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Does Milly Alcock Have A Boyfriend? Her Dating Status

Milly Alcock quit school to pursue her dream career and within years the decision turned out to be the best decision of her life as she got to star in the highly awaited prequel series of Game of Thrones.

So, Milly plays princess Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon. She was a year 12 pupil at Sydney’s Newtown High School of the Performing Arts when she was cast to play runaway teen Meg in the Australian drama Upright. Because of the uptight filming schedule, she made the decision to quit education. The gamble sure has paid off looking back.

Having said that look at her dating status and more in detail in the rest of this writing.

Milly Alcock On HBO’s House Of The Dragon

Milly Alcock’s character, princess Rhaenyra Targaryen is the heart of the House of the Dragon. She is the rebellious crown princess and dragon rider. Despite being expected to raise heirs someday she is at present a growing tactician who has her own ambition for the throne. And so when her father, King Viserys I (actor Paddy Considine) breaks centuries of tradition and names her as heir, the House of the Dragon actually starts with a clash for the crown that sets off a Targaryen civil war.

The series opens with Rhaenyra’s father ascending to the throne over his older female cousin Rhaenys (Eve Best), who has a stronger claim. But, years later, when the king passes over his brother and names his teenage daughter (Rhaenyra) as his heir there is tension around. And soon enough the future queen also learns that her former closest allies have turned into her biggest rivals.

The older princess Rhaenyra is played by British actress Emma D’Arcy who identifies with the pronouns ‘they/them’.

Does Milly Alcock Have A Boyfriend?

Despite being so popular already, Milly Alcock keeps her private life to herself. She even described herself as extremely underwhelming on her Instagram. So, it is also understandable that she did not post much about her personal life here.

Still, however, some sources report that the up-and-coming actor could be dating someone but is not ready to share her relationship with the public. Some of these insist that Milly has several photos of potential suitors on her timeline. They must be referring to an instance from November 2019 when she posted a snap of her and Luca Ward and captioned the photo, “Boy Asleep”. Or, from the following month when she shared a photo of her smoking a cigarette next to someone named Ari Kwasner-Catsi.

But, in that way, Milly has shared moments with several other friends as well. So, her relationships with Ari and Luca could also be of a platonic kind.

Milly Alcock’s Net Worth

Milly Alcock reportedly had more than $1.5 million net worth as of 2022.

Just a few weeks before getting to audition for the part in House of the Dragon, she was washing dishes to make ends meet. So, she found out she got the role while she was washing dishes at a restaurant in Sydney. She then quickly moved to England where the series was filmed.

Milly is also kenned for the roles in Janet King (2017) and A Place to Call Home, Fighting Season and Pine Gap (2018), Les Norton (2019), The Gloaming and Reckoning (2020). She received the Casting Guild of Australia’s Rising Star Award in 2018. She won this for her portrayal of Meg in Upright.

While acting is her number one passion, Milly has also developed a flair for photography in between.

Milly Alcock Height

Milly Alcock stands around 5 feet and 2 inches (1.575 meters) tall in height.

What Do We Know About Milly Alcock Family?

Milly’s mother, Emma Alcock, according to LinkedIn, is an experienced sales operations manager who has excelled working in dynamic companies within the e-commerce and finance industries. Since September 2019, she had been working as a commercial operations director at PagerDuty in Sydney. And she and Milly’s dad are no longer together. They have been divorced.

Info about Milly’s father was not available as of the time of this writing.

Milly also has two brothers, Eddy Alcock and Bertie Alcock and they both went to Trinity Grammar School of New South Wales.

Also, Milly mentioned to Vogue that her family is sporty and has no entertainment background. She said laughing that she likely got her interest in acting because everybody in her family was uninterested in acting. Then, she added that she grew up in a predominantly rugby union household.

How Old Is Milly Alcock?

Alcock was born on April 11, 2000—making her 22 years old at the time of the House of the Dragon premiere.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Milly Alcock’s Ethnicity?

Milly Alcock is of White Australian ethnicity. Though she currently resides in London (as of 2022), was not long before she was living in the attic of her mum’s house in Australia. In-between acting roles, she had taken a job in a restaurant to earn extra money. And it was during that time she had sent off two self-tapes for an “unknown HBO project”.

  • Is Milly Alcock On TikTok And Twitter?

Milly Alcock could be found on Instagram @millyalcock where there were 68 posts and 216K followers as of 28 August 2022.

Other than that she also seemed active on Facebook but was not likely on Twitter and TikTok.

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