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Matt Carlson Bio, Age, Still Married, Job, Port Protection

Most of the viewers of Nat Geo’s Life Below Zero: Port Protection know that the show is a revival of a previous Nat Geo show, Port Protection Alaska. National Geographic brought back the OG show under a new name in 2020 with a few original cast members and some newcomers. Matt Carlson is one of such newcomers.

In this article, we will learn everything about Matt — from his Port Protection stint to his job and wife and more!

Matt Carlson On Port Protection

In case you did not know already, Matt is the son of OG Port Protection cast member Sam Carlson. Sam has been appearing on the show since its inaugural season in July 2015 and that was a total of 30 episodes until 2022. One of the fan-favorites on the show, Matt Carlson once even shared a smart cooking method to the viewers in one of the 2020 episodes.

On the other hand, Matt has appeared in a total of more than 15 episodes of Port Protection. Matt started appearing on Port Protection once he separated from his partner and returned home to spend time with his father Matt.

Matt knew that life in the Port Protection area of Alaska was never going to be easy and he chose to return nevertheless. The land is rugged and unforgiving in Port Protection–the survival of the community and individuals are connected.

Together with the other cast members of Port Protection, we can see Matt push the limits of survival in the remote Alaskan region in Season 5 of Life Below Zero: Port Protection.

7 episodes of the new season have already aired and each new episode airs on Tuesdays. So far, we have seen that the son Matt Carlson has a different approach to hunting than his father; in one of the episodes, Matt went on foot while Sam decided to set up a climbing tree stand. In the other episode, we also saw the father-son duo collect shells to lower the acidity level of Sam’s garden soil.

Some of the other members appearing on Life Below Zero: Port Protection are Mary Miller, Tim ‘Curly Leach, Stuart Andrews, David Squibb, Breanna Miethe, Oliver Johnson, Morgan Turcott, and Carl Hernandez.

Matt Carlson Age

Matt Carlson was reportedly born in the year June 1982, which means his age was around 39 in early 2022. That being said, we still don’t know his birthday.

Is Matt Carlson Still Married?

As of this writing, we are still unsure if Matt was married as of March 2022. Although we do know that Matt had a partner named Kaylee Burk in the past, they are already separated now. Matt and Kaylee have a daughter, Shipley, from their relationship.

Matt’s ex-partner Kaylee and his daughter Shipley both have appeared on Life Below Zero: Port Protection. In one of the 2020 episodes, Kaylee and Matt gathered devil’s club plants to make a salve for a natural antibiotic and medicinal tea.

Matt’s ex-partner Kaylee was 35 years old in 2022.

Matt Carlson Job

According to Matt Carlson’s LinkedIn, he was a guide at Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary. On the other hand, his Facebook handle says that he was a Captain at Baranof Fishing.

Baranof Fishing was established with a simple vision that a family looking for a truly Alaskan experience should not only be introduced to the bits of sport fishing but also be offered other Alaskan pleasures, which are beachcombing, eating fresh Alaskan seafood, and pleasures from the campfires on a remote Alaskan beach. The founders of Baranof Fishing believe “a personal introduction to the southeast Alaska lifestyle is more than a box of fish.”

Matt Carlson Mother

Unfortunately, no information about Matt’s mother was available as of this writing. To talk something about his family, we do know that Matt has a brother named Kelly Carlson. Matt has featured his brother once on his Facebook handle.

Is Matt Carlson On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Matt Carlson was not available on Instagram as of March 2022. You can find him on Facebook as Matt Carlson. Matt has almost 1.2 thousand followers on his Facebook account.

Related FAQs

  • Does Matt Carlson Still Live In Port Protection?

Although Matt grew up with his family in Port Protection, he moved to the mainland later where he lived with his ex-partner Kaylee and daughter Shipley.

  • How Tall Is Matt Carlson?

Matt is a tall and broad man standing at a towering height of 5 feet 11 inches.

  • How Much Is Matt Carlson Net Worth?

As of this writing, we had no idea about how much Matt earned from his appearances on Life Below Zero: Port Protection. In March 2022, Matt had a reported net worth under $350 thousand.

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