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Amelia Alcock Parents: Emma Alcock (Mother) And Father

Since the premiere of House Of The Dragon, the name of actress Amelia Alcock has been on tip of everyone’s tongue. Rhaenyra, the disobedient crown princess and dragonrider, is the character at the center of House of the Dragon.

Despite the fact that she is supposed to raise heirs rather than be one herself, Rhaenyra is also a developing tactician with aspirations to the throne. A Targaryen civil war begins when her father defies centuries of custom and designates her as the successor, setting up a struggle for the throne.

Besides the actress’s thriving career, her fans are also interested to learn more about her family members. This article covers details regarding her parents and her siblings.

Who Are House of the Dragon Actress Amelia Alcock Parents?

House of the Dragon Actress Amelia was born on 11 April 2000. Her parents raised her in Sydney, Australia alongside her two brothers. Her family has no background in the entertainment business. She however labeled her parents as sporty rather than creative. “I think I got my interest in acting because everybody was uninterested in acting,” Alcock told Vogue. “I grew up in a predominantly rugby union household; it doesn’t make any sense.”

Young-struck by the acting bug, Amelia made her theatrical debut at the age of six in a presentation of Little Red Rocking Hood at her neighborhood church theater. She wore a denim skirt and cowboy boots.

The actress made her debut in 2014 when she landed a small part in a romantic comedy titled Wonderland. She went on to land parts in various projects like High Life and Janet King, She also hosted her own program The BF Chefs which aired on the Disney Channel and was filmed in her native Sydney.

She attended Sydney’s Newtown High School of the Performing Arts. Later, she made the decision to quit pursuing her education to go on and pursue her acting career.

“School’s never been for me,” Amelia told The Sydney Morning Herald. “I’ve never been somebody who’s thrived in the school environment. There’s the stigmatization of people who drop out of high school. But I couldn’t turn down Upright for a piece of paper. That just seemed ridiculous to me and infuriating.”

She won the 2018 Casting Guild of Australia Rising Star Award for her depiction of misfit Meg in the eight-part series, so the risk paid off.

Amelia is currently living in London. But, not long before she was residing in the attic of her mum’s house in Australia.

Meet Amelia Alcock Mother, Emma Alcock

Emma Alcock is the mother of Amelia Alcock. She is currently working as a Commercial Operations Director at PagerDuty since 2019. Emma had previously worked for PayPal as Sales Operations Manager from 2014 to 2019. From 2009 to 2014, she also served as the Equities Research Associate at Credit Suisse.

Emma graduated from the University of Sydney with a degree in Finance and Economics with first-class honors. Some of the family members of Emma are Anne Pilcher Gough and Margaret Singer who she has stated as her aunts.

What Do We Know About Amelia Alcock Father?

As of this writing, there is no information regarding Amelia Alcock’s father is currently available. The father doesn’t seem to be in the family picture figuratively and literally while Amelia has Emma, his ex-wife has posted pictures of herself with the kids.

Related FAQs

  • When Did Amelia Alcock Parents Separate?

Amelia Alcock’s parents separated sometimes after March 2020. Because during her Vogue interview, she revealed that she was still living with her parents. Amelia’s mother Emma has revealed that she is currently divorced on her Facebook.

  • How Many Kids Did Amelia Alcock Parents Have?

Amelia Alcock’s parents have three children which means the actress has two brothers. They are named Bertie Alcock and Eddy Alcock.

Bertie is a rugby player. In October 2021, West Harbour Rugby Club shared that they have signed Bertie in West Harbour Pirates.

Bertie is a Wests Junior who has been playing in the 1st XV Rugby team at Trinity. Bertie has played State Championships for West Harbour JRC and was a standout. He was also picked in the U16 Gen Blue Squad. We are looking forward to seeing him grow in the Colts program.

He wishes to be a pro player.

Another brother Eddy is currently based in Sydney, Australia. Eddy attended Stanmore Public School. He graduated from Trinity Grammar School in 2008. He is currently attending the University of Technology Sydney.

Eddy is studying Environmental Science and is expected to graduate in 2023. He is also currently working as a data analyst at KG2.

  • Where Are Amelia Alcock Parents From?

Amelia Alcock’s parents were living in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The three children also have an uncle named Ben Alcock and a grandmother named Carol Alcock.

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