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Ana Arriola Bio, Gender, Partner, Net Worth, Theranos

Ana Arriola was a talent at Apple, Inc. Elizabeth Holmes had her eyes on because of her design skill. In Episode 3 of Hulu’s The Dropout, viewers met Ana portrayed by actress Nicky Endres. So, who is the real-life Ana Arriola? What is Ana’s gender? Does she have a partner? What is her net worth?

We address it all below so keep reading to learn more.

Ana Arriola On The Dropout

In Episode 3 of Hulu’s, The Dropout Elizabeth Holmes portrayed by actress Amanda Seyfried was obsessed with Apple and Steve Jobs and aimed to hire Apple employees like Ana Arriola. In the show, the role of Ana is played by non-binary actress Nicky Endres. Elizabeth, after starting her company Theranos, hired Ana to design her product before the product even worked which Ana didn’t know at first.

Based on the show, Ana and Elizabeth worked together on the design of the machine. However, upon finding out that Holmes was using the mal-functioning prototype of the blood testing machine on real cancer patients, she decided to quit her job at Theranos because of the company and Elizabeth’s unethical acts.

In her LinkedIn, Ana writes, “Altruism through Corrupt Unethical Science-Fiction.” She had joined the company in September 2007 and quit her job in December 2007, working only four months in the company.

In the show, Ana also pointed out to Elizabeth that she wasn’t dressing for the part of a CEO.

Did Ana Arriola Design The iPhone?

Ana Arriola is best known for helping to design the first iPhone. She worked as the senior product line manager at Apple. Ana worked in the company from August 2005 to September 2007. She led the creation of Apple’s hardware acceleration of iPhone and Apple TV’s UX and iOS SDK through the novel combining of W3C/OpenWeb and Core Animation.

Ana Arriola Net Worth

Ana Arriola probably has a net worth above $1 million. But, when she decided to leave Apple for Theranos, she walked away from 15,000 shares of Apple Stock which, she put it, “my retirement” which would’ve probably been valued at $2.5 million today.

According to her LinkedIn, Ana is currently working for Microsoft as Director of Product Design & Research, PhysOps Studios GM since July 2018. She joined the company as General Manager & Partner, NeXT then became Director of Product Design/Research, AI + Insights Studios / Cloud + AI.

Ana is also the CEO & founder of Minimalisms Inc.

Before Microsoft, Ana worked for Facebook as Director of Product Design, AI, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford, as CS 247 Mentor. She had also worked for Samsung Electronics as Global Vice President of UX & Design, founded Monohm Inc. which she ran for two years from 2014 to the end of 2015.

Ana was a member of the board of directors at Ikivo, Founder & Chief eXperience Officer at zero360.

Adove Systems, Inc., Academy of Friends, Haas School of Business, MetaDesign, Macromedia, Inc., and Wired Magazine are some of the other companies Ana has worked in previously.

Ana Arriola Gender: Was She Born As A Man?

Yes, Ana Arriola was born a man. At the time when Technies Project had interviewed with Arriola, she hadn’t transitioned. She explained that she was 6-feet-2, and weighed over 300 pounds, and 43-year-old at the time of her interview, people had a hard time categorizing her trans-wise.

Ana cited that the biggest reason for her not fully transitioning was mainly because of her career and financial implications for her family’s future. After the interview, she gathered her strength, focused on her bravery, and with the support of her family, and from the global support, she has transitioned to a woman.

She shared in the follow-up interview, “I told myself, “Why not? Let’s do it.” once again, leaped from my cliff-like times before moving to Japan, or starting my first two hardware startups, leveraging my core beliefs in Swagger & Whimsy, Humor & Tenacity, Creativity & Grit, has made this journey all the more rewarding. It’s a slow and steady experience and this project was the catalyst for my courage and my platform for the transition.”

Ana added, “Dearest Ina Turpen Fried, you’re my muse, mentor <3 thank you for helping through my transition <3”.

Ana has been the advocate, mentor, and advisor to queer/LGBTQ+ startups. She writes on her LinkedIn, “a queer mother of three, Latinx lesbian of trans and nonbinary experience, working within our professional multicultural global community.”

Now Ana transcends the gender barrier and she was initially non-conforming. But, her assigned at birth was male.

Who Is Ana Arriola Partner?

Ana Arriola was previously married to her wife (Twitter: @corrinemo & IG: @corrimori). In 2012, she had tweeted about her wife with whom she shares three kids. Her daughter Emi graduated high school in 2020 and prepared herself to attend Doshisha University and start her new life in Kyoto. She wrote a lengthy IG post to wish her daughter a bright future and a journey ahead.

Ana also has a son who often appears on her Instagram. She had posted a picture of her first wife and her three kids in May 2017.

But, Ana is currently married to her new partner Megumi Kanada (@kanadamegumi and @haihaiyes). They married on 31 October 2020. She announced her wedding via IG post. She posted rephrased Mary Oliver as a caption and then wrote, “We are here today to commit to being our soft place in the darkness and promise to co-create the best life we can have together.” — 2020.10.31 Megumi & Ana”.

What Is Ana Arriola Birth Name?

The birth name of Ana Arriola remains unknown.

Related FAQs

  • Is Ana Arriola On Instagram?

Yes, Ana Arriola is on Instagram (@arriolakanada) as well as Twitter (@arriola).

  • What Was Ana Arriola’s Salary At Theranos?

Ana’s salary at Theranos is a secret that she hasn’t shared about.

  • What Do We Know About Ana Arriola Family?

Ana Arriola and her family are originally from North Hollywood, Los Angeles. She spent most of her early childhood and K-12 education in San Fernando Valley. Ana moved to Japan after high school because her older friends were in the animation industry and it piqued her interest.

  • How Old Is Ana Arriola?

Ana Arriola is 49 years old as of Feb 2022. She celebrates her birthday on 22 November.

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