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Ana Arantes Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Matt, 90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance Love In Paradise premiered on 17 April 2023 and one of the cast members we meet is Ana Arantes who got engaged to Matt from Texas, United States. Are they still together? What is her job? Has she shared her last name?

TLC revealed the cast in advance of the film’s debut. In Love in Paradise, couples who meet and fall in love in a beautiful location must decide whether their relationship can last in the real world. One returning couple and five new couples make up the 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise Season 3 cast as they quarrel, fall in love, and deal with the high stakes of their island romances.

The new episodes of TLC’s drama series premiere on Monday, April 17 at 8/7c, and promise tremendous drama set in a tropical paradise. Everton and Jordan, VaLentine and Carlos, Juan and Jessica, April and Valentine, Scott and Lidia are the last five couples. (Phentermine)

We answer all the questions below so keep scrolling down to learn more about Ana from 90 Day Fiance Love In Paradise.

90 Day Fiance Ana Arantes And Matt Still Together?

As for 90 Day Fiance Ana and Matt’s current relationship status, we cannot say for sure if they are still in a relationship. However, they still follow each other on Instagram which is a piece of good news for their relationship.

When Matthew traveled to Colombia and connected with Ana through a dating app, their brief affair got started. Ten days after they first met in person, Ana was asked to marry Matthew, and he accepted. The couple’s quick engagement helped to create the atmosphere for a compelling season of “90 Day Fiance.” The couple’s cultural and personality differences grew more obvious as they started to spend more time together.

Religion was a major source of contention because Ana is a devoted Catholic and Matthew is not. Conflict and disputes about how to parent their future children resulted from this. Additionally, distinctions in personality emerged. Ana has a troubled past that included time spent in jail for theft.

The conflict between Matthew’s feelings for Ana and his worries about her background and her current contact with her ex-boyfriend was difficult to resolve. The pair stayed devoted to making their relationship work in spite of these difficulties. Ana’s native language is Spanish, so they continued to fight through their differences and the language barrier as they tried to create a life together.

90 Day Fiance Ana Arantes Age

When the show premiered in 2023, it was announced that Ana who starred in 90 Day Fiance Love In Paradise is 27 years old.

What Is 90 Day Fiance Ana Arantes Full Name?

The last name of 90 Day Fiance’s Ana is Arantes. Her full name is Ana Cássia Leão Arantes.

90 Day Fiance Ana Arantes Job

Ana is an English teacher by profession. According to her IG bio, she is a graduate in Library Science. She completed her post-graduate in Public Library Management. You can also find her professional IG page (@teacheranacassia) here which is currently private.

Ana appears to be running Yavin4English: Private Online Course for beginners and intermediate students.

According to Ana’s LinkedIn, she is a “Librarian. Postgraduate in Management of School Libraries. English Tutor. broadcaster.” In her bio, she wrote, “she completed the Librarianship course in 2017. Since then, I’ve been looking for an opportunity for professional growth in the area. I specialized in the Management of School Libraries, as this is an area that interests me a lot. I currently give private English lessons and work as a streamer on live apps. I am looking for a job opportunity in the field of education.”

In February 2022, Ana works as an English teacher at Little Apprentice School. According to her profile, she is also the winner of Innovate Fitness and SANTAPAZ.

Before that, from 2014 to 2017, she worked as a secretary at Formiga Indústria de Placas LTDA and as did Librarianship Intern at Doctor.

Talking about her education, the 90 Day Fiance star studied English at CCAA, Management of School Libraries at Unyleya College, and Bachelor of Librarianship at

How Much Is 90 Day Fiance Ana Arantes Net Worth?

As of 2023, the 90 Day Fiance’s Ana’s net worth is under $100 thousand.

90 Day Fiance Ana Arantes Height

90 Day Fiance’s Ana’s height is around 5 feet 5 inches. She has a few tattoos on her body which are her distinct features.

Related FAQs

  • Is 90 Day Fiance Ana Arantes On Instagram?

Yes, you can find Ana from 90 Day Fiance on Instagram (@anac4ssia).

  • When Is 90 Day Fiance Ana Arantes Birthday?

90 Day Fiance Ana’s birthday is not available.

  • Where Is 90 Day Fiance Ana Arantes From?

Per 90 Day Fiance Ana’s LinkedIn, she is living in Formiga, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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