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Ana Paula Bernardes Age, Job, IG, Paolo Macchiarini Ex

Who is Ana Paula Bernardes who appeared on Netflix’s true crime documentary Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife.

Beginning the docuseries, NBC producer Alexander tells the story of how she first met Paolo, with whom she was working on a documentary about his “landmark” surgery. In that procedure, he performed the first transplant of a synthetic organ, giving a man a windpipe grown in a lab, with the patient’s stem cells supporting the graft.

Paolo and Alexander became close, the surgeon taking her on international flights from the Bahamas to Mexico, Greece, Italy, and other places. He brought Alexander and her daughter to Lucca to see his mother. Paolo told Alexander that his divorce had finally come through and proposed to her on Christmas Day, 2013.

Back to Ana, was she ever married to her ex Paolo Macchiarini? Do they share any children? What is her job? Viewers may be wondering about that after watching the Netflix show so, here is what we know about her.

Netflix’s Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife: Meet Ana Paula Bernardes, Paolo Macchiarini Ex

Ana Paula Bernardes became involved with the infamous Paolo Macchiarini, a surgeon who was formerly recognized as a trailblazer in the field of artificial organ replacements, namely using windpipes. Sadly, Paolo’s actions were shown to be immoral, without sufficient scientific support, and motivated by avarice and narcissism. Because of her relationship with him, Ana Paula, like many others, encountered the darker side of humanity; her narrative can be seen on Netflix’s Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife.

Faced with the challenge of her son Danilo, 23, suffering from a serious accident, Ana Paula Bernardes sought medical attention from renowned worldwide physician Paolo Macchiarini. Paolo operated on Danilo’s trachea, but the outcome was not what was anticipated. Danilo’s experience ended similarly to Paolo’s other patients’: he passed very soon after the Florence procedure.

After seeing the suffering her son went through in the days after his surgery and before his untimely death, Ana Paula Bernardes felt something was wrong. In 2010, she filed a lawsuit against the hospital and the doctor in response to her worries.

Paolo began making attempts to get close to Ana Paula following the murder of her son and during the court proceedings against Macchiarini for Danilo’s death. He showed concern for her well-being by giving her regular calls and texts, which helped to build a bond that eventually turned into a relationship. The comfort Macchiarini offered her in these difficult times added to the closeness between them, especially in her fragile position.

Ana Paula Bernardes remembers her time with Paolo Macchiarini as one filled with opulent travel, lavish holidays, and exquisite food. She had no idea that the world was coming to terms with the fact that Macchiarini was a liar and unethical person. The information came to light in 2016 after Macchiarini’s ex-fiance, American writer Benita Alexander, told Vanity Fair about how she had been duped by the physician.

This exposé exposed Paolo’s dishonest conduct and his relationships with several people. Ana Paula quickly called off their connection after discovering Macchiarini’s actual nature at this same moment.

Is Ana Paula Bernardes Married Today?

Ana Paula Bernardes was reportedly married to Paolo Macchiarini who she met in 2010 before but her relationship status now is unclear. She was a mother of three kids. After she learned of Paolo’s relationship with Benita Alexander she fled with her child.

Ana, who later had a daughter with the imprisoned physician, is still outspoken about their experience. “Pathological liar, arrogant idiot, psychopath, unscrupulous, had no remorse, heartless man 💔 …. 🤮🥰 same words he was saying to her [Benita] he was saying to me! How can you define such a being?! 😡,Ana wrote in an Instagram post.

Ana remembers her cherished boy through heartfelt messages, paying tribute to his memories with an abundance of love. By exposing the texts she and Macchiarini exchanged during their courting, the account offers a glimpse into the less-than-ideal parts of their relationship. Ana Paula has permanently etched her son’s name on her arm as a touching remembrance of their enduring relationship.

Ana Paula Bernardes appears to be embarking on a path of self-discovery and recovery after regrettable contact with a guy whose intentions were marked by harm as she resides in the tranquil surroundings of Tuscany, Italy. She now appears to be rediscovering her identity and finding comfort in the simplicity of life as she makes her way through the shadows of her past.

Ana Paula Bernardes Age

Reportedly born before 1973, Ana Paula Bernardes is at least 50 years old as of December 2023.

Ana Paula Bernardes Job

There is no information regarding Ana Paula Bernardes’s Job.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ana Paula Bernardes From?

Reports available online have suggested that Ana is residing in Tuscany, Italy.

  • Is Ana Paula Bernardes On Instagram?

Indeed, you can find Ana on Instagram (@anapaulabernardes2023) and Facebook (@anapaula.bernardes1).

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