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Dale Dickey Husband: Is Still Married To Steve?

Hulu’s No Exit star, Dale Dickey’s private life is an enigma to many. However, we do know that she was married to her husband Steve. But are they still together? Find answers as you scroll below.

Also, ease more of your queries after we’re done exploring her romantic life. 

Is Dale Dickey Still Married To Her Husband Steve?

Dale Dickey is probably still married to her husband Steve.

The duo tied the knot before 2014 and reportedly bears multiple children together.

Although Dale doesn’t talk much about him, she did mention him quite a few times over interviews. For instance, back in a 2014 interview with AZ Central, the actress shared that despite her often having to do the not-so-good-looking roles, her husband found her attractive.

Also, Dale mentioned that she often talked about her works with him and together wondered why people love horror shows so much! “I was just telling my husband about it. I don’t go to many of these (horror) kinds of films. There’s a few I’ll go, but I have to hold my husband’s hand, and my fingers are usually in front of my face, like a baby,” she explained.

Guess, the star of horror movies herself is scared of the films.

Talking about films, Dale’s husband reportedly is also her Sordid Lives: The Series co-star. However, we didn’t find any actor on the Logo series with his name.

Is Dale Dickey Transgender?

No, Dale Dickey is not a transgender. She was born a female and identifies as one.

Well, the proof lies in her having a husband and children.

Dale Dickey Young

Dale Dickey didn’t look any less beautiful than she does now when she was young. However, do minus the wrinkles, and orange hair. She used to prefer more of a blondish hair back then.

Here’s a pic for reference.

Pic: Young Dale Dickey (From 1994/1995).

As a young child, Dale was quiet and always listened. Although her parents were very social, she was more of an introvert. Maybe it had something to do with her never feeling “pretty enough.”

“I was always told I would be difficult to cast. From the age of twenty, I was playing people over fifty. My face reads mean and hard,” Dale explained.

So, when she wore make-up and made it to parties, people would never recognize her.

Dale Dickey Teeth

Dale Dickey admits that she does have “little hillbilly teeth.” But at the same time, she acknowledges that particular distinct feature often landed her a job.

No wonder, when a dentist friend told her he could give her a beautiful smile, Dale turned him down, mentioning, “Are you kidding? I’d never get a role again!”

With that being said, Dale was always reluctant to give bright smiles out in the public. But it was a price she had to pay to admitted keep her job.

How Much Is Dale Dickey Net Worth?

Dale Dickey garnered a net worth of above $2 million by 2022.

An actress by profession, Dale has been working in the entertainment industry for a long time. However, it was only after 2009, she could make a living out of it, and not attended her day job — “which I had to do, really, most of my life,” she remarked.

Recalling her toughest days, Dale shared that when she was young, she had to deal with a lot of rejections. “I’ve always had a face that I fell between the cracks. I wasn’t pretty enough to go this way, I wasn’t a character enough to go that way,” the actress explained.

But eventually, she accepted that she had to play downtrodden characters: addicts, prostitutes, criminals. “I found my niche in those roles, and I love doing them,” she added.

As of 2022, Dale has appeared in over 130 movies and TV shows. Mentioning some of the popular are — A League of Their Own, Claws, Unbelievable, Vice Principals, Justified, True Blood, Grey’s Anatomy, A Perfect Getaway, My Name Is Earl, Nothing But Ghosts, and Christy.

Talking about her education,  Dale graduated from Bearden High School in Knoxville, and went on to attend the University of Tennessee.

Trivia: Dale was once bitten by a copperhead snake.

Is Dale Dickey On Instagram?

No, as of 2022, Dale wasn’t on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • What Character Does Dale Dickey Play In Ozark?

Dale Dickey is not on Ozark. It’s Lisa Emery who plays the character “Darlene Snell” on the popular Netflix series.

The two actresses do look alike and play similar roles as well.

Some say that Lisa would give Dale a run for her money any day.

  • How Tall Is Dale Dickey?

The actress stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

Her distinct features include — blue eyes, a rounded chin, and her “little hillbilly teeth.”

  • Does Dale Dickey Use The Pronoun Them?

No, Dale is a straight female. She prefers the pronouns “she/her.”

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