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Ann Marie Hummel Bio, Jeremy Boreing Wife, Age, Job

Jeremy Boreing is a writer, filmmaker, screenwriter, and political commentator, and most popular as the contributor and co-chief executive officer of the conservative news and opinion website The Daily Wire. Since being founded in 2015, The Daily Wire has wooed enough controversy in its course of advocating for hard-right policies. In this writing though, we are telling you about Jeremy’s wife Ann Marie Hummel instead. So, stay tuned!

Meet Ann Marie Hummel, Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing Wife

Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing married Ann Marie Hummel on 4 July 2009. This was most probably the day they had their wedding ceremony because days before on 2 July 2009, these two had already got their marriage license from Texas, U.S., Select County Marriage Records’ office.

People don’t have much detail about this couple’s marriage. However, from time to time, Jeremy himself chooses to give away cues of it most during his Daily Wire programs. One time, for instance, he tried to give young people marriage advice that in his words went against what one is used to hearing. Directing at young people who are considering getting married, he advised them to 1) have two bathrooms in a king-size bed and 2)go to bed angry. Overall, he encouraged people to stay married at the end of the day sharing that promising that marriage will take them through small problems arising in between as they learn to lean on it as an institution. Another favorite marriage advice that Jeremey has for people is to be aware that it is the fantasy that destroys many marriages. Of course, Jeremy adheres to all of these dos and don’ts when it also comes to his own marriage.

In addition to mentioning his wife in most of his marriage advice-related talks, Jeremy one rare time also mentioned her in a tweet that read “Don’t talk about my wife that way.” back in October 2020.

About Ann and her husband, it is also understood that they adopted a daughter later in their marriage. On 25 June 2022 Jeremy had taken to Twitter to write “Yes. Today is, happily, my adopted daughter’s second birthday. The cost of adoption is beyond the reach of most Americans, and the left hates adoption.” Apart from this there is not much understood. What one can tell is that the said daughter was adopted sometime in 2020.

Ann Marie Hummel Age

Ann Marie Hummel was reportedly born in 1968. Should this be true, she should have reached the age of 54 in 2022.

Ann Marie Hummel Job

As per LinkedIn, Ann Marie Hummel has been the SVP of Multiplatform Planning & Scheduling at Game Show Network in Santa Monica, California since January 2015.

Before that, for almost a decade, she was the executive director of program planning, standards, and acquisitions at GSN Games, which is another leading provider of cross-platform entertainment in Los Angeles. She joined the company a long time ago as a senior research analyst.

Speaking of her educational background, Ann did her B.A. in Anthropology at the University of Michigan (1986 – 1990). Prior to that, she also went to Maple Valley Junior – Senior High School.

Is Ann Marie Hummel On Facebook?

Ann Marie Hummel was not so active on social media as of October 2023. She did have a Facebook account as ‘Ann Hummel Boreing’. But, even here, there was not much activity. And it seems Facebook is the only place Ann can be reached out to via social media. She was not on Instagram or other places.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ann Marie Hummel’s Birthday?

Ann Marie Hummel’s birthday was unheard of as of October 2023.

  • Where Is Ann Marie Hummel From?

Ann Marie Hummel originally hails from Vermontville, Michigan. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Sherman Oaks.

As for Jeremy, he was born in Slaton, Texas, to a Christian family.

About Jeremy, people also have noticed him wearing a bent key on a simple chain. For as long as he has been a public figure, people have wondered why always wears the key chain. However, so far, he chose not to talk about it. It is possible that the key he carries has a personal significance. He chose not to say anything.

Lately, the very key necklace has gotten even more attention because of a new app. Jeremy’s company The Daily Wire, recently announced that it would be launching a new entertainment app called Bentkey, which they claimed is designed to be an explicit rival to services like Disney Plus. The app is expected to feature all kinds of children’s programming. One, for instance, is supposed to be a show about a group of homeschooled chinchillas.

The Daily Wire also publicly claimed that it is planning to invest as much as $100 million in its new application over the next three years.

And Bentkey seems to be designed explicitly in response to Disney’s position on Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. The app is set to launch on the 100th anniversary of Disney’s founding.

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