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Anna Kurdys Bio, Age, Job, Family, Height, Love Island

Anna Kurdys, who is appearing on Love Island USA season 5, revealed that her dad is a detective and she is using her detective skills to investigate her dating prospects. “If a guy asks me out, I will find out his address. I will find out his parent’s name,” she says in the season 5 teaser (via YouTube). “I am a little bit of a stalker, yeah.”

But should they investigate her history instead of them? Anna refers to herself as “a walking red flag,” and she frequently falls in love with a man before moving on to another.

Who is Anna? What job does she have? Who are her family members? The answer unfolds as this article proceeds.

Anna Kurdys On Love Island USA Season 5

In the first episode of Love Island USA, Anna Kurdys was coupled with Bergie. But, she also encouraged Bergie, who admitted in an interview that his confidence was lacking, to go “talk to other girls.”

According to USA Today, the entire cast played a kissing game cut short by host Hyland’s arrival. The “Modern Family” star announced that the islanders had to vote for who they thought was the least compatible couple. Four couples voted for Anna and Bergie − including themselves (they managed to take the L gracefully) − and there was one vote for Jasmine and Victor.

When challenged to choose between themselves, the weakest couple decided Bergie would go home. “I just felt like I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep in any empty bed tonight without a guilty conscience,” he said. (

“Everyone deserves a second chance,” apparently, and just as he was on his way out, Bergie was told via text to “#ThroupleUp.”

For Season 5 of the popular program Love Island, the cast will be visiting Fiji. In the dating reality series, which debuted for the first time in 2019, a group of single people battles for the chance to win $100,000 as well as the potential to create an everlasting relationship. The contestants are required to couple up with another player and compete in a series of challenges while living in a remote villa for the length of the season.

Love Island‘s regulations create a complicated relationship dynamic. To continue on the show, islanders must stay in pairs. Five ladies choose their first partnership from a group of guys at the start of the season. The games start after the pairs have been established. Over the course of their eight-week stay, new players are brought in.

The first five couples of Season 5 were formed during the first episode, which aired Tuesday on Peacock. In the first episode, host Sarah Hyland introduced the first surprise of the season: The couples would be formed through a “stick or twist” process in which the women could change their minds on whom they wanted to pair off with every time a new man came on to the beach.

The five couple that was formed by the end of the episodes were Leonardo and Kassy, Marco and Destiny, Kay Kay and Keenan, Victor and Jasmine, and Bergie and Anna.

Is Anna Kurdys Dating Anyone?

No, Anna Kurdys doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at this moment. Miles Teller, Justin Bieber, and Bad Bunny are Anna’s celebrity crushes, however, her “type” is wildly inconsistent. She intends to mix with all the attractive guys on the island in the hopes of wooing them with her outgoing, blonde personality.

However, if another girl flirts with someone she likes, her jealous side might show.

Anna Kurdys Age

Anna Kurdys’s age is 22 years old as of 2023. Her birth year is 2001.

Anna Kurdys Job

Anna Kurdys is a criminal justice student out of Florida. She hopes to follow in her father’s footsteps with a career in law enforcement.

Anna likely attends Spanish River High School. She was a student-athlete as she was a part of the track and field team and also played tennis for West Boca.

How Much Is Anna Kurdys Net Worth?

Since Anna Kurdys has not begun her career just yet and is only working as a social media star, Anna’s net worth should be under $150 thousand.

Anna Kurdys Family

Anna Kurdys, on her bio, mentioned her detective dad and her father’s name is Timothy “Tim” Kurdys. Tim served as Police Major Crimes Detective at Boca Raton Police Department, according to his LinkedIn.

In January 2020, Tim retired from his duties after 19 years in the department.

As of 2023, Tim is 57 years old being born in July 1966. He is now residing in Boca Raton, Florida.

More about Anna’s father, he was born to Roger Kurdys and the late Marilyn Kurdys. His parents married on 26 June 1965. Furthermore, Timothy has one brother named Michael Kurdys who lives in Illinois and is 55 years of age. Michael is likely married to Cathy Kurdys.

Cathy splits her time between Boca Raton, Florida, and St. Barthelemy.

Based on public records, Anna’s mother Regine Kurdys is 4 years older than her dad which makes her 60 years of age.

Talking about her siblings, Anna has one older sister named Christie Kurdys who is 26. Christie was a tennis player.

Anna Kurdys Height

Anna Kurdys’s height is under 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Anna Kurdys Ethnicity?

Anna Kurdys’ ethnicity is not clear.

  • Is Anna Kurdys On Instagram?

Yes, Anna Kurdys is available on Instagram (@annaolivia.x) which is already verified and boasts 51.1K followers.

  • When Is Anna Kurdys Birthday?

Anna Kurdys’s birthday is on 30 May.

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