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Meet Natalee Mckinney, Swamp People Dusty Crum Girlfriend!

Swap People star Dusty Crum is dating his long-time girlfriend Natalee Mckinney. The couple shares a passion for working in and around nature. Natalee, an entrepreneur herself, is the center of this short bio.

Scroll down as we bring you information about their relationship, her age, her job, and more in this piece below.

Swamp People: Meet Natalee Mckinney, Dusty Crum Girlfriend!

Swamp People star Dustin “Dusty” Crum is dating his longtime girlfriend Natalee McKinney. Their relationship has been public at least since 2017. The couple share love of hunting invasive species in Florida. Dusty keeps himself occupied with Guardians of the Glades and Swamp People. Natalee appeared on Guardians of the Blades a few times. They successfully caught a 20-foot-long Burmese python together in one noteworthy incident.

Despite not being married, she has been a part of Dusty’s life for some years, and their lives are quite connected.

Dusty has spoke of his wife with several outlets. “Natalee was working in a greenhouse in Myakka. She got me hooked,” Dusty told Observer. “I got interested in the science end of it.”

Dusty was first motivated to take up python hunting by Natalee. He left the house for a bit after she issued a challenge.

“I can’t drag him out of bed at 8 a.m., and he left at 4 a.m. this morning [to go back to the Everglades],” she said. “He’s excited. You’re not going to confine him to a 9-to-5 job, ever.”

On Dusty’s birthday in May 2019, Natalee wished her boyfriend, “Happy Birthday Dustin Crum AKA Wildman Or to me Mine Love you.”

During the time of COVID in 2020 there were rumors that Dusty had contracted the virus. Dismissing the rumor, Natalee posted on her Facebook, “Apparently someone has posted somewhere.. To all of you pm me about Dusty having Corona. No he doesn’t. He is fine. Ty for your concern.”

Dusty moved to Myakka City in 2004 as a means of “escaping” back to the rural lifestyle he had grown up with in Sarasota County. Along with the TV program, Dusty founded Florida Everglades Collections, a company that sells goods like purses, wallets, and belts derived from the tanned hides of snakes that he and other snake hunters catch.

Dusty has also worked as a certified professional wildman at Nat Geo Wild, a python removal contractor at MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife, and invasive Python tracker at HISTORY.

Natalee Mckinney Age

Born in 1976, Natalee Mckinney is 48 years of age.

Natalee Mckinney Job

Natalee Mckinney is an entrepreneur and the owner of Orchid Envy. Python hide products, such as boots, belt buckles, coin holders, passport sleeves, gun grips, dog collars, luggage tags, executive pens, eyeglass cases, and pretty much anything else you can make with more traditional types of leather, are taking up a tiny but growing niche of Orchid Envy.

“I had a lady come in here – she’s doing her vintage Trans Am – and she said, ‘Can you get me dark python?’ I called my guy at the tannery and said, ‘Can you play with it a little and pull the dark pigment out of the skin?’ He said yes,” Natalee told Herald-Tribune “so she did her whole car – the dashboard, the seat, the trim, the steering wheel, all the interiors. And she bought an item for everybody who worked on it, wallets, bracelets, whatever.”

Natalee opened her store on Venice Ave back in 2013 and “never thought in a million years I’d be catching, cleaning and doing python leather.”

However, at that time, neither the South Florida Water Management District nor the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were providing bounties on non-venomous reptiles. Red tide, the coronavirus, and years of construction on downtown roads had not affected her company.

View the products that she offers via this link here. If you wish to tour the place via a video here is a link.

“Each python hide is unique,” she added. “And it’s the hottest accessory to have in your wardrobe right now.”

Though Natalee is five feet tall, she generally requires a little assistance from her buddies. She has captured her fair share of pythons. “Some can be feisty, but some are surprisingly docile – their mood depends on if they’re eating or hungry,” she says. “They give you a hard little bite at first and their teeth face inward, so you can’t just pull away. But it’s not like being bit by a dog.”

Mostly, she buys python remains from hunters.

Additionally, Natalee continues to encourage others to participate in the Florida Python Challenge by advertising it each year. She went to a car show on Venice Island in March 2024 because she loves automobiles as well. She took numerous pictures of the autos and posted them to Facebook.

Talking about her education, Natalee has stated that she went to Riverview High School.

Is Natalee Mckinney On Instagram?

No, but you can find Natalee Mckinney on Facebook (@natalee.mckinney).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Natalee Mckinney From?

Natalee Mckinney calls Sarasota, Florida her hometown. She now lives in Myakka City, Florida.

  • When Is Natalee Mckinney Birthday?

Natalee McKinney celebrates her birthday on 16 January.

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