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Amber Eggers Bio, Age, Nationality, Job, Love After Lockup

It’s been a while since Amber Eggers was introduced to the world as a cast member on WE TV’s Love After Lockup. Ever since she has been able to keep viewers intrigued by her story.

In this writing called ‘Amber Eggers Bio’ let us look at who she really is, while also exploring her age, nationality, job, and Love After Lockup journey.

Love After Lockup: Are Amber Eggers And Sammy Still Together?

Back in October 2021, Lockup and Life After Lockup star Amber Eggers had publicly left her “bunkie bae” Puppy for another ex-con, her ex-boyfriend Sammy.

So, are Amber and Sammy still together fast forward to 2023?

Viewers were introduced to Sammy freshly out of prison. Nonetheless, Amber did not keep it a secret that her ex-boyfriend-turned-boyfriend-again Sammy had been arrested numerous times, and she mentioned drug charges precisely. However, Sammy’s most time behind bars was not due to drug charges, instead, he had very concerning convictions, including family violence battery and cruelty to children.

In the beginning days of Love After Lockup, Amber thought she was in love with Vince. She was in prison and he had been writing to her. But, at the time, Amber was also starting to have feelings for a fellow inmate called Puppy. Eventually, even this relationship fizzled out. But, they maintained a deep connection anyway, that not everyone who dated them later understood. In the last season of Life After Lockup, both Amber and Poppy had started dating different men. But, when the season concluded even Amber concluded her relationship with “controlling” Sammy. They have never rekindled ever since.

Amber and Sammy were together for four years and had a bad breakup. They had spent 10 years not talking before getting back in touch. So, when Amber reconnected with him again she had told her mom Sammy is everything she needed at the time.

Fans also have been aware of Amber’s struggle to stay sober. In September 2020, she shared a post on Instagram in honor of her completing the 5-year sober mark.

TC And Amber Eggers Relationship Details

As of March 2023, Amber Eggers instead seemed to be in a relationship with this man called Terry Martin or TC Martin or simply TC. According to Facebook, this man has been a superintendent at D.R. Horton Atlanta since 9 June 2018.

TC and Amber were first seen together on a tagged post from back in September 2021. Then, when someone called Tamela Busbee again shared a picture of them together, they looked pretty close. Again in December 2022, Tamela showed a glimpse of them celebrating Christmas together. “Christmas with Tc Martin and Amber Eggers was great we love yall”, she wrote in the post.

TC was dating someone else, a lady with the name Elisha Callihan, until back in February 2019.

As for Amber, when she started filming Love After Lockup, she was married to Tony. They had gotten married on 11 April 2013. They seemingly broke up at some point before Amber was arrested with her mom for selling meth out of a Country Inn and Suites in Conyers, Georgia in September 2015.

Amber received a 30-year sentence for trafficking meth. But, according to prison records, she was released “very” early on May 28 of 2019.

Amber Eggers Baby

During early 2022, Amber Eggers and TC were “beyond thrilled” to discover that they were expecting. But, later in October of that year, Amber revealed that afterward when she began to seek medical care, she was told that her existing health conditions were going to make carrying a baby a full term impossible and the pregnancy was most likely going to be fatal for her. A small part of what she went through at the time was also captured for the Lockup show, Amber shared.

Anyway, Amber aborted the baby and was in grieving at the time she wrote all this on a social media post in October.

Amber Eggers Age

Born in 1985, Amber Eggers turned 37 years old in 2022.

What Is Amber Eggers’s Nationality?

Amber Eggers is mostly likely n American as she has been in her life lived in different parts of Georgia. At the time of this writing too, she was based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Amber was born to Rodney and Melinda of Indiana. And her paternal grandmother Donna Eggers who passed away in October 2011 was a native of  Middleville, Michigan.

On her social media, Amber has now and then introduced her family, her paternal dad, her own dad, and others to her people.

Amber Eggers Job

Amber Eggers mentioned on Facebook about working as a manager at Sidelines Grille – Canton since 18 February 2019.

While on her LinkedIn, she also introduced herself as a law practice professional.

How Much Is Amber Eggers’s Net Worth?

Amber Eggers’s reportedly had below $300 thousand net worth as of March 2023.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Amber Eggers’s Birthday?

Amber Eggers’s birthday is on July 28th and that makes him a Leo.

  • Is Amber Eggers On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Amber Eggers could be found on Instagram and Facebook as of 12 March 2023. His IG @amber.loveafterlockup included 689 posts and 73.8K followers. And she also showed occasional glimpses of her life on her ‘Amber Eggers (Love After Lockup)’ Facebook.

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