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Russell Taylor Wiki, Release Date, Age, Wife, Jared Fogle

Jared From Subway: Catching a Monster features how the intricate web and scheme slowly unfolded during the years-long child exploitation investigation against Jared Fogle. Also, the documentary goes beyond the monster and into the disturbed minds of the people who helped him obtain child s*x abuse material. Amongst them “helpers”, was the executive director of Jared Foundation, Russell Taylor.

This Russell Taylor Wiki explores his life.

Subway Russell Taylor Connection To Jared Fogle

Russell Taylor was the executive director of Jared Foundation, a nonprofit organization started by Jared Fogle to help combat childhood obesity.

As per the court documents, Russell had been supplying Jared with child s*x abuse material for quite a while until they were convicted in 2015. The investigation revealed, between 2011 to 2015, Russell and his wife Angela Baldwin placed hidden cameras around their house which caught Angela’s children and their friends engaging in sexual acts encouraged by the couple.

It was also reported that the victims (nine minors) were being supplied alcohol and drugs by the couple to engage in s*xual acts with them.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathryn E. Olivier wrote in Russell Taylor’s sentencing memo, “The facts show that the Defendant abused and exploited multiple children over a period of years, including the hands-on sexual abuse of 2 children. This abhorrent behavior deserves severe punishment to deter the Defendant [Taylor], and others like him, from doing this again.”

But as per Angela’s daughters, Hannah Parrett and Christian Showalter, their mother Angela and step-father Russell were mere puppets, and Jared Fogle was the puppet master. They said that before the “charismatic” Russell entered their lives, their mother was very religious and raised them in a very strict household.

Did you know: The initial investigation started as Indiana State Police Captain Chuck Cohen received a tip that Russell sent pictures depicting bestiality. But upon searching their house, the police discovered much more.

Where Is Russell Taylor Today? Is He Still In Prison?

Yes, Russell Taylor is still in prison today. As per IndyStar, he is serving a 15-year sentence at a prison facility in Colorado.

After the initial conviction, Russell was sentenced to 27 years in prison alongside Jared on December 10, 2015. But the conviction was vacated in 2020, as authorities “discovered evidence that implicated Baldwin, and she was charged with production of child s*x abuse material, possession of child s*x abuse material, and conspiracy to produce child sex abuse material.”

The next year, Russell then pleaded guilty to 30 federal charges in November 2021, yet again receiving a 27-year prison term the following May.

Russell Taylor Release Date

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons online, Russell Taylor was set to be released on March 24, 2029.

 But as per Cinemaholic, his release date was slated for May 2038. 

Is Angela Baldwin Still Russell Taylor Wife?

No, Angela Baldwin is no longer Russell Taylor’s wife. The two ended their marriage after their crime surfaced.

As per her daughters, Angela was charmed by Russell into helping him with the crime. They first met Russel while on a trip to Chicago (Hannah was around ten at the time and Christian was around thirteen). Together, they then moved into their Salem Creek, Indianapolis home where Russell even had his own production house company named “Blueouthouse Studios.”

Eventually, Russell started grooming Hannah and Christian. “I think he started so small and kept taking off layer by layer. And eventually, that was just our reality. He would very much so want us to watch porn. He would want us to talk about masturbation or sex with our partners at the time or our friends, getting curious about our sexuality. It was a constant thing. He was grooming 100 percent,” Hannah recalled.

Besides the grooming behavior, Russell and Angela also placed hidden cameras around the house to catch Hannah and Christian engaging in sexual acts.

Sadly, the kids have been n given access to the video footage collected as evidence by the FBI and it’s hard for them to forget what they’ve seen. “It’s one thing to have knowledge that something happened. It’s a completely different thing to physically see the evidence of what happened,” Hannah said. “You cannot get those images out of your head. I mean, they are forever ingrained in my brain.” Her sister added that she “was speechless.”

For the crime, Angela was handed a 30-year sentence in federal prison at the Federal Correctional Institution in Hazelton. She will not be released before March 2050.

Russell Taylor Age

Russell Taylor was born in June 1971. That made him 51 years of age in 2023.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Russell Taylor Born?

Russell didn’t reveal his hometown. But before being arrested, he resided in Indianapolis, IN.

  • When Is Russell Taylor Birthday?

Russell receives his birthday wishes in July and is of the Cancer or Leo zodiac.

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