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Randy Hubler Bio, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Hoffman Family Gold

Meet Randy Hubler who is the cast of the new show Hoffman Family Gold. Here, we discuss his age, net worth, wife, and his family members.

Keep reading to learn more about him.

Randy Hubler On Hoffman Family Gold

“Gold Rush” alum Todd Hoffman has returned with his new show “Hoffman Family Gold”. on Time, TV channel. The show premiered on 25 March 2022 on the Discovery channel. Todd had left “Gold Rush” in 2018 but the show continued on Discovery. The new show was set to premiere after the finale of “Gold Rush”.

Viewers get to see Todd’s father Jack and his son Hunter on the show. But the additional cast we meet on the show is Jim Thurber, foreman Andy Spinks, and mechanic Randy Hubler.

According to the show’s description, “Todd has excavated mine after mine for a chance to strike it rich in gold. After hanging up his gold pan more than four years ago, Todd is banking his future mining career on turning around a rundown mine far off the grid 80 miles north of Nome, Alaska.”

But, Alaska’s harsh environment, crew with very little experience, and beat-up equipment all add to the challenges and the mine is struggling to keep the operations going. Saving mine is a must for him but it is truly a challenge. However, if he remains successful, he will secure the mining rights for the next decade and could build a family legacy.

“But Todd arrives on-site with just seven weeks before winter rolls in. Will Todd, Jack, and Hunter Hoffman along with their crew be able to find enough gold to get this mine in the black? Or will this be the last mining chapter for the Hoffmans?”

Randy was a fan of “Gold Rush”. And as a mechanic, some of the crews’ methods drove him crazy to the point that he would scream at the TV.  “Many of the episodes, I have sat on the edge of my couch yelling at the TV, ‘You’re doing that wrong,” Hubler said. “They never did it my way.”

He joined “Gold Rush” in season 6 after beating 700 applicants. It was Todd who broke the news to give him a call when he got the chance. Todd saw that despite all the nervousness he wanted to do it.

The no. 1 hit show has 170 million viewers across the world in over 200 countries and 120 languages.

How Much Is Randy Hubler Net Worth?

Randy Hubler has a net worth of around $600 thousand.

He and his wife are also the owners of Humbers Mining & Heavy Equipment Repair. The company was filed in January 2021.

Hubler worked four years in the Navy and spent nearly 32 years working as a mechanic.

Randy Hubler Age

As of this writing in March 2022, Randy Hubler is 55 years old.

Randy Hubler Wife

Randy Hubler is married to his wife Katie Kroenlein. Finding Katie might’ve been more serendipitous than getting the show for Randy. He and his wife grew up together in Sumner. They used to walk up and over a mountain range of 1.5 miles to see each other. They didn’t have a romantic relationship throughout high school.

After graduating in 1986, they moved apart from each other. Randy went to the Navy and Katie got married and eventually divorced.

In 2011, Randy decided that he wanted to build a house for his grandfather in Sumner. He went from Portland to Coos Bay for 18 weekends. And one weekend, he saw Katie on Facebook. He left her a message he waited for the response but never came even after an hour so he left for work.

A week later, Randy got the response and he gave his number. They met for coffee and on the way home from their 25th high school reunion Randy proposed to Katie. She has ” been in the passenger seat ever since.”

Based on the Facebook post, they celebrated their wedding anniversary in 31 days.

Katie was supportive of her husband’s dream when she heard Randy secured his spot in Gold Rush. She shared, “It’s really fun because it’s like his dream job. It’s just something he’s always wanted to do, so there’s just no way I could say he couldn’t do it.”

According to LinkedIn, Katie currently works as Wildfire Recovery Diversity Coordinator for the Oregon Department of Transportation starting from October 2002. You can find her at (@katiekroenlein).

Is Randy Hubler On Instagram?

No, Randy Hubler is not on Instagram. But, he has a Facebook account (@randy.hubler.3).

Randy Hubler Height

Going by height, Randy Hubler stands tall above the height of 6 feet 1 inch.

Randy Hubler Parents

Randy Hubler hasn’t shared any details about his parents. But, he was born to his mother Marti Gatewood Heinert. Marti hailed from Grants Pass, Oregon, and is living in Payson, Arizona. She worked at General Dynamics Mission Systems. Furthermore, she married her husband Dave Heinert on 28 February 2003, maybe after her relationship ended with Randy’s father.

Randy has a brother named Bill Hubler. Originally from Coos Bay, Oregon he lives in Seaside, Oregon, and is a graduate of Marshfield High School. He is married to Carol Hubler and celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary in March 2022.

Carol hailed from Mesa, Arizona, and currently living in Seaside, Oregon. She graduated from Trinity High School and studied medical assistant at Apollo College. She worked as a care partner at Caring for the Coast.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Randy Hubler’s Birthday?

What’s more, Randy Hubler celebrates his birthday on 16 January.

  • Where Is Randy Hubler From?

Randy Hubler is originally from Coos Bay, Oregon. He currently lives in Oregon.

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