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Andreas Adde Tzelidis Age, Job, Catja BF, Love Is Blind: Sweden

Andreas Adde Tzelidis is the boyfriend of Catja Lövstrand. Both of them appear in Love Is Blind: Sweden. Learn all that we know about Andreas in this article below.

Learn about his age, job, and birthday as this article proceeds.

Meet Andreas Adde Tzelidis, Love Is Blind: Sweden Catja Lövstrand BF

Love Is Blind: Sweden star Catja Lövstrand found love after she completed the show. Her new boyfriend is Andreas Adde Tzelidis. They reportedly met at a party last spring.

Catja shared a video of herself and her new lover, Andreas, on Instagram on January 2024, captioning the post, “May you find someone who speaks your language, so you don’t have to spend a lifetime translating your soul.” Andreas and Catja attended the Love Is Blind reunion together, which, unsurprisingly, solidified her position as the show’s “villain” even more.

“Time and space disappeared when I saw her. I actually only saw her and when I was about to get to the front I felt like Moses himself because everyone just scattered. The sea of ​​people that was in front of me just moved on. It was love at first sight. Since that day it has been us,” Andreas shared in the finale “The Reunion”.

The couple reportedly decided to move in together. They now live together in Catja’s apartment in Stockholm.

“It feels incredibly light. We talk a lot about the future and we have the same goals and dreams. It feels fantastic to share it with him,” Catja explains in the reunion.

Now that she’s unveiled her new partner, many people are commenting that he looks like a “copy” of Catja’s former.

One went as far as to say: “…the only difference is the accessories…”

In the show, Catja was paired with Cristofer Pocock. But, things didn’t go well for this pair. After a rocky Love Is Blind Sweden journey, Catja and Cristofer parted ways before reaching the altar.

Catja hooked up and became engaged to Christofer, although when they met, he was more physically drawn to her than the other way around. Finally, the pair decided to part ways and cease the experiment before the wedding.

During Love Is Blind, Cristofer freely expresses his feelings for Catja. If words of affirmation are your thing, Cristofer would undoubtedly be the ideal guy. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work out, and he is now referred to as a “gentleman” on social media.

“It hurt my heart at first when I found out they were dating, but I have given it time and have moved on and let it go. I wish them joy and happiness in life,” Cristofer told Netflix about Catja finding a new beau.

“I found out about a month after we broke up. The news that Catja had started seeing someone hit me very hard. I felt that she moved on very quickly, which made me feel like our relationship was in vain – my heart broke,” Christofer shared.

Christofer also congratulated the new couple in the program and believes that Catja’s new boyfriend is the exact opposite. “We are quite different, we are very different. I’m happy for you, especially for Catjas,” he says.

Adde was also a contestant in Love Is Blind: Sweden.

Andreas Adde Tzelidis Age

As of January 2024, Andreas Adde Tzelidis is 34 years old. He was reportedly born in 1989.

Andreas Adde Tzelidis Job

Andreas Adde Tzelidis was introduced in the show as a VP of a security company.

Adde began his career at Mentor Communication Group as a Sellers corporate customer in 2011. He then worked as a Concept and operational manager at Chillbox from 2013 to 2015. Then, he worked as a Concept and operational manager from 2015 to 2016.

After that, Andreas worked as a Sellers corporate customer at Monteriva. After three and half years, he worked for Team Guard as a Business development coordinator where he is still employed.

Starting from January 2020, Andreas is a Vice VD at Team Guardab i Sverige AB.

Moving on, Andreas studied at Tyresö Gymnasium. He also studied civil engineering at Neck Academy. Speaking of Ice Hockey, he played for Hanvikens SK but is retired now.

How Tall Is Andreas Adde Tzelidis?

Per his Ice Hockey profile, Andreas Adde Tzelidis stands tall above 192 cm / 6’4″, and weighed 96 kg / 212 lbs.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Andreas Adde Tzelidis From?

Andreas Tzelidis hailed from Tyresö, Stockholm County, Sweden.

  • Is Andreas Adde Tzelidis On Instagram?

Indeed, you can find Andreas Tzelidis on Instagram (@tzelidis).

  • When Is Andreas Adde Tzelidis Birthday?

Andreas Tzelidis celebrates his birthday on 18 December.

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