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Alyson Sandro Bio, Age, Job, Barry Keoghan, Who Is She?

So, it is good news that we have for Barry Keoghan fans. The Irish actor and ambassador for Dior not just now have a new woman in his life, but he is also expecting a baby with her. Even before this baby news got everywhere, Barry already had been having a great year having recently played the iconic role of the Joker in the new Batman film.

Anyway, now is time we tell you all about his soon-to-be baby mama Alyson Sandro and their life together.

Alyson Sandro And Barry Keoghan Baby

Barry Keoghan announced through Instagram @keoghan92 on Mother’s Day 2022 that he and Alyson Sandro are expecting a child. Later, he also shared glimpses from their gender reveal party.

The Calm with Horses star shared a snap that shows Barry with his arms around Alyson as she is holding the confetti canon with a blue balloon, implying that they will have a boy. Maybe bashing at the gossipmongers, Barry then also boldly wrote “I don’t know why others have their opinions. WE ARE HAPPY HERE” on this Instagram story.

The couple is reported to have begun dating in February of 2021. They went red carpet/Instagram official only in late October later.

When Are Alyson Sandro And Barry Keoghan Getting Married?

Alyson Sandro and Barry Keoghan had not yet gotten married and it was unclear when they are planning to do it.

Early in February 2022, following the Valentine’s Day peeks that Barry let his fans on there were rumors of their engagement. Alongside a black-and-white image of him kissing Alyson under fairy lights, the Eternal actor had captioned, “M’lady yer beautiful ❤️☘️.” Then, followed another picture of them enjoying a romantic meal with champagne, with a bouquet of red roses on the table. All these for sure hinted at an engagement. However, they never really confirmed anything.

Barry’s romance with Alyson comes after his split from longtime girlfriend, Shona Guerin. Barry and the makeup artist and photographer dated and lived together for roughly three years between 2017 and 2020. They were living together in Los Angles when at one time Barry had told Lucy Kennedy of Living with Lucy, “I’d be lost without her. I’m telling you that. I wouldn’t be the man I am now without her.”

Alyson Sandro Age

Because Alyson Sandro was born before 1995, she likely turned 26 or more in 2021. This makes her maybe a couple of years younger/or a similar age as Barry who reached the age of 29 on 18 October 2021.

Alyson Sandro Job

So far, there are so many things that the media and the public do not know about Alyson Sandro. Among them are her career, her educational background, and such as not even her LinkedIn could be accessed. Still, one could smell that she more than likely worked in showbiz.

What Is Alyson Sandro’s Nationality?

Unlike Barry who grew up in Summerhill, Dublin in Ireland, Alyson Sandro is an American.

Barry, so you know, spent seven years in foster care, in 13 different foster homes, alongside his brother Eric. Then, from the age of 13, he was raised by a grandmother. “Heroin came into Dublin, and it caught every family. My mother was one of the unlucky ones. She got caught on it, then she passed away…”, he gave away the public a part of his story some time ago. Then, speaking of the grandmother who raised her he also shared, “She’s a tough one… I’ll come home off a film set where I’m getting pampered, and I’ll get a slap in the head if I don’t make my bed. That’s what I love about her.”

He started his acting career in 2011, answering an advertisement for Between the Canals for the role of ‘Aido’. Only then did he go to The Factory, a local Dublin school. Now, other than acting, he is an amateur boxer, representing the Celtic Core.

Is Alyson Sandro On Instagram?

Alyson Sandro did not appear to be on Instagram or any other platforms as of the time of this writing. For some reason, her Instagram @officialalyalysandro was no longer functioning. So, until she has her maybe-disabled accounts running again, find her occasionally featured on her partner’s social media accounts.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Alyson Sandro’s Birthday?

It is in April that Alyson Sandro celebrates her birthday. In 2021, on this day, her famous beau decided to pull some strings and asked Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to wish her a happy birthday. Alyson was just the rumored new girlfriend at that point. Anyway, in a video, Dwayne had sang a tribute to her. “I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Our boy Barry left me the most beautiful text and I won’t tell you everything he said in it, but he did say this and I quote, verbatim, “She is very special to me” “, he said on IG.

  • How Tall Is Alyson Sandro?

Beautiful blonde Alyson Sandro stands below 5’5” tall.

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