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Andrea Hilderbrand Bio, Married, Age, Job, Netflix Outlast

From the side of Ozark’s Jason Bateman and Aggregate Films comes a reality competition TV series called Outlast. This Netflix series features 16 survivalists as they are dropped into the Alaskan wilderness, with one of them having the chance to win $1 million. North Carolina native Andrea Hilderbrand grew up in the middle of a national forest and has hunted and fished her whole life. But, does Andrea possess what it takes to win a competition like Outlast?

Find that out in the article below along with other important stuff like Andrea’s age, job, married life, and more.

Andrea Hilderbrand On Netflix’s Outlast

Outlast premiered on Netflix on March 10, 2023. The 16 survivalists appearing in this series are Amber Asay, Angie Kenai, Brian Kahrs, Corey Johnson, Dawn Nelson, Javier Colon, Jill Ashock, Joel Hungate, Jordan Williams, Justin Court, Lee Ettinger, Nick Radner, Paul Preece, Seth Lueker, and Timothy Spears.

Netflix’s Outlast had only one rule in the show and it was that every survivalist had to be a part of a team in order to win, which meant contestants with egos had no place in the game.

A true Southerner, Andrea grew up hunting and fishing. She is an avid runner, cyclist, and many other things. In 2017 Under the Women (45-49) category of CrossFit competition, Andrea secured the 16th position worldwide. Furthermore, she’s also completed mountaineering expeditions in the US, Europe, and South America.

In an interview with Live Active Charlotte, Andrea revealed her motivation behind all the physical activities she does. She said, “JUST DO IT! Don’t be scared to try new things. Change and placing yourself in uncomfortable positions may be scary at first, but it’s the only way we grow and realize our true potential…”

Ahead of the filming of the Outlast series, Andrea revealed the reason she thinks she can survive Alaska. She told, “I have a literal shed full of trophies showcasing all the sports I’ve competed in through the years… and I’d say 90% of them are first place… I’ve been at 20,000 feet yacking from altitude sickness on the side of a crevasse-covered mountain, starving, dehydrated, and pressed on for another 10+ hours to summit and get back down to basecamp… I can tough it out with the best of them.”

Despite her physical strength, Andrea fell miserably sick during the first few episodes and became the first person to exit Season 1 of Outlast. She had started her journey in Outlast as a member of the team Charlie Camp, which included players like Angie, Nick, and Seth.

Where Is Andrea Hilderbrand Today?

Despite Andrea’s early exit from the show, her outdoor skills remain as fresh as ever. She will continue to participate in all physical activities, including survival sports, endurance races, and CrossFit competitions.

As of today, Andrea works at Siemens Energy as Procurement Specialist. When she’s not working, she spends time either with her family or outdoors.

Andrea Hilderbrand Age

Born in December 1971, Andrea Hilderbrand’s age was 51 in 2023.

Andrea Hilderbrand Job

Andrea Hilderbrand attended Pfeiffer University for her undergraduate studies. She received her Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Mathematics. Then, the reality TV star earned her Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering/Engineering Management from the University of South Florida.

While Andrea was pursuing her Master’s studies, she took her first job, which was joining Pratt & Whitney as an Engineer. She later rose to the post of Senior Engineer as well. Andrea quit the company after spending six and a half years there.

In 2007, Andrea joined ESPN. She worked there as a Stage Manager for over 7 years. Since 2015, Outlast star began working at Siemens. She started off as a Project Manager but has now secured the position of Procurement Specialist.

Is Andrea Hilderbrand Married?

Andrea Hilderbrand’s partner is Phillip ‘Rudy’ Rudisill. While we don’t know for how long the two have been together, the earliest picture of Rudy on Andrea’s Facebook seems to have the date September 17, 2012.

Based on her Facebook, Andrea often goes out for hikes and expeditions with her sweetheart. On November 20, 2012, Andrea wrote, “going off the grid for a couple of days in the NC mountains,” tagging her beau Phillip ‘Rudy’ Rudisill.

On February 12, 2013, Andrea posted a picture of Rudy and her kissing each other on the lips in the Summit of Cayambe (19,400 ft) Ecuador.

As of 2023, it looked like the two were not married yet.

Andrea Hilderbrand Height

Reality TV star Andrea stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Andrea Hilderbrand Family

As far as we know, Andrea comes from a loving family. She is the granddaughter of a person named Roy Bryant. At the time of this writing, we didn’t have information about her parents or siblings.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Andrea Hilderbrand From?

Andrea originally comes from Troy, North Carolina, according to her Facebook. However, she currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • When Is Andrea Hilderbrand Birthday?

Andrea Hilderbrand, very probably, celebrates her birthday on the 18th of December every year. On December 19, 2012, Andrea took to Facebook to thank everyone who wished her on her birthday.

  • Is Andrea Hilderbrand On Instagram And Facebook?

Unfortunately, we could not find Andrea Hilderbrand on Instagram. On her Facebook account by her name, she has over 1.7 thousand followers.

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