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Allison Jordan Spouse: Rael Jackson Age, Job, Who Is He?

Allison Jordan the sister of Drew Sidora is married to Rael Jackson. Who is he? What job does he have? How old is he? Learn all the answers as this article proceeds and more.

Here is what we know about him and their relationship.

Meet Rael Jackson, Allison Jordan Spouse

Drew Sidora’s sister Allison Jordan is married to her current husband Rael Jackson. In fact, they have been married for 10 years. They reportedly tied the knot in January 2013.

Allison has gushed about her husband on her socials. In July 2016, Rael posted, “Rael Jackson…I just want to say thanks. Over the past few days, you have really and truly confirmed why I married you. You are the closest person to me and you know my life and journey and you’ve truly reminded me of my greatness and my purpose. You’ve stepped up and really are providing and looking out for me and Jordan… You are a great spouse. ..I am thankful that you are in my life. .. #spousechallenge #myhusbandrocks.”

On Rael’s birthday in 2019, Allison wished her husband, “Happy Birthday to my Royal One… Rael Jackson Day is all day #Togaparty #onourway.”
Rael also updated their relationship in January 2018. On their 5-year anniversary, Rael posted a series of pictures and captioned it, “Happy Anniversary.. 5 years in..”

Rael and Allison were together for 9 years before they exchanged vows.

Allison was previously married to her ex-husband Craig Hodges. They were married in December 1995. The ex-couple headed an organization called Operation Unite: Save the Youth, dedicated to educating and motivating young people.

She also served as her ex-husband’s agent in the 1990s. “I know how hard he worked to stay in shape,” says Allison Jordan. “I remember one game for the Legends, he hit 27 three-pointers in a row. Twenty­seven. He was like a machine. You tell me how a team could pass on a shooter like that?”

Allison and Craig are divorced now but are still on the right term with each other. The exes appeared on Chicago Clubhouse Network where they discussed Craig’s career with the Bulls and his NBA journey.

Do Allison Jordan And Rael Jackson Have Kids?

No, Allison Jordan and Rael Jackson don’t share any kids. Allison has one son named Jordan McKinley Yashua Hodges who turned 25 years old in January 2023.

Rael Jackson Age

Rael Jackson was born in September 1976. He is currently 46 years old.

Where Is Rael Jackson From?

Rael Jackson is a resident of Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is also his hometown. His mother is named Yvette J Moyo who is 69 years of age.

On his mom’s birthday, Rael shared, “Today is my mother’s birthday… Yvette J. Moyo has to be in the Black Woman Hall of Fame.. she’s always been about the people working with the original Black Book (the first directory of Black Business) and Dollars & Sense Magazine..”

He continued, “30 years ago she became an entrepreneur with her husband and they launched Real Men Cook, then MOBE where over $200 million in deals were done.. she worked with the launch of Black stamps including Malcolm X, Ernest Just, and more.. hosted White House Briefings about Black business under both Clinton and Bush…”

Before you knew who they were: Brandy, Usher, Avant, Will Packer, John Legend.. they were excited to meet her. In the last few years, she launched a magazine, South Shore Current, and bought an entertainment/community space in South Shore, The Quarry.. She’s never stolen or been given anything.. she’s the personification of PERSEVERANCE..,” Rael added.

Rael concluded, “She’s not famous, but she’s a legend among legends… HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”

Yvette attended South Shore High School and Eastern Illinois University. She is the CEO of The Quarry Event Center & Real Community Investment Group, Inc. She was also a publisher at South Side Drive Magazine: Guide to the Good Life Chicago.

Furthermore, Yvette is a co-founder of Real Men Charities, Inc. at Real Men Cook – Chicago, and worked as Co-Founder & Executive Director at Real Men Charities, Inc. and Real Men Cook for Charity.

Rael Jackson Job

Rael Jackson, according to his Facebook, is employed at Beasley Academic Center.

Based on his LinkedIn, Rael is serving as a brand strategist at Marketing Opportunities in Business & Entertainment (MOBE) Symposium since September 2020.

MOBE is a connection of Black Influentials across industries. In April, after canceling our annual conference due to Covid19, we launched MOBE Mondays which features some of the highest achievers influencers, and independent thinkers, including leaders from AARP, BET, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Nielsen, New York Life, the OWN Network, P&G, Revolt TV, and Sony.

He has also been working as the president of Real Men Cook since March 2013. Other companies he worked for are U.S. Census Bureau — Census Coverage Management and Brand Rally.

Rael graduated from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. He holds BS in

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  • When Is Rael Jackson Birthday?

Rael Jackson’s birthday is on 7 September.

  • Is Rael Jackson On Instagram And Facebook?

Rael Jackson is available on Facebook (@RaelIII) but not on Instagram.

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