron James around 2002 or 2003,” Allison said in the video captured by The Shade Room. “Yes, they were talking. Matter of fact Drew and I stayed in a hotel. People called me and my sister, ‘Two Girls Against the World.’ Why? Because we were always together. So Hey Lebron!”

She continued, “They dated. They talked on the phone day and night. We went to games, We went to dinners. We weren’t sneaking through back alleyways…going through dark tunnels.” She adds that she has always known LeBron to be a “cool guy, wonderful person,” adding that she “knows and hung out” with the NBA star’s uncle, Randy.

Allison said, “Him and Drew liked each other. They were cool. Do the math. Google 2003 Drew Sidora and LeBron James. Google it. He got married to his wife, from what I understand, his beautiful wife in 2013.”

Allison Jordan Age

As of 2023, Allison Jordan is 56 years old.

Allison Jordan Job

Allison Jordan is working as the host of THE BRAIN TRUTH and the owner/director of Epic Arts and Entertainment. Furthermore, she is also the CEO of ALLISON JORDAN EVENTS.

Additionally, Allison is the COO of Fase2Fase, an Executive Creative Director for Africa International House, President of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Brand Rally, a National Executive Producer at Real Men Cook, and President and Talent Agent at Jordan Management.

As for her past jobs, Allison worked as TV Writer and Script Coordinator at Johnny Carson Productions, The sitcom ROC at HBO Independent Productions, Motion Picture Literary at William Morris Agency, as General Manager at American Basketball League CHICAGO CONDORS, and as Creative Director at Blocksavvy.

Regarding her education, Allison attended Columbia College Chicago (Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs).

How Much Is Allison Jordan Net Worth?

By 2023, Allison Jordan had a net worth of above $500 thousand.

Allison Jordan Husband

Allison Jordan is married to her husband Rael Jackson for 10 years. They married in January 2013.

“Of course, I wanted to have millions and live in a mansion and drive a Bentley and have maids waiting on me hand and foot, then God gave me what I needed and not wanted…… A man who would love my son as his own, rub my feet every day, tell me I’m the most beautiful woman in the world every day, provide stability, leadership, and protection and love me from the depths of his soul. You are the smartest, the kindest, the most giving and God fearing man I have ever known, “On their second anniversary, she wrote. “I love the way you don’t change yourself for nobody….you are The Real. Even though we have been together for almost 11 years. .being married to you for 2 years today is a dream come true. Thank you God for blessing me with Rael Jackson I wouldn’t WANT it any other way. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the Livest Man In The World.”

They were together for 9 years before their marriage.

Rael lives in Chicago, Illinois, and works at Beasley Academic Center.

Allison was previously married to her ex-husband Craig Hodges. They were married in December 1995. The ex-couple headed an organization called Operation Unite: Save the Youth, dedicated to educating and motivating young people.

She also served as her ex-husband’s agent in the 1990s. “I know how hard he worked to stay in shape,” says Allison Jordan. “I remember one game for the Legends, he hit 27 three-pointers in a row. Twenty­seven. He was like a machine. You tell me how a team could pass on a shooter like that?”

Allison and Craig are divorced now but are still on the right term with each other. The exes appeared on Chicago Clubhouse Network where they discussed Craig’s career with the Bulls and his NBA journey.

Craig was previously married to Carlita Hodges. In December 1991, Craig and Carlita made headlines after Carlita reportedly doused him in gasoline and threw two matches at him to light him on fire. They shared three children Jibril, Jamaal, and Noah Hodges.

Allison Jordan Height

Allison Jordan’s height is under 5 feet 6 inches.

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  • Where Is Allison Jordan From?

Allison Jordan hailed from Chicago, Illinois.

  • When Is Allison Jordan Birthday?

Allison Jordan’s birthday is in January.

  • Is Allison Jordan On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Allison Jordan is on Instagram (@allisonjordan411) and Facebook (@allison.jordan.501).

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