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Anna McGurn Bio, Age, Job, Husband, Pottery Throw Down

It’s a new year! Why settle for the same old seasons? Channel 4 is leading off 2022 with a brand new series of The Great Pottery Throw Down. The creative competition series in the style of The Great British Bake Off and The Great British Sewing Bee, but with the craft of pottery, first came around in 2015 and now, it is onto its fifth season. So, Keith Brymer Jones and Rich Miller are this season’s judges, with Siobhán McSweeney and Ellie Taylor hosting the show, and 12 contestants taking on the Throw Down challenges. Among them is Anna McGurn. And the rest of the writing is just about and all about her.

Anna McGurn On The Great Pottery Throw Down

So, The Great Pottery Throw Down dropped its first of 10 episodes on Channel 4 on 2 January 2022 with its finale scheduled for 6 March 2022.

Anna McGurn, here, is one of the twelve of Britain’s best home potters competing to be crowned best at the wheel this time on the British TV program. (AJ Simpson, Bill Thomas, Cellan, Christine Cherry, Jenny Cobb, Josh, Lucinda Lovesey, Miles Johnson, Tom Demeranville, and Zahra Jabir join Anna on this journey.)

From what Anna shared, she connected with these like-minds on the show. Precisely in her words, “this was one incredible experience with amazing human beings and I was there. Clay brought us together, the experience and the connections we made through this will bind us forever. I am one of 12.”

Now, on the first episode, while Lucinda won Pot of the week, Anna and Christine became the judges’ favorites of the week. Bill, unfortunately, got eliminated and AJ, Cellan, Jenny, Josh, Miles, Nick, and Tom were safe and through to the next week. Miss not that Zahra was one of the judge’s least favorites of the week.

If in case Anna was to come in the first place even in the finale and win the trophy, she would be keeping the medal as a pride of place in her pottery room, just like the way its previous season’s winner Jodie did. However, if in case luck would not favor her to win it, she would continue to do the good work that she always does.

Anna McGurn Age

Anna McGurn had reached the age of 57 when she decided to go on The Great Pottery Throw Down in 2021.

Is Anna McGurn On Instagram?

Yes. Anna McGurn could be found on Instagram even though she shared very little on it. On the account @muddyfingersmcgurn, Anna had 18 posts and 233 followers as of 3 January 2021.

She posted for the first time on 22 December 2021, which only hints that she decided to be on Instagram following her stint on national television. And thus her sharings on the platform have been all about pottery. This side of the internet, tells us that Anna often digs clay from her father’s farm to turn into mugs they later drink their tea from.

(Of course) Anna has also been frequently sharing about her time on The Great Pottery Throw Down.

With that being said, no activity of Anna was seen on other social media platforms.

Anna McGurn Husband

Coming from a generation of farmers, Anna McGurn spent her childhood harvesting crops and raising livestock. But then, she went on to live and work in Africa for years. That was where she met her partner Skip.

Fast forward to today and she is still with Skip, but back home in Northern Ireland.

Even though Clay Craft Magazine addressed Skip just as Anna’s partner, he seemed more like her husband.

Anna McGurn Job

Anna McGurn was introduced to The Great Pottery Throw Down viewers as a social care facilitator.

Meanwhile, on her Instagram Bio, she describes herself as “A messy home potter working out of a corner of a leaky old cold shed, making stuff on a treadle wheel and doing a spot of hand-building too.”

Turns out, Anna’s work as a social care facilitator is also related to pottery. Because, we discovered, that she works with adults with learning difficulties, offering them creative workshops and more.

As for her workspace for potting, Anna revealed that she has taken over a corner of her likely-husband Skip’s workshop. And that, she still would not care when the man she loves the most complains about her messiness.

Anna has also disclosed that it is from her Celtic roots and her travels in Africa that her pottery is inspired by.

If you also need to know about her salary, has it estimating that the average social worker salary in Ireland is 40 096 € per year or 20.56 € per hour.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Anna McGurn From?

Anna McGurn hails from Fermanagh in the southwest corner of Northern Ireland.

If you should know, Fermanagh is one of the thirty-two counties of Ireland, one of the six counties of Northern Ireland, and one of the nine counties of Ulster.

  • How Tall Is Anna McGurn?

Anna McGurn stands below 5’4” tall.

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