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Andrew Le Page Bio, Height, Parents, Job, Love Island 2022

Season 8 of Love Island debuted in the UK on 6 June 2022, featuring 11 islanders who filmed in a Majorca villa in Spain. And among them is Andrew Le Page, whom we are about to talk about in the rest of the writing.

Andrew, here, promised to bring laughs into the villa as he introduced himself as someone who is not going to take things too seriously. He also left a side note that he did not steal a handbag outside Sainsbury’s in Bristol. (The thing is a case of mistaken identity had seen Andrew’s photo go viral for all the wrong reasons shortly after he was hyped as a contestant on the ITV show Love Island.)

Andrew Le Page On Love Island 2022

Like old times, the concept of Love Island 2022 is also that single men and women partake in staying on an island with no contact from the outside world. During this span, they vie to find their perfect match but keeping in mind that they might get eliminated if anyone remains single after re-coupling tasks. And lastly, the winning couple receives a grand prize of £50,000.

As for Andrew, he drove to love island because he was “actually single for once” at the time. So, he said he thought “why not?”. And he also thought this was the best time to give it a go because when he is with someone, he is a very loyal and very good boyfriend, and he is all for the person he is with.

But, once inside the villa, Andrew thought that he would not mind reconsidering some of his ethics. For one, he thought he would not mind stepping on a few toes. When asked if he was willing to tread on other Islanders’ toes, Andrew had said he would go for someone else if two people are actually in a relationship, and if two people are just starting he will see if he has a chance. And so that way even if he gets turned down, he would not mind and just move on. But, if in case Andrew sets his sight on someone, he said he has this way of only having the eyes for them.

A bit of a romantic, he once took his ex-girlfriend on a spontaneous trip to Paris, for a dinner and it was her birthday.

Is Andrew Le Page Dating Anyone Today?

By the look of things, Andrew Le Page was certainly on Love Island looking for love. But did he find one?

His relationship status on Facebook read ‘single’ as of June 2022. But that was so maybe because he was not allowed to spill any spoilers before the season’s finale. So, if Andrew found any girlfriend on the show, it was a complete mystery.

In the meantime, speaking to ITV about dating, Andrew had said that he likes going on dates but he would still prefer to be in a relationship. He said dates to him are fun, as he gets to chat rubbish, get to know them, they get to know him, and have a bit of fun, albeit he still preferred meeting people on a night out.

As for his journey on the show, viewers see Andrew patterned with Tasha Ghouri. But just when their bonding seems to be taking off Tasha locks lip with Luca and this happens after spooning with Andrew. Tasha, therefore, is torn between the two.

Andrew Le Page Age

A couple of months into 2022, Andrew Le Page turned 27 years old.

Andrew Le Page Parents

Andrew’s dad is Jamie Le Page, aka James Le Page and his mom is Karen Le Page; they were very much together and based in Guernsey, Channel Islands as of 2022. The Page parents have been married since 1987.

Dad James as per his Facebook was working as a managing director at GBG Ltd.; had studied at Savoy International and at Elizabeth College in Guernsey. While his wife was the director at the same GBG Ltd. as of the time of this writing. And in the past, she was a cashier supervisor at Hambros Bank.

As for siblings, Andrew has two brothers: Richard Le Page and Adam Le Page. Among them, Richard is the one married to Mica Le Page; and Adam is the one who was residing in Nijmegen, Nederland as of 2022. Andrew also formerly worked as an administrator at Northern Trust; and studied at HAN University of Applied Sciences, Avans International, and Oxford Brookes University.

Is Andrew Le Page On Instagram?

Yes. Andrew Le Paige could be found on Instagram @andrewlepage and he had 118 posts and 21.8K followers here as of 8 June 2022. Here, Andrew mostly shared glimpses from his workouts; gym selfies; and pictures from out in Dubai drinking with his friends.

He also kept his people posted on his ‘Andrew Le Page’ Facebook.

Andrew Le Page Height

Andrew Le Page, though he looked very handsome and fresh as he ran up to his appearance on Love Island, underwent surgery just two months before the show. The 6’1” tall man often seen in boxers alone had not already disclosed his medical issues but he anyway must have had some time to rest and recover.

Andrew Le Page Job

Before appearing on Love Island, Andrew Le Page worked as an estate agent in Dubai. And maybe even afterward, he continued working as a residential consultant for real estate brokerage, Better Homes. Andrew joined the team here sometime in 2021. A year later, and had six active property listings up, all in the Dubai Hills area.

On social media, Andrew also mentions being a qualified personal trainer at DW Fitness.

As for his education, Andrew only mentioned going to Millfield School.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Andrew Le Page From?

Andrew Le Page hails from Guernsey; which is a British crown dependency and island located 30 miles west of Normandy, France, on the English Channel. If you need to know more, although Guernsey is not part of the UK, it is part of the British Isles and the people of Guernsey have British nationality. Albeit, as of 2022, Andrew was based in Dubai.

Because many have no idea where Guernsey is, Andrew’s people from back in his hometown have been proud of him and cheering him for Love Island.

  • When Is Andrew Le Page’s Birthday?

Andrew Le Page’s birthday is on the 8th of March and therefore his zodiac sign is Pisces.

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