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Amazing Race 34: Who Is Luis Colon? His Age, Job, Height

Amazing Race 34 kicked off on CBS on 21 September 2022 with 12 couples in Munich, Germany, making history that over the past 33 seasons this is the first time the show has started outside the United States. Among the contestants is the couple Luis Colon and Michelle Burgos, looking to start the next chapter of their married life by dancing their way across the globe with The Amazing Race.

Luis Colon On Amazing Race 34

Luis Colon could finally talk about going to Amazing Race in August 2022. Before this, they had been holding it a secret for a few months. Some of their followers already had noticed their absence on social media, but no one knew that they were busy racing around the world.

So far in The Amazing Race 34, we saw Episode 1 titled “Many Firsts But Don’t Be Last” eliminate Aastha Lal and Nina Duong only, a newly engaged couple from Marina Del Ray, California. So, Luis Colon and his wife stayed behind to compete for the $1 million grand prize with the others.

On the season’s premiere, the teams were challenged with tasks such as rolling a keg of beer through a series of obstacles, sawing through a log in order to get a clue, and smashing through a huge block of ice with a chisel. The last team to complete their tasks and meet Phil at Munich’s Friedensengal monument was the first team to go home.

Their goal is to “enjoy” the experience rather than “attacking” it, but how far will that get them in the competition?

Michelle Burgos And Luis Colon’s Relationship

Luis Colon believes that his wife is amazing and among other things, he finds himself lucky also because his wife knows how to take pics and edit them.

They got married on January 3rd, 2016 in what they now call an “amazing wedding”. They exchanged later about how it went by. It had started raining 5 min before the ceremony was supposed to start and it was an outside venue. But even that did not get them down at all. Instead, they were thankful to have all their friends and family in one place together. Also, it helped when the weather cleared about 45 min after.

Before this, the couple had gotten engaged as much flawlessly in Viscaya Miami.

As for when it all started, they met each other 13 years ago in 2009. Known among their friends and family as “the crazy couple” they found love between wanting to have a good time, enjoy dancing, and traveling together.

Is Luis Colon On Instagram?

Luis Colon could be found on Instagram @mrluiscolon with 531 posts and 2,217 followers as of 25 September 2022.

He also seemed actively shared glimpses from his life on Facebook.

Luis Colon Age

Born in 1988, Luis Colon turned 34 years old in 2022.

Luis Colon Job

Luis is a firefighter by profession. He passed the academy in 2016 and thus thereafter joined the Palm Beach County Fire. In 2019, he was still at the station in their 45 C-shift crew.

According to the government website for OPEN GOV PAY, Luis, with the full name Fernando Luis Colon Jr, made $65,913, in 2018, by working as a firefighter at this station

As for his wife, Michelle is a professional dancer, who formerly danced for rapper Pitbull. On IG @michelleburgoscolon, she also mentioned being an assistant choreographer and experienced dance teacher.

She turned 34 on 13 January 2022 and before that she got her B.A. in Radio, Television, and Digital Communication at Barry UniversityBarry University from 2009 through 2011.

Who Are Luis Colon’s Parents?

Luis Colon’s mother is Gladys Colon, aka Gladys Sanchez. She could be found on IG @gladyssanchez0407 and on her Facebook she mentioned coming from Medellín, Antioquia which is a city in Columbia.

About his dad, we did not know much. But, Luis did talk about his family farm at a great length. It is Valle De Cocora, Salento Colombia where Luis has been since the age of 4. He also informed the internet that it has turned into a tourist destination within the last 6 years. He is so proud, he said, of all the development his family has done to facilitate travelers to experience this magical place. Not to mention, we also came to know that the director of the Disney film El Encanto also found his inspiration for the setting of the film after traveling to Valle de Cocora.

As for siblings, Luis has a brother named Sebastian Bohorquez. On IG @_sebastianbohorquez, he likely followed their father in law school. Luis was happy for him when he completed his Law degree while working full-time and being a full-time dad back in 2018. Plus, there is a sister called Jackie Galeano. She also is a proud mom, studied at Florida International University, and went to Miami Sunset High School. She was located in Orlando, Florida as of 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Luis Colon From?

Luis Colon was not only based in Miami, Florida now. He was also born and bred here. His wife Michelle was also raised in some part of Florida.

Speaking of Luis’s ethnicity, it is Colombian (Puerto Rican).

  • When Is Luis Colon’s Birthday?

Luis Colon’s birthday is on May 7th and that makes him a Taurus.

  • How Tall Is Luis Colon?

Luis Colon stands above 5’11” in height.

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