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Aniyah And Dakwon Bio, Unexpected S6, Age, Last Name

Meet Aniyah and Dakwon from TLC’s Unexpected Season 6. We have compiled some information about their last name, ages, birthdays, and more in this short bio. Are they still together?

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Aniyah And Dakwon On TLC’s Unexpected S6

Aniyah and Dakwon are among the new cast members on TLC’s season 6 of Unexpected. Returning for its sixth season, Unexpected will follow five young couples as they deal with pregnancy, early motherhood, preeclampsia, and other issues. Unexpected has been a natural means of bringing up conversations regarding young pregnancies and how families should handle these situations when they occur since it debuted in 2017.

Additionally, it taught youth the impact unintended pregnancies will have on their life. Family members including parents and grandparents join in to help the youngsters manage motherhood; it’s a cross between Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant.

The show, which had its premiere on Monday, June 3, 2024, will probably take Seeking Sister Wife’s position. Back on Unexpected, Jenna Ronan introduces her new lover, while Lilly Bennett gets set to walk down the aisle. It’s been a long time since the filming of Unexpected season 6. While Lilly and Lawrence were getting married, Jenna gave birth to her second child in 2023 and briefly became engaged to JJ.

The cast of Unexpected is intriguing, with two returning couples and three new ones adding tension. Luca, age three, has a mother named Jenna; she is no longer with Luca’s father, Aden Albright. With Aiden gone, Jenna moved on to JJ Della as her new boyfriend. It’s obvious that Jenna doesn’t want to become a mother any time soon. But, JJ clarifies in the teaser that the pair isn’t using protection, and Jenna worries that she might become pregnant once more.

Another returning pair is Lilly Bennett and Lawrence, who are juggling their wedding plans with raising their four-year-old daughter Aliyah and sixteen-month-old LJ. Lawrence is worried about the wedding because they don’t have enough money, but Lilly is thrilled about it. A wannabe motocross rider and his self-described “cougar” girlfriend will add drama to the Unexpected new pairings.

Emalee is in a relationship with Nate, whom she claims she must “mother.” Nate’s goals of becoming a motocross rider will have to wait while he deals with the realities of being an adolescent parent. In season six of Unexpected, Kayleigh and Graham are a fresh couple who are eager to start a family but also have obstacles to overcome.

Graham and ex-cheerleader Kaleigh are expecting a child together, but they live thirty minutes apart. In addition to the distance, Kayleigh’s mother doubts the couple’s ability to stay together.

Lastly, Aniyah and her boyfriend Dakwon make up the third new couple on Unexpected season 6. Aniyah’s pregnancy is not going well. However, Aniyah wonders if Dakwon will stay around forever because he is having a hard time accepting the news of his pregnancy.

Their bio from TLC reads: “Aniyah is the overachieving teen diva dating Dakwon, the star athlete who is overwhelmed by the shocking turn their lives have taken. Aniyah goes through difficulties in her pregnancy while growing increasingly worried that Dakwon will leave after their baby is born.”

Are Aniyah And Dakwon Still Together?

It is unclear if Aniyah and Dakwon are still together. Most recently, Aniyah shared about blocking Dakwon via a Facebook post while writing, “Just blocked my bd I wish he would ask me for a dna test not today Facebook !”

In March 2024, Aniyah hinted her current standing with Dakwon with a status that read, “Boy bye Daedae never even yelled at me before” responding to a post that read, “Every BabyDaddy Done Slapped The Sh!t Outta They BabyMoma Before.”

It will be interesting to watch The Unexpected Season 6 Tell All to see how the couples are doing in 2024.

Aniyah hails herself as a digital creator. She also founded a hairline called FINEASS Bundles (@fineassbundles). She also posted about working as a home nurse a few months back.

Whereas, Dakwon is a 2023 graduate of Norview High School. His grandmother Diane Baker passed away on 6 August 2012. She was an HR-MIS-IT Director with the MC CS Marine Corps for 37 years. She was educated at Granby High School and a member of the Life Line Ministry.

Aniyah And Dakwon Age

In 2024, Dakwon is 19 years of age. Born in December 2004, Aniyah is also 19 years old. Aniyah shares her birthday with her son Aniyis.

Aniyah And Dakwon Last Name

The last name of Dakwon is Robinson hence Dakwon Robinson. Whereas, Aniyah’s last name is likely Gore as her mother’s name is Ashley Hatcher Gore.

Related FAQs

  • Are Aniyah And Dakwon On Instagram?

Indeed, Aniyah and Dakwon are both available on Instagram. Aniyah’s IG handle is (@fineassnyy) and Dakwon’s is (@daedae._5).

  • Where Are Aniyah And Dakwon From?

Aniyah and Dakwon both reside in Norfolk, Virginia.

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