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Jared Gordon-Anderson Bio, FBoy Island, Job, Height, Age

FBoy Island is back for season 3 and Jared Gordon-Anderson is one of the men who is either a Good Guy looking for love or F Boy. Find out more about him here.

This short bio covers details regarding his age, job, and height.

Jared Gordon-Anderson On FBoy Island Season 3

Jared Gordon-Anderson is one of the boys appearing on FBoy Island, season 3. He reminded people of Mercedes, a major antagonist from season one, in terms of confidence and scheme-y vibes. To top it all off, he also seems to enjoy power struggles. When Marco and Katie are getting drinks, he purposefully takes Katie away from Marco, presumably for no other reason than to enrage Marco. Later, when Daniella asks him about his rep for being a scumbag, he storms into a room where all the males are seated to cause a scene.

By then, he’d already hurt his chances with Daniella, who stormed away from their conversation muttering “cocky motherfucker” under her breath.

“I definitely think I’m capable of outsmarting these women,” Jared revealed in a confessional interview at the end of Episode 2, when he confirms that he is, indeed, an FBoy. “There’s absolutely zero-percent chance that any of these girls can get me to choose them over the money.”

He also gave off a bad vibe, but he ultimately decided to split the cash with star Louise Barnard.

Marco avoided elimination this week, but after his awkward run-in with Jared, he’s on thin ice. “You best believe I’m gonna confront Jared for that bitch-ass move,” Marco said after the drinks fiasco, in the show’s eightieth display of puffery. “I’m not backing down.”

After the second episode, Jared is still in the show.

The reality series FBoy Island is finally coming back to our television screens. The women, FBoys, and Nice Guys who will be sizing them other up while we size them up from home are revealed exclusively by EW. The ladies will work together to find personal connections while figuring out if the 21 guys they’re joined by are FBoys or Nice Guys, starting with former Bachelorette star Katie Thurston, model Hali Okeowo, and influencer Daniella Grace.

The guys who the women go on dates with are either self-described Nice Guys (i.e., those seeking a committed relationship) or FBoys (seeking a large payday with the prize money at the end). In earlier seasons, if an FBoy made it to the final round, he got to determine how to spend the winnings. However, as we discovered in season 2, it’s really impossible to predict what might occur in that finale.

“There will definitely be some blasts from the past (seasons) this season that come in and shake things up!” Hali teased. “Using only one word, I’d say this season is shocking!”

“The show is full of so many surprises and shocks and twists and turns and you’re just like, ‘What did I just sign up for?'” Katie told EW. Grace told EW she joined the show because she “may or may not have lost a bet” — warns that viewers should “buckle up”: “This season is going to be one you won’t forget!”

There is also a pair of identical twins, but they didn’t win alone time because twins coming on a reality show is “the kind of thing Fboys do,” Hali declared.

Both Jared and CJ, a Dallas basketball star, as well as Vince and Katie, ended up having sexual relations with Daniella. Shaun, a Los Angeles personal trainer who appeared bored, and Pierce, a Los Angeles yoga instructor, both made the decision to play it cool and refrain from approaching any of the women.

The women find that this is their hardest issue because they are obviously deceived by attractiveness and graceful movements. By the end of the two-episode debut, Bryce, Dio, a Chippendales dancer from Las Vegas, and Tanner, a manual therapist from Anaheim (who completely began crying), three wonderful people had been eliminated.

The actual Fboys that the women were able to get rid of were Shaun, Ian, a Nashville branding guy, and Kris, a salesperson from San Diego.

Is Jared Gordon-Anderson Dating Anyone Today?

Unfortunately, Jared Gordon-Anderson’s current dating status remains as the show is ongoing. But, based on social media, they appear single.

Jared Gordon-Anderson Age

Jared Gordon Anderson is 24 years old. She was born in 1999.

Who Are Jared Gordon-Anderson Parents?

Jared Gordon-Anderson is the son of Cory Anderson and Sanmarie Gordon.

Hailing from Framingham, Massachusetts, Sanmarie is 48 years of age. Cory, meanwhile, reached age 53 in January 2023.

Cory went to South Boston High School and Castleton University. Sanmarie is working as a software maintenance at MathWorks. She went to Framingham State University.

Sanmarie was born to the late Marie Louise Gordon. She died on 29 September 2020 at Oak Knoll Health Care Center, Framingham. Marie’s parents are named Robert and Mary Louise (Deitch) Gordon. Marie worked as a parking control officer for the Belmont Police Department and for the Lifeline Medical Alert System in Framingham.

Jared Gordon-Anderson Job

Jared Gordon-Anderson has been an owner at JGA Hospitality and Media since 2018. He went to Framingham State University.

Additionally, Jared is working as a model. He has portfolios with several modeling agencies including Sports Lifestyle Unlimited, The Source Models, Forward The Agency, and One Management.

Jared has also worked as a runway model walking in Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week. He has also shared a few facts regarding his career as a model on his YouTube in his video The Truth About Modeling. Talking about unexpected things in modeling, Jared shared being an independent contractor.

Jared also added that being an athlete is a huge plus for pursuing modeling. Social media helps a lot but the career doesn’t depend on it at all. He further explained that modeling agencies don’t control their model like their puppet as most people believe.

The most asked question that he answers in the video is “Does modeling pay you well?” He added that shoots can range from a hundred dollars a day to thousands of dollars.

Jared attended Framingham State University where he played basketball for the collegiate team. He also played basketball at Framingham High School’s varsity basketball team.

Jared Gordon-Anderson Height

Jared Gordon-Anderson’s height measures at 6’2”. His chest, waist, and hip measured 39-31.5-38 inches. Also, his shoe size is 10.5, his suit is 42L, his hair is black, and his eyes are brown.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jared Gordon-Anderson Birthday?

Jared Gordon-Anderson’s birthday is not available at this moment.

  • Where Is Jared Gordon-Anderson From?

Jared Gordon-Anderson calls Framingham, Massachusetts his hometown. He is living in Miami, Florida.

  • Is Jared Gordon-Anderson On Instagram?

Yes, Jared Gordon-Anderson is available on Instagram (@jared_ga01), Facebook (@jared.gordonanderson.5), YouTube, and Twitch.

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