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Angela Baldwin Bio, Now, Daughters, Jared Fogle, Subway

Jared From Subway: Catching a Monster is a newly dropped Investigation Discovery documentary about ill-famed Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle. The three-part docuseries that premiered on 6 March 2023 peels back the layers of an intricate web of abuse for which Jared Fogle pleaded guilty to distributing and receiving child porn and traveling to engage in illicit s*xual conduct with a child. But, the storytelling also goes beyond the disturbed minds of those who helped him obtain child s*x abuse material. For instance: Russell Taylor and his wife Angela Taylor (now Baldwin).

In the rest of the writing, let us tell you in what way Angela Baldwin is particularly connected to the case. The writing also explores who she is and everything related to her.

Angela Baldwin Connection To Jared Fogle

Russell Taylor was the executive director of Jared Foundation, the nonprofit organization started by Jared to help fight childhood obesity. And Angela Baldwin was not only helping Russell, but she also involved her own children as well as their friends in the whole monstrosity.

According to court documents, Russell offered to give an acquaintance child s*x abuse material in 2014. Then, when everything was all out there, this one person forewarned the Indiana State Police who searched Angela and Russell’s home where they found child s*x abuse material on multiple electronic devices. Also, law enforcement officers concluded that there were likely hidden cameras in the house. Soon, it was uncovered that Angela’s husband had been providing Jared with child s*x abuse material. This initially led to both of them being charged and then convicted in 2015. But, Russell successfully appealed and so his conviction was vacated in 2020.

Afterward, when the authorities were re-investigating the case again, they found evidence that incriminated Angela, and she was charged with the production of child s*x abuse material, possession of child s*x abuse material, and conspiracy to produce child s*x abuse material.

Between 2011 and 2015, Angela and her husband placed hidden cameras around their house which caught Angela’s children and friends of her children engaging in sexual acts, encouraged by her and Russell.

Court documents include testimonies from nine minors whose experiences range from being supplied alcohol and drugs by again Angela and her husband to engaging in s*xual acts with them.

Where Is Angela Baldwin Now?

A May 2022 press release from the United States Attorney’s Office states that Angel Baldwin was sentenced to 27 years in prison and Russell Taylor to 33 years. So, according to these records, Angel is currently serving at the Federal Correctional Institution in Hazelton and her release date is slated for March 2050. Russell, 51, on the other hand, is incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta, and he will not be released before May 2038.

After Angela was sentenced to her time, her attorney Dorie Maryan had expressed relief that the judge did not opt for the government’s recommended 55-year sentence. “My client cannot undo what she has done and she has to live with that for the rest of her life. I hope her victims heal and move forward from this horrible situation. That is what she wants,” she said.

In 2021, Angela asked for dismissal by writing a letter to the United States District Court of Indianapolis and citing on it that she believed the charges are the result of vindictive or selective prosecution. But, the court denied the motion to dismiss.

Are Angela Baldwin And Subway’s Russell Taylor Still Married?

Despite still being mentioned as husband and wife Angela Baldwin and Russell Taylor were no longer married as of March 2023.

Angela’s daughter Hannah Parrett told New York Post when she and her sister first met Russell Taylor (not their father), he was very charismatic. Also, she gave insight as to how before he entered their lives, their mother was very religious and raised them in a very strict household. The other daughter of Angela’s also explained to the outlet how upon meeting him, their mother just became a completely different person than what she was. She revealed how Angela soon was placing hidden cameras around their home at the command of Russell who was allegedly being told to do so by Jared. “Jared was the puppet master … And then Russell and my mom were the puppets,” Angela’s own daughter spoke.

Angela Baldwin Daughters

Angela Baldwin has two daughters from a previous relationship. They are Hannah Parrett and Christian Showalter. Hannah, as of 8 March 2023, was 21 years old and Christian had turned 24. Both of them were victimized by their own mother and Russell, their stepfather. They also have been given access to the video footage collected as evidence by the FBI and they say it is hard for them to forget what they have seen. When Hannah said “It’s one thing to have knowledge that something happened. It’s a completely different thing to physically see the evidence of what happened”, Christian also pressed how they were speechless upon knowing the truth.

Christian, as of March 2023, is engaged and has a daughter of her own which she says has only added to the horror she feels about what her mother did.

Angela also has been in a relationship with a man called Josh Jarboe. Also, she studied at Purdue University Global and International Business College- Indianapolis.

Despite all, the sisters also couraged up and came up front and center in the ID docuseries sharing their horrific experience.

Hannah and Christian’s biological father Charles Parrett of Connersville, Indiana passed away at the age of 45 on 9 April 2021. In his obituary, one more kid of his was mentioned as Charles “Chuck” Parrett of Connersville.

Angela Baldwin Age

Angela Baldwin was born in 1981. So, she turned 41 years old in 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Is Angela Baldwin On FB And Instagram?

Angela Baldwin could not be found on Instagram at the time of this writing. She did have a Facebook account called ‘Angela Baldwin’ though. She last updated a profile picture here on 30 November 2020.

  • Where Is Angela Baldwin From?

Angela Baldwin originally hails from Connersville, a city in Fayette County, east central Indiana, that is 66 miles east by southeast of Indianapolis.

  • When Is Angela Baldwin’s Birthday?

Angela Baldwin’s birthday is in July.

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