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Avigail Lowes aka Faith From Love Has Won Age, Today

Avigail Lowes was one of the original members of Love Has Won. She was known as Archeia Faith in the community. As HBO premiered the show Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God, people are interested to learn where these people are now.

Read all that we know about her here.

Where Is Avigail Lowes aka Faith From Love Has Won Today?

Avigail Lowes is known as Archeia Faith by the Love Has Won community. She aspired to make positive changes in the world.

Since she was a little child, Avigail had felt that her mission in life was to significantly enhance the quality of life for everyone on Earth. Love Has Won was going to do all of that and more, from what she could tell. Lowes therefore joined the spiritual group with the intention of making the world a better place.

Because of her services and steadfast faith in Amy Carlson, popularly known as Mother God, Avigail ascended to the status of senior member within the organization and traveled to more than 50 countries to spread the word. It’s hard to say for sure, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Avigail kept unwaveringly supporting Love Has Won’s goals.

The spiritual healer and chakra cleaner decided to lead a solitary life when the group broke up, but we hope she finds contentment within herself.

Viewers often saw Avigail live streaming on YouTube. She used to tell her viewers that most LHW members were millionaire business entrepreneurs and attorneys.

But, the real stand-out content was the day-by-day updates on Mom’s ongoing battle against the Cabal. On Aug. 1, 2018, viewers were informed that dark witches had attacked Amy. Three weeks later, the audience was told by member Avigail that another assassination attempt had taken place, during which a “sword sliced one of her hearts,” Faith says in the video. “The etheric have been doing surgery on it for many hours now and Mom is throwing up, diarrhea, she was shaking.”

One of Love Has Won’s original members, Avigail, remembers hearing that when Amy was four or five years old, she was conversing to angels and that her parents had dragged her from church to church to get guidance and understanding from the pastors. She was reported to have lost control during a sermon on one occasion.

“The pastor said something that she knew was a lie, since she was Jesus, and she yelled ‘You’re lying!” and had to be removed from the church,” Faith said. She asked that we “not use her prior name.”

Furthermore, the latter few weeks and months of Amy’s life, according to those close to her, were physically agonizing. Like she did over the past few years, she spent much of that time in bed, but Castillo and others would also transport her to the shower, where she would frequently spend hours. She felt some comfort from her anguish in the water.

According to Avigail, “Amy was like a tortured lab animal.”

Followers insist that Amy had a pulse when Saguache County police recovered her body, despite her body’s advanced decomposition. They also claim that she occasionally moved her hands during the time in which her followers kept her enshrined.

Archeia Faith remarks that she’s eager to see the results of the autopsy, as she suspects it may detail inexplicable phenomena that have never been scientifically documented.

Avigail Lowes Age

As of 2023, Avigail Lowes should be above 33 years old.

Avigail Lowes Job

Avigail Lowes was a lawyer licensed to practice in the UK. On Reddit, one schoolmate of Avigail wrote, “I went to school with Abi. Didn’t have a bad word against her, not many did. This is just sad.”

Is Avigail Lowes Married?

The marital status of Avigail Lowes is unclear. She doesn’t appears to be on social media which makes it almost impossible to confirm her marital status.

Related FAQs

  • Is Avigail Lowes On Instagram?

No, Avigail Lowes is not on Instagram.

  • When Is Avigail Lowes Birthday?

The birthday of Avigail is yet to be available in the public domain.

  • Where Is Avigail Lowes From?

Avigail Lowes hailed from the UK.

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