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Meet Jim Stulec, Moonshiners Amanda Bryant Ex-Husband!

Moonshiners Amanda Bryant was married to her ex-husband Jim Stulec. But they are no longer married. Who is Jim? Is he on Facebook? What does he do for a job?

Scroll down and read all about him here.

Moonshiners Meet Jim Stulec, Amanda Bryant Ex-Husband

Amanda Bryant from Moonshiners: Master Distiller was previously married to her ex-husband Jim Stulec. Based on her old Facebook profile of Amanda, they got married in 2008. She used to go by the name Amanda Stulec suggesting that she was married.

However, she stopped updating her profile in 2014. It is not clear why and when they separated.

At the time, when Amanda appeared on Moonshiners, she had already moved on and was seeing a new guy. She didn’t reveal his name at the time but they appear together on three different posts from 11 December 2021.

Amanda Bryant competed in Moonshiners: Master Distiller and was crowned the winner of the show. The premise of the show plots three whiskey makers against each other in a contest— a professional, a hobbyist, and a moonshiner. Each participant prepares a batch of whiskey with a similar concept, which is judged by a panel of three experts. And from there they name the master distiller.

Filming of ‘Moonshiners: Master Distiller’ took place in Sevierville, Tenn., over the summer.

Amanda went head-to-head as America’s top distiller in the booze-making competition. She was one of the three distillers showing off her skills in front of three judges and winning the show.

Along the way, Amanda also got to learn about the booze-making process from the masters’ Mark Rogers and his cousin Huck. One of the competitors, Frank Hicks also competed on the show and shared his impression of Amanda with Marion Co Herald. Frank, a 5th generation moonshiner shared that he met Amanda, the hobbyist, at the hotel the first night they arrived for filming the show.

He shared, “I met Amanda and we hit it off. She was like a long-lost little sister. We became friends right off the bat.”

Frank also added, “End the end, I taught her what she needed to know to beat me.” About coming second, he said, “It’s okay. “I may have come in second, but I didn’t lose… I was able to teach a new friend new things I was able to give her some of my knowledge and that was rewarding enough.”

Amanda joined Season 13 of ‘Moonshiners’ following her breakout performance in the ‘Masters Distillers’ spinoff. She is the daughter of David A Bryant and Kelli Horger. Amanda calls herself a “Roofer-Artist-Distiller-Moonshiner.”

Jim Stulec Relationship Status Today

According to Jim Stulec’s Facebook, he is single now. But when we did the article on Amanda in 2021, he was in a relationship with his partner Ashlie Jennifer. A post from December 2018 showed Jim proposing to Ashlie.

But, that relationship with Jim has ended as of 2024. He is a dad to one boy.

Jim Stulec Age

Reportedly born in March 1990, Jim Stulec is 33 years old as of February 2024.

Jim Stulec Job

It is not clear what Jim Stulec does for a living. He doesn’t have a LinkedIn page. And, he hasn’t revealed much on his socials.

Jim graduated from Pocono Mountain West High School.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jim Stulec From?

Jim Stulec hailed from Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania.

  • When Is Jim Stulec Birthday?

Jim Stulec’s birthday is in March.

  • Is Jim Stulec On Instagram?

Yes, Jim is available on Facebook (@louie.juice.9).

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