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Puppy Love After Lockup Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Real Name

Puppy from Love After Lockup panicked after being caught following her fiancee in hopes to catch him cheating. As expected, Eric wasn’t too happy about it. So, now the plan was to reveal to him that Puppy’s pregnant with his baby as he forgets things and moves on.

This Puppy Love After Lockup Bio explores more of the star’s life.

Are Puppy Love After Lockup And Eric Still Together?

For the moment (as per March 2023 eps), Love After Lockup stars, Puppy and Eric are together. But this could change anytime as Puppy fears that Eric is going to end their relationship which began in June 2021. Of course, there can’t be a greater sign of distrust than being followed by own’s fiancee. But Eric might as well forget things as Puppy’s pregnant with his baby.

Puppy first realized that she was pregnant back in an August 2022 ep of the show. “This is not good. I do not want to be pregnant,” there were the first words she spoke before being on the verge of a panic attack as she fans air on her face with her hands.

Her girl pal Amber laughed out loud at the time as she asked Puppy to tell her baby daddy. But Puppy knew Eric won’t be too happy about it. Also, she didn’t think he was the right guy to bear her baby

Puppy’s friend Amber was also the one who encouraged her to follow her fiance when he left the house. She was even in the truck with her, tailing him, before they got stuck in road construction and got caught by Eric.

Furthermore, Puppy and Amber were prison lovers who continued their friendship while dating other people. But while Amber broke up with Sammy, Puppy continued dating Eric despite a potential violation of her probation by spending most of her time at Eric’s home.

So, this meant that she was looking at a new potential jail time. And for this reason, she wanted to marry Eric as soon as he proposed.

Unfortunately, Eric was still married to his wife Heather at the time. Their divorce was delayed because Heather was unable to locate Eric to serve him the papers.

Puppy Love After Lockup Baby

Puppy outted she was pregnant with Eric’s baby in an August 2022 ep of the show. But she only revealed it to him in a panic after being discovered following him. Thereafter, there has been no update on the baby until the time of writing this article.

For those who don’t know, Puppy already has another baby from her previous relationship named “Billie.” Her little one has been featured on her IG a couple of times.

Puppy Love After Lockup Age

Puppy Love After Lockup was 37 years of age in 2023.

She is 8 years older than Eric.

What Is Puppy Love After Lockup Ethnicity?

Puppy flaunts mixed ethnicity.

Puppy Love After Lockup Family

Love After Lockup’s Puppy, whose real name is Michell Deaton, has a caring family.

Her mother, Kathy was even a part of the show ever since Puppy debuted in Love After Lockup. She was also there to take Puppy in while she was working to get her life together. While Puppy was rushing to get married to Eric,  she even said that it wasn’t like her daughter to do something “wild and crazy” like getting married so fast.

You might know all this if you’re a fan of Love After Lockup. But what you might not know is that Puppy’s mother might have been an accomplice in her daughter’s criminal mischief. As per arrest records from Douglasville, GA, Kathy, was booked on March 9, 2021, and charged with “Purchase, Possession, Manufacture, Distribute Marijuana less than one ounce.”

Puppy Love After Lockup Job

Since Puppy was just fresh out of prison, she was having a hard time finding a job. The last we checked, she was working for an old prison buddy named Queen cleaning rental properties.

Another reason why she didn’t have a proper job was because of Eric who didn’t want her to work. He promised to take care of her and they seemed to be doing well financially as well.

For now, Puppy’s only source of income is from her time as a reality star.

As for her education, she attended Robert S Alexander High School.

Was Puppy Love After Lockup On Drugs?

Puppy has a criminal history with drugs. So, we can’t confirm she was never on drugs. But as per Eric, they aren’t on drugs now.

To list Puppy’s arrest records, she has been charged with “Possession with Intention to Distribute Meth” on June 29, 2016, and sentenced to 20 years; charged with “Theft by Receiving Stolen Property” on February 18, 2014, and sentenced to 10 years; charged with “Miscellaneous Misdemeanor” on February 18, 2014, and sentenced to 1 year; charged with “Sale of Meth” on January 17, 2014, and sentenced to 10 years, and many more.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Puppy Love After Lockup Birthday?

Puppy receives her birthday wishes on July 15.

  • Where Is Puppy Love After Lockup From?

Puppy hails from Douglasville, GA.

  • Is Puppy Love After Lockup On Instagram And Facebook?

Find her on Instagram @puppy.michell.loveafterlockup.

Also, here are her Facebook accounts @michell.deaton.39 and @michell.deaton.9.

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