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Andrew Davis Bio, Daughter, Instagram, Date Of Birth, MAFS

Meet Andrew Davis, Married At First Sight Australia star who attracted attention for all the bad reasons. Learn about his daughter, his Instagram, his date of birth, and his journey in married at first sight.

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MAFS Australia: Are Andrew Davis And Holly Greenstein Still Together?

Married At First Sight Australia star Andrew Davis is an American living in Australia for the last four years. He moved to Australia to be with his second wife but the marriage fell apart. But, he still co-parents his daughter with his ex-wife. He came in looking for someone with whom he could have more children and who matched his spontaneity.

Then experts in the show paired him with Holly Greenstein, a cinema manager who has lived in Canada and America because of her career. She also dreamt of being a mother was in no mind to waste any more time so she resorted to the help of MAFS experts.

Engaged nearly 15 years ago, cheated on him, used deposit and changed last name, second wife, he sold everything.

Although the couple hit it off on the wedding day things took a turn for worse during the honeymoon. Andrew bragged about sleeping with over 350 women and also accused Holly of being unresponsive while “making love”. They showed up separately at the dinner party bickered throughout the evening and Andrew stormed out never to return.

To make the matter worse, Andrew confessed that he wrote her off from Day 1 which Holly feared. She shared that it would’ve been nice to just be honest rather than wasting her time.

After the show, while speaking with radio host Sarah McGilvray, Andrew revealed that he was no longer on speaking terms with Holly. He also shared about dating someone else he had met before joining the show. In addition, he also bashed MAFS experts for pairing him with Holly and he would’ve been better off being matched with Samantha Moitzi.

Plus, Andrew also shared that he had bad lucks when it comes to love in past five to seven years. Then, confessed that he “100 percent” regretted doing the show.

So, Andrew and Holly are not together.

Andrew Davis Daughter

Andrew Davis has a now-3-year-old daughter named Madison. In the audition tape of MAFS, Andrew shared that he had his daughter with his second wife who he met in Texas. He then moved to Australia to meet her family and fell so in love that after coming back to Australia he immediately “flew back to Texas and sold everything [he] owned.”

They had only known each other for eight weeks before getting married.

Speaking of his daughter, Andrew added, “When a child is born it’s either going to put a wedge between your relationship or it’s going to make it stronger. I feel like I kinda got kicked to the curb.” He added further, “I’m no longer in a stage of my life where I feel like I have to have another child. But, I do want to be a father to a child that’s in a family.”

What Is Andrew Davis Date Of Birth?

The date of birth of Andrew Davis is not known.

Andrew Davis Ears

Fans who watched Andrew Davis’s “disgusting and manipulative” nature also noticed something was up with his ear. One Redditor commented, “What’s with his ear? I can’t stop looking at it.”

He hasn’t commented on his appearance, but Andrew has a condition called “cauliflower ear” scientific term for that would be perichondrial hematoma or AKA wrestler’s ear.

It occurs when blood pools in your pinna after it’s been hit or struck, most common in wrestlers and boxers. And, there is no treatment for this condition. He was a college athlete and a former Ironman champion who auditioned on Seven’s SAS Australia – the most grueling challenge series there is.

Andrew Davis Job As A Motivational Speaker

According to Find Health Clinics, Andrew Davis is a mindset coach and a motivational speaker. But because of his controversial appearance on the show, many Redditors claimed that they wouldn’t even pay $1 to listen to his “motivational” speech. Another Redditor commented, “His motivational speeches must consist of I’m ugly and I’m an asshole but I convinced over 300 women to have s** with me”

Andrew is also a trainer at Beautiful Minds. His profile reads, “an ex-school teacher who is a dynamic presenter. He is a martial arts expert and personal trainer and cross-fit coach. A passionate mental health advocate, Andrew interviews guests on his podcast to uncover ways that men and boys can be happy and healthy.”

He also used to give motivational speeches on his YouTube channel which has been deleted at this moment.

Is Andrew Davis On Instagram?

No, Andrew has taken down most of his social media platforms except for his Facebook which is also private at the moment.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Andrew Davis Born?

Andrew Davis shared that he lived most of his life in Dallas, Texas. But, now he lives in New South Wales, Australia. Fans doubted that we as Australian at first because of his slipping accent.

  • How Tall Is Andrew Davis?

Andrew Davis stands tall at nearly 6 feet.

  • What Has Andrew Davis Said About His Mental Health?

Andrew revealed with radio host Sarah McGilvray he shared that while in MAFS his “mental health was greatly damaged [by] the whole process, but he was glad he ‘left on [his] terms.”

So Dramatic Online spoke with Andrew and his friend where he friend revealed that Andrew’s “mental health declined drastically after filming.” The source added, “He had a full breakdown. I believe he spent time in a mental facility and was diagnosed with various disorders.”

He added, “He checked himself back in once the show started airing as it all became too much for him again. Andrew wants nothing to do with the show or any of the contestants on it. He’s regretting doing it big time. It’s already completely ruined his health, personal reputation, and any future business prospects.”

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