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Jasmine Sklavanitis Bio, Job, Family, Dating, Love Island

Jasmine Sklavanitis, who recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee is starring on season 5 of Love Island USA. Viewers who are interested to learn about her family and her job, where is what we know about Jasmine.

Keep scrolling down to learn more about Jasmine via this article.

Jasmine Sklavanitis On Love Island USA Season 5

In her bio for Love Island USA, Jasmine Sklavanitis shared that she grew up in Mount Morris and “her childhood was spent on the backroads with friends trying to find fun things to do in their one-horse town.” She’s also the self-proclaimed “Queen of Talking Game” and “she can pick up large items with her toes, including a hairbrush.”

For Season 5 of the popular program Love Island, the cast will be visiting Fiji. In the dating reality series, which debuted for the first time in 2019, a group of single people battles for the chance to win $100,000 as well as the potential to create an everlasting relationship. The contestants are required to couple up with another player and compete in a series of challenges while living in a remote villa for the length of the season.

Love Island‘s regulations create a complicated relationship dynamic. To continue on the show, islanders must stay in pairs. Five ladies choose their first partnership from a group of guys at the start of the season. The games start after the pairs have been established. Over the course of their eight-week stay, new players are brought in.

The first five couples of Season 5 were formed during the first episode, which aired Tuesday on Peacock. In the first episode, host Sarah Hyland introduced the first surprise of the season: The couples would be formed through a “stick or twist” process in which the women could change their minds on whom they wanted to pair off with every time a new man came on to the beach.

The first man to emerge was Leonardo, a charming Spanish speaker. However, when former college football player Marco showed up, he quickly persuaded Destiny and Jasmine to join him. Victor, a Jason Momoa impersonator, is searching for his “fairytale princess,” but he is disappointed to discover that no one has gone before him.

By the end of the episode, it was clear which couples were better suited for one another. For starters, Jasmine claimed there was no “initial spark” with Victor. However, they ended up becoming a couple.

In fact, the five couple that was formed by the end of the episodes were Leonardo and Kassy, Marco and Destiny, Kay Kay and Keenan, Victor and Jasmine, and Bergie and Anna.

Later, a game of kissing amongst themselves was interrupted by host Hyland’s entrance. The “Modern Family” actor instructed the islanders to cast their votes for the couple they believed to be the least compatible. One couple voted for Jasmine and Victor, and four couples voted for Anna and Bergie, including themselves (they managed to take the L gracefully).

When challenged to choose between themselves, the weakest couple decided Bergie would go home. “I just felt like I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep in any empty bed tonight without a guilty conscience,” he said.

Is Jasmine Sklavanitis Dating Anyone?

Jasmine revealed her preferred type is “a man with dark hair and tattoos.” She had recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee after her recent breakup with her boyfriend and signed up for the show.

According to Jasmine’s bio, she is sick of games and wants to settle down with a person who is responsible and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Her celebrity crush is Ashton Kutcher.

How Old Is Jasmine Sklavanitis?

Jasmine Sklavanitis reached age 24 in August 2022. Her birth year is 1998.

Jasmine Sklavanitis Family

Brenda Stevens Sklavanitis and Jim Sklavanitis are the parents of Jasmine Sklavanitis.

Brenda, her mother is a photographer and has owned White Oak Studio since 2006. Before that, she worked as a Dealer Services Supervisor at Woods Equipment Company and Customer Service at North West Illinois Credit Union. She attended Mount Morris High School

Brenda is currently 58 years of age.

Jim, Jasmine’s dad, reached age 60 in April 2023. He worked as a plant manager at Spectrum Preferred Meats Inc. He has been working for the company since 1977.

Talking about siblings, Jasmine has two of them. Her brother Jake (Jaclyn) Sklavanitis resides in her hometown. Her other brother Brandon (Georgina Laub) Sklavanitis, Rockford, Illinois.

Jasmine Sklavanitis Job

Jasmine Sklavanitis has a job as a trauma step-down ICU nurse. She chose to keep her education and career under wrap at the time of this article.

How Much Is Jasmine Sklavanitis Net Worth?

Jasmine Sklavanitis’s net worth is under $100K. The exact figure for her fortune is yet to be revealed.

Jasmine Sklavanitis Height

Jasmine Sklavanitis stands tall at a height of no more than 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jasmine Sklavanitis From?

Jasmine Sklavanitis hailed from Mount Morris, Illinois. She now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Is Jasmine Sklavanitis On Instagram?

Yes, Jasmine Sklavanitis is available on Instagram (@jasminesklavanitis).

  • When Is Jasmine Sklavanitis Birthday?

Per Love Island Fandom, Jasmine Sklavanitis’s birthday is on 12 August.

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