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Amanda Pace Parents: Debbie Petry (Mom), Bruce Pace (Dad)

In the latest preview of “Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer,” viewers of the show met Amanda Pace’s mother and sister. So, it is natural to be more interested in her family, her parents in particular.

This article covers information on Joe Millionaire contestant Amanda’s father and her mother. Scroll down this article to acquire more information on them.

Who Are Amanda Pace Parents?

Amanda Pace was born to her father Bruce Pace and her mother Debbie Petry.

Meet Debbie Petry, Amanda Pace Mom

In the recent preview of the reality show, we were introduced to Amanda Pace’s mother Debbie Petry. We’ve already discussed Debbie’s parents William Petry and Faith Petry in another article here. Debra is one of the three children born to her parents. Her two siblings are; Patricia Petry and William Petry Jr. When Debbie spoke with Winter Park Magazine she called her parents “the golden ticket when it comes to parents.”

Debbie lost her father in 2014 and her mother died in 2019.

In the preview, Debbie grabbed everyone’s attention when she shared what if her daughter Amanda was the one with over $10 million in net worth. Since she proudly broke the news about Amanda’s multi-million dollar inheritance, we believe it was her father who had left the fortune for their grandchildren.

  • Debbie Petry Age

As of 2022, Debbie Petry is 63 years old.

  • Debbie Petry Job

Debbie Petry’s LinkedIn reveals that she is the CEO of a video game named The Guardians Of Peace. She created the game after reflecting on the dark forces that confront children in their daily lives. She realized that the global platform of a video game would be the best way to reach them and teach them about love and kindness.

Until one evening in 2019, over Mexican food and sangria at a local restaurant, Debbie described the concept to her friend Holly Camorata, a real estate salesperson and a former public-school teacher. Holly’s contact with the gaming industry gave birth to the idea and launched the game.

Debbie also works with her daughters Jenna (meditation teacher) and Amanda (product design). Her ultimate goal with the business is to open up healing centers where children can go to learn Qigong (Meditation). She also wants to create a place where adults can also go to learn Qigong and go back and be teachers in their home locations.

The video game was more than a business for her. She also started creating clothing, sneakers, and jewelry.

Debbie has been featured in several magazines such as Biz Journals, Winter Park Magazine, and a few others.

  • Is Debbie Petry On Instagram?

Debbie Petry has deleted her original account (@debbiepetry_) her second account is (@dartt0701). She is also on Twitter (@debraartt), and Facebook (@debbie.artt).

Meet Bruce Pace, Amanda Pace Dad

Although we met Amanda Pace’s mother, it could be an exception, and we may never get to see her father on the show. Nevertheless, we’ve got you covered. Her father is Bruce Pace resident of Saint Augustine, Florida.

  • Bruce Pace Age

Reportedly born on 13 January 1961, Bruce Pace turned 61 years old in 2022.

  • Bruce Pace Job

Bruce Pace is currently working at US Foods as Business Development Manager since June 2019. He also worked for Harmony Home Concierge as General Manager in 2019. Before that, he worked for Atlas Glen-mor as General Manager.

  • Is Bruce Pace On Instagram?

Bruce Pace is not on Instagram. But, he has a Facebook account (@bruce.pace.9).

Related FAQs

  • Are Amanda Pace Parents Still Together?

No, Amanda Pace’s parents are divorced.

  • When Did Amanda Pace Parents Split?

Bruce Pace and Debbie Petry separated a while back.

Amanda’s dad, Bruce is currently married to Rhonda Johnson Pace.

Whereas, Amanda’s mom Debbie is married to her husband Harry Artt. Harry hailed from Trenton, Michigan but currently lives in Jacó, Costa Rica. His Facebook shared that he is separated so Debbie and her husband have also parted ways. But, they shared a daughter named Sydney Artt (@sydney.artt).

Sydney works in Recruitment at Blend.

  • How Many Kids Do Amanda Pace Parents Have?

Amanda Pace Parents have two kids. She has a sister named Jenna Zell (@jenna.zell) who is a Qigong Practitioner and Meditation facilitator and is married to her husband Nick Zell (@zelly069). Her sister and her husband currently live in Boston, Massachusetts with their baby.

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