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Amanda Pace Net Worth, Grandfather, Joe Millionaire

The reality dating show “Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer” gave a shock to the viewers when one female contestant turned out to be a multi-millionaire herself. Amanda Pace, who is linked with Kurt, is supposedly inheriting tens of millions of dollars that her grandfather left behind. The revelation came after her mom Debbie and her sister Jenna appeared on the show.

So, who is her grandfather one may wonder without a doubt? Does she have a net worth of over $100 million? Keep on reading to know more about it.

Is Joe Millionaire’s Amanda Pace Net Worth More Than $10 Million?

In the preview of the upcoming episode, Amanda Pace’s mother gave the shock to the two male contestants revealing how would they feel if Amanda had more than 10 million dollars in net worth. Steven, who is the “richer” on the show, will have lesser net worth than Amanda if it was true.

It was proposed as an idea for the boys to think about. But, in reality, Amanda’s family is wealthy but they don’t flaunt their wealth.

Amanda had joined 2022 to strictly look for love as she had claimed she’s “not emphasizing the money”. She connected with Kurt Sowers and formed a connection throughout the series and on episode 7 viewers met Amanda’s mom and her sister. She had shared, In reality, I’m wealthy and Kurt has no idea”.

Amanda’s mother Debbie spoke, “I don’t know who has the $10m here but how would you feel about my daughter having more than $10m?”

Debbie is also a notable personality. She is the creator of the video game The Guardian Of Peace. She attended Oceanside High School in New York and also worked at United Parcel Service. Debbie currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

Fans didn’t see that coming their way. They immediately took to Twitter and one wrote on Twitter, “Not Amanda being a joe millionaire as well.” Another viewer added, “Wait so Amanda is wealthy. This is gonna change the whole game.”

Who Was Joe Millionaire’s Amanda Pace Grandfather?

Since Amanda’s mother Debbie (@debbie.artt) broke the news of Amanda’s multi-million inheritance from her grandfather, we assume that it was her maternal grandfather who left behind the trust fund.

So, Amanda Pace’s grandfather was late UPS Manager William E Petry, father of her mother Debbie Petry. Her grandfather met her grandmother Faith Petry when they were only 3 years old. They lived in the same street in Harlem, New York, and played together as children.

William and Faith went on their first date as a teenager and returned home from World War II and asked to marry his sweetheart. They celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary in February 2014. However, he died on 25 February 2014. Born on 30 May 1925, he was 88 years old.

So, how did he build his multi-million dollar wealth you may ask?

William had a rough start in life because his father died when he was in preschool. He was 10 years old when he took a job shining shoes, giving his single mother 90 cents for every dollar he earned so she would have enough money to raise him and his brother. When he turned 17, he enlisted in the Navy and was sent to Europe during World War II.

A year after returning to New York City from the war, William met Jim Casey, founder of UPS delivery service. William’s warm nature and bright personality attracted Jim so he asked William to come work for him. He was responsible for helping open new hubs around the country as the company was growing at the time.

Debbie shared about her father, “He would travel everywhere — to Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia. And if there ever was a problem, he would fly out there to try to resolve it. He was very good at calming the waters, and employees loved him.”

William retired at the age of 55 so he build a sizable fortune from his work in UPS. So, it is likely William created a trust fund for her granddaughters.

According to his obituary, where one family friend wrote, “Bill Petry was one of the finest men I have ever had the pleasure to call a true friend. Along with his wife, Faith, they made what I like to call “The Dynamic Duo”! They never shirked from caring for others and led the true Christian life together. Bill had the old fashioned values and not only “talked the talk” he “walked the walk”.”

What Does Joe Millionaire’s Amanda Pace Do For A Living?

Amanda, whether wealthy or not, is working her way up while trying to build something of her own. She is the co-owner of “Almost Nake* Swimwear”. She started the business with Kylie Williams who she met at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. They combined their passion for designing and ended up launching a brand.

The business started in the attic of Kylie’s house sewing randomly designed swimsuits that took hours on end.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a fashion designer in New York is $67,949. But, since she is the owner of her brand her income is more than that.

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